• Song 4 and Prea

  • Introduction (no winim 3 min.)


  • Jehovah Helpem Olketa wea Sik”: (10 min.)

    • Ps 41:1, 2—Sapos iumi tingim and kaen long poor pipol, bae iumi hapi (w15 12/15 24 par. 7; w91-E 10/1 14 par. 6)

    • Ps 41:3—Jehovah bae helpem olketa wea worshipim hem taem olketa sik (w08 9/15 5 par. 12-13)

    • Ps 41:12—Taem iumi sik, hope wea iumi garem for future savve helpem iumi for no givap (w15 12/15 27 par. 18-19; w08 12/15 6 par. 15)

  • Faendem Gudfala Point: (8 min.)

    • Ps 39:1, 2—Wanem taem nao hem gud for iumi no talem eni samting? (w09 5/15 4 par. 6; w06 6/1 6 par. 12)

    • Ps 41:9—Why nao Jesus sei samting wea kasem David kasem hem tu? (w11 8/15 13 par. 5; w08 9/15 5 par. 11)

    • Taem mi duim Bible reading for disfala week, wanem nao mi lanem abaotem Jehovah?

    • Olketa wanem point from Bible reading for disfala week nao mi savve iusim long ministry?

  • Bible Reading: (no winim 4 min.) Ps 42:6–43:5


  • Taem Iu Preach: (no winim 2 min.) g16.3 kava

  • Return Visit: (no winim 4 min.) g16.3 kava

  • Bible Study: (no winim 6 min.) fg leson 2 par. 4-5—Long end bilong study, talem hem iu laekem for iutufala lukim video Does God Have a Name? long jw.org, bat no showim video hia.


  • Song 128

  • Evritaem Tingim Prize!: (15 min.) Story witim kongregeson. Pleim video Become Jehovah’s Friend—Keep Your Eyes on the Prize! (Song 24) long jw.org. (Go long BIBLE TEACHINGS > CHILDREN.) Then iusim olketa kwestin hia for storyim datfala “Activity” wea garem title “Compare: Life Now and in the Future”: Wanem nao olketa gud samting wea bae happen long Paradaes? Wanem gud samting nao iu luk forward for kasem? Hao nao wei for ting raonem hope bilong iu savve helpem iu for no givap?—2Co 4:18.

  • Kongregeson Bible Study: (30 min.) bt chap. 2 par. 8-15

  • Review and Storyim Meeting for Next Week (3 min.)

  • Song 44 and Prea