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Ol Witnes Bilong Jehova

Makim tokples Tok Pisin


Dispela Wastaua i gat ol atikol bilong stadi long en long Mas 2 i go inap Epril 5, 2015.

They Offered Themselves Willingly—In New York

Why would a successful couple move from their dream home into a small apartment?

Tok Tenkyu Long Jehova na Kisim Blesing

Olsem wanem pasin bilong tok tenkyu inap helpim yumi long karim ol hevi?

Why We Observe the Lord’s Evening Meal

How can you know whether God has given you a heavenly hope or an earthly one?

Strongim Marit na Stap Amamas

Bihainim 5-pela pasin we inap strongim marit na ol poroman marit i ken i stap amamas.

Larim Jehova i Strongim na Lukautim Marit Bilong Yu

Olsem wanem yu inap abrusim pasin adaltri na ol hevi bilong en?

Yu Ting Pasin Laikim Inap i Stap Strong Yet?

Pasin laikim em Song Bilong Solomon i stori long en i givim gutpela skultok long ol marit lain na long ol lain husat i tingting long marit.