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The Night Wey We No Fit Forget

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The Night Wey We No Fit Forget

(Matthew 26:26-30)

  1. 1. Jehovah, our God and our Papa,

    This night wey we no fit forget

    Na the night wey your Son Jesus Christ die for us.

    You sey make e free us from sin.

    So Jesus come die to fit save us,

    Because na im blood go fit pay.

    All the sheep wey dem kill before Jesus come die

    No fit pay, yes, dem no fit save us.

  2. 2. When time don dey near wey e go die,

    Jesus Christ, our Lord tell us sey:

    ‘Make you do as I talk, take this bread and this wine,

    dey do all this things for my name.’

    Na im make we gather together,

    To show Jesus sey we love am.

    O Jehovah, our God, na your Son give us hope,

    Now we know sey for front, life go sweet.

  3.  3. This night, na Memorial we dey do,

    To thank you for this love you show,

    And to praise you because you dey do as you talk.

    E no get one word wey dey fail.

    We like to dey do this Memorial

    Because e dey draw us near you.

    We go do all the things wey your Son don tell us.

    For the end, you go bless us well well.