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Olketa Jehovah’s Witness

Chusim languis Solomon Islands Pidgin

May 8-​14


May 8-​14
  • Song 33 and Prea

  • Introduction (no winim 3 min.)


  • Ebed-melech Showimaot Gud Example for No Fraet and Kaen”: (10 min.)

    • Jer 38:4-6​—From Zedekiah fraetem olketa enemy bilong Jeremiah hem letem olketa for torowem hem insaed wanfala deep hol and leavim hem for dae (it-2-E 1228 par. 3)

    • Jer 38:7-10—Ebed-melech hem no fraet and hem duim samting for helpem Jeremiah (w12-E 5/1 31 par. 2-3)

    • Jer 38:11-13—Ebed-melech hem kaen taem hem helpem Jeremiah kamaot from datfala deep hol (w12-E 5/1 31 par. 4)

  • Faendem Gudfala Point: (8 min.)

    • Jer 35:19—Why nao olketa Rechabite kasem blessing? (it-2-E 759)

    • Jer 37:21—Wanem nao Jehovah duim for lukaftarem Jeremiah, and hao nao diswan encouragem iumi taem iumi kasem hard taem? (w98 1/15 18 par.16-17; w95-E 8/1 5 par. 5-6)

    • Taem iu duim Bible reading for disfala week, wanem nao iu lanem abaotem Jehovah?

    • Wanem nao olketa nara point wea iu faendem long Bible reading for disfala week?

  • Bible Reading: (no winim 4 min.) Jer 36:27–37:2


  • Taem Iu Preach: (no winim 2 min.) wp17.3 kava—Askem wanfala kwestin or talem point wea iutufala bae storyim long return visit.

  • Return Visit: (no winim 4 min.) wp17.3 kava—Askem wanfala kwestin or talem point wea iutufala bae storyim long return visit.

  • Bible Study: (no winim 6 min.) jl leson 26


  • Song 127

  • Lukaftarem Olketa Kingdom Hall Bilong Iumi: (15 min.) Wanfala elder duim kwestin and ansa. Bihaen iu pleim video Lukaftarem Olketa Kingdom Hall Bilong Iumi and story raonem olketa kwestin, interviewim brata wea waka long operating komiti. (Sapos no eniwan waka long operating komiti, interviewim chairman bilong olketa elder. Sapos wanfala kongregeson nomoa iusim Kingdom Hall, interviewim brata wea arrangem waka for lukaftarem Kingdom Hall.) Wanem nao samfala project long Kingdom Hall wea hem just finis, and wanem nao samfala waka wea bae kamap long future? Sapos wanfala brata or sista laek for help for duim maintenance, wanem nao hem savve duim? Hao nao iumi evriwan, nomata iumi young or olo, savve duim samting for lukaftarem Kingdom Hall?

  • Kongregeson Bible Study: (30 min.) jy chap. 26 p. 66, 67

  • Review and Storyim Meeting for Next Week (3 min.)

  • Song 125 and Prea