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Jehovah Witness People

Nigerian Pidgin

“Use All Your Heart Sing” to Jehovah

 SONG 82

Make Our Light Dey Shine

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Make Our Light Dey Shine

(Matthew 5:16)

  1. 1. When we try dey do good,

    We dey shine like light.

    Just like Jesus command,

    Make we hold God tight.

    Na Bible dey help us

    know wetin correct.

    We want try dey teach people

    this truth wey we get.

  2. 2. Preaching na one fine work

    wey Jesus give us.

    People life dey better,

    Some dey come serve God.

    As we preach this good news,

    Light from God dey shine.

    And people go praise our God,

    If we dey do fine.

  3. 3. When we dey help people,

    When we dey do well,

    Then the things we dey preach,

    Go dey fine well well.

    Jehovah go bless us

    as we shine our light.

    Yes, our God go smile for us

    ev’ry day and night.

(Still check Ps. 119:130; Matt. 5:14, 15, 45; Col. 4:6.)