Kɔ emu nsɛm afã hɔ

Kɔ emu nsɛm afã hɔ

Yehowa Adansefo

Yi kasa a wopɛ Twi


This issue explains why Jehovah’s name, purpose and law are important. And why true Christians should strive to be humble and forgiving.

“Kyerɛkyerɛ Me Ma Menyɛ Nea Wopɛ”

How can we imitate David and have Jehovah’s view of matters?

Nea Aboro Wɔn so Abegu Yɛn Hia Mu

First-century Christians set aside contributions for those in need. How can we do the same?

Yesu Ahobrɛase Yɛ Nhwɛsode Ma Yɛn

How can we benefit from Jesus Christ’s life course of humility?

Momma Yɛnyɛ Yɛn Ho Akumaa

How can we manifest humility in our relationships with others?

Nsɛmmisa a Efi Akenkanfo Hɔ

What do Jesus’ words on the gift of singleness really mean?

Yehowa Fafiri Ka Wo Dɛn?

The way Jehovah dealt with sinners in the past can teach us a lot about his willingness to forgive.

Momfa Mfirifiri Mo Ho Korakora

Consider how we can imitate Jehovah’s readiness to forgive.

‘Ná Ɛyɛ Asɛm a Ɛyɛ Dɛ Sen Asɛm Biara’

By 1926, the Bible Students, as Jehovah’s Witnesses were then called, were operating their own radio stations in four Canadian cities.