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Olketa Jehovah’s Witness

Solomon Islands Pidgin

Laef and Ministry Meeting Buk  |  May 2016

May 30–June 5

PSALMS 26-33

May 30–June 5
  • Song 23 and Prea

  • Introduction (no winim 3 min.)


  • Jehovah Bae Helpem Iu for No Fraet”: (10 min.)

    • Ps 27:1-3—Wei for tingim hao Jehovah teachim iumi truth savve helpem iumi for no fraet. (w12 7/15 22-24 par. 3-6)

    • Ps 27:4—Wei for tinghae long tru worship hem strongim iumi. (w12 7/15 24 par. 7)

    • Ps 27:10—Jehovah sapotim pipol bilong hem nomata olketa narawan lusim olketa. (w12 7/15 24 par. 9-10)

  • Faendem Gudfala Point: (8 min.)

    • Ps 26:6—Olsem David, hao nao iumi march raonem altar bilong Jehovah? (w06 6/1 5 par. 11)

    • Ps 32:8—Wanem nao wanfala gud samting wea kamaot from wei wea Jehovah teachim iumi? (w09-E 6/1 5 par. 3)

    • Taem mi duim Bible reading for disfala week, wanem nao mi lanem abaotem Jehovah?

    • Olketa wanem point from Bible reading for disfala week nao mi savve iusim long ministry?

  • Bible Reading: (no winim 4 min.) Ps 32:1–33:8


  • Taem Iu Preach: (no winim 2 min.) kt—Readim scripture long mobile or tablet bilong iu.

  • Return Visit: (no winim 4 min.) Iusim video Hao Nao Mifala Conductim Wanfala Bible Study? from JW Library app for offerim Bible study long wanfala magasin route bilong iu.

  • Bible Study: (no winim 6 min.) jl leson 9—Showim student hao hem savve iusim JW Library app for prepare for olketa meeting.


  • Song 130

  • Need bilong kongregeson: (15 min.) Sapos no eni need bilong kongregeson for storyim, askem kongregeson wanem iumi lanem from Yearbook. (yb16 112-113; 135-136)

  • Kongregeson Bible Study: (30 min.) bt chap. 1 par. 16-21

  • Review and Storyim Meeting for Next Week (3 min.)

  • Song 16 and Prea