Kɔ emu nsɛm afã hɔ

Kɔ emu nsɛm afã hɔ

Yehowa Adansefo

Yi kasa a wopɛ Twi


This issue discusses how to deal with adversities, attitudes, and actions Christians should avoid, and what we can do to benefit from God’s promises.

Wotuu Wɔn Ho Mae Koraa—Wɔ Brazil

Read encouraging experiences of some who moved to another place in order to serve God more fully.

Akokoduru a Yɛde Begyina Amanehunu Mu

How can we be courageous and focus on positive things no matter what happens to us?

Honhom Bɛn na Woda no Adi?

How can we promote peaceful relationships with others? Learn from good and bad examples recorded in the Bible.


Yɛafa Nnamfo Mfe 60 Ni Nanso Afei Mpo na Yɛafi Ase

Read the story of four full-time servants who forged a true friendship.

Tie Onyankopɔn​—Waka Ntam a Ɛso Bɛba Wo Mfaso

What can we learn from God’s promises, sworn oaths, and covenants?

Ma Wo Yiw Nyɛ Yiw

What is involved in being truthful? How can we keep our most important promise to God?

‘Mmofra Anom Asɛm’ Hyɛ Nkuran

Read how children in Russia were encouraged by their Christian friends.