(Psalm 91)

  1. 1. Jehovah God for heaven,

    The God wey we dey serve.

    Na only you get power,

    To save who serve you well.

    Even when Satan suffer us,

    We know sey you go dey our back.

    Jehovah God we trust you,

    You dey bless people wey love you.

  2. 2. Jehovah God dey save us,

    We no fear anything.

    As people just dey suffer,

    Dey die, some fit dey sick.

    We know sey God go hold us tight.

    E no go let us die trowey.

    No matter how e fit be,

    God go give us power to cope.

  3. 3. Bad people fit cause trouble,

    For us, make we fit fall.

    Remember, God fit save us,

    When danger dey for road.

    We no go need to come dey fear,

    Because Jehovah God dey care.

    Jehovah dey protect us,

    E dey care for us everyday.