Kuata Ukamba Wocili la Yehova

Suku o ku laleka oco o kuate ukamba laye. Elivulu eli lekuatiso Liembimbiliya li lekisa ndomo o pondola oku ci linga.


You can forge a bond with Jehovah God that will never be broken.


“Look! This Is Our God”

Why did Moses ask about God’s name when he already knew what it was?


Can You Really “Draw Close to God”?

Jehovah God, the Creator of heaven and earth, gives us an invitation and a promise.


“Jehovah Is . . . Great in Power”

Should God’s power make us fear him? Both yes and no are correct answers.


Creative Power​—“The Maker of Heaven and Earth”

From our massive sun to a tiny hummingbird, God’s creation can teach us something important about him.


Restorative Power​—Jehovah Is “Making All Things New”

Jehovah has already restored pure worship. What will he restore in the future?


“Christ the Power of God”

What do Jesus Christ’s miracles and teachings show about Jehovah?


“Become Imitators of God” in Your Use of Power

You may have more power than you realize​—how can you use it properly?


“All His Ways Are Justice”

How is God’s justice an endearing quality?


“Is There Injustice With God?”

If Jehovah hates injustice, why is the world filled with it?


“The Law of Jehovah Is Perfect”

How can a legal system promote love?


Jehovah Provides “a Ransom in Exchange for Many”

A simple yet profound teaching can help you draw closer to God.


Jesus “Sets Justice in the Earth”

How did Jesus advance justice in the past? How is he doing it now? And how will he establish justice in the future?


“Exercise Justice” in Walking With God

Why did Jesus warn: “Stop judging that you may not be judged”?


Jesus Reveals the “Wisdom From God”

How did Jesus’ teaching cause soldiers sent to arrest him to return empty-handed?


Is “the Wisdom From Above” at Work in Your Life?

The Bible describes four keys that can help you to develop godly wisdom.


Nothing Can “Separate Us From God’s Love”

Overturn the lie that you are unlovable or worthless to God.


“O How Great His Goodness Is!”

What exactly is God’s goodness?


“Draw Close to God, and He Will Draw Close to You”

What is the most important question you can ask yourself? How will you answer?