(Ephesians 6:18)

  1. 1. Great God Jehovah, you be our Father.

    Na you high pass, and you go dey forever.

    Nothing go fit hard you make you do,

    Because we know your name na Jehovah.

    Help us make we do our best,

    Make your Kingdom reach this earth.

  2. 2. You dey give us better things ev’ry day.

    We no fit count this things and we no fit pay.

    You give us life, yes, you give us light.

    You give us sense to do wetin dey right.

    And you give us all for free.

    God we thank you as we sing.

  3. 3. This wicked world dey give us wahala.

    Na only you dey give us hope and power.

    God we dey pray, help us get the mind

    To do wetin you want, make we fit stand.

    Help us stand well for your side,

    Make we fit dey hold you tight.