(Acts 18:11)

  1. 1. Preaching dey make person happy.

    Make we dey try to preach.

    And help people like Jesus Christ

    Wey dey sofri dey teach.

    This one go help us touch their heart,

    And we go be their friend.

    We go teach dem with love, and this one

    fit make dem be God friend.

  2. 2. People dey look so make we try

    Do wetin we dey preach.

    The things we do go help dem see

    Sey na truth we dey teach.

    And we go still dey teach ourself,

    God Word go dey our heart.

    If we take time dey study Bible,

    To teach am go sweet us.

  3. 3. Make we dey pray for God support

    If we dey teach im Word.

    Jehovah God go fit help us

    And Jesus Christ our Lord.

    People we teach go need our love,

    This love dey help, na true.

    We know sey time dey come when dem go

    fit teach other people.