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Jehovah Witness People

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Dey Pity People

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Dey Pity People

(Matthew 5:7)

  1. 1. Jehovah dey pity people.

    Na happy God wey love people.

    E show this love for different way.

    E like am when we dey obey.

    Sometimes we fit still make mistake.

    E fit come make us start to shake.

    But God dey ready to forgive.

    If we repent and change our life.

  2. 2. Sometimes our sin fit make us cry,

    And sleep fit comot from our eye,

    Because we no get peace of mind.

    We fit even dey feel one kind.

    For Bible, Jesus teach us sey,

    For prayer we fit beg God sey:

    “Abeg Jehovah, forgive us,”

    Our friendship with am no go loss.

  3. 3. Like God, make we dey help people,

    And help dem learn wetin we know.

    We no go shout make people see,

    Sey we dey help people for free.

    Make we dey ready to dey give.

    And we go happy if we give.

    Jehovah self go smile for us.

    Im blessing go come cover us.

(Still check Matt. 6:2-4, 12-14.)