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Christian Sisters, Women Wey Get Faith

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Christian Sisters, Women Wey Get Faith

(Romans 16:2)

  1. 1. Women like Esther, Sarah, Ruth and Mary—

    Women wey love Jehovah with all their heart.

    God work na number one thing wey dey their mind.

    Na their faith make dem fit hold Jehovah tight.

    And for Bible, we see other people

    Wey no leave Jehovah, because their faith dey strong.

  2. 2. Character wey God holy spirit dey give—

    Mind wey dey draw better people near body.

    This na the kind character wey God dey like.

    And this women dey show am with all their heart.

    And na so our Christian sisters dey do,

    Wey show sey dem get faith, the faith wey no dey shake.

  3. 3. Sister and aunty, daughter, wife and mama,

    With all your heart you dey try to do your best.

    Life wey you dey live show sey you put God first.

    No forget sey God love you as im pikin.

    Just dey try, no ever leave Jehovah.

    God go bless you well well, better life dey wait you.