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Olketa Jehovah’s Witness

Solomon Islands Pidgin

Laef and Ministry Meeting Buk  |  September 2016

September 26–October 2

PSALMS 142-150

September 26–October 2
  • Song 134 and Prea

  • Introduction (no winim 3 min.)


  • Jehovah Hem Nambawan and Barava Fit for Kasem Praise”: (10 min.)

    • Ps 145:1-9—Jehovah hem barava nambawan God (w04 1/15 p. 10 par. 3-4; p. 11 par. 7-8; p. 14 par. 20-21; p. 15 par. 2)

    • Ps 145:10-13—Pipol bilong Jehovah praisem hem (w04 1/15 p. 16 par. 3-6)

    • Ps 145:14-16—Jehovah sapotim and helpem pipol bilong hem wea faithful (w04 1/15 p. 17-18 par. 10-14)

  • Faendem Gudfala Point: (8 min.)

    • Ps 143:8—Hao nao disfala scripture helpem iumi for duim samting for praisem God evriday? (w10 1/15 p. 21 par. 1-2)

    • Ps 150:6—Wanem nao last verse long buk bilong Psalms sei iumi mas duim? (it-2-E p. 448)

    • Taem mi duim Bible reading for disfala week, wanem nao mi lanem abaotem Jehovah?

    • Olketa wanem point from Bible reading for disfala week nao mi savve iusim long ministry?

  • Bible Reading: (no winim 4 min.) Ps 145:1-21


  • Taem Iu Preach: (no winim 2 min.) 1Pe 5:7—Teachim Truth Long Pipol.

  • Return Visit: (no winim 4 min.) Ps 37:9-11—Teachim Truth Long Pipol.

  • Bible Study: (no winim 6 min.) fg leson 9 par. 3—Helpem Bible study for followim wanem hem lanem.


  • Song 99

  • Kamap Gud Long Ministry—Invaetem Olketa wea Interest for Kam Long Meeting”: (15 min.) Story witim kongregeson. Givim copy bilong datfala invitation long evriwan long audience and storyim lelebet page 2. Pleim video wea showim wanfala pablisa hem invaetem samwan wea hem savve givim olketa niu magasin long hem evritaem for kam long meeting. Long end bilong disfala part, storyim datfala box “Offer Bilong October: Kongregeson Meeting Invitation.”

  • Kongregeson Bible Study: (30 min.) bt chap. 7 par. 1-8, and box wea garem title, Philip Hem “Man for Talemaot Gud Nius”.

  • Review and Storyim Meeting for Next Week (3 min.)

  • Song 145 and Prea

    Duim diswan: Kongregeson shud herehere firstaem long recording bilong datfala song, then bihaen singim datfala song followim music.