Jump go wetin dey inside

Jump go another thing wey dey for here

Jump go wetin dey inside this book

Jehovah Witness People

Nigerian Pidgin

Original Song

Wetin I Go Do?

Wetin I Go Do?
Wetin We Write


  1. 1. Things just confuse me.

    I no know wetin to do.

    I just want

    Follow my mind,

    And now, I don fall in love.

  2. 2. To do good thing

    Just dey be like fight.

    I no want do just how I feel.

    I want do wetin God Word talk.

  3. 3. I know sey e no good.

    But my mind just dey push me go.

    Bad come easy and good come hard,

    But Jehovah help me dey strong.


    E sey: “See as I love you. I like as I get you.

    Put me first for ev’rything.

    I go help you anytime.”

  4. 4. Wetin we choose dey affect our life.

    So no do wetin go spoil your life.

    Put am for mind, sey e no easy,

    But na we get power to choose.

    Make we choose well to get life.

  5. 5. I happy sey I don try

    To do wetin God go like.

    No easy, e hard to do,

    But Jehovah help me dey choose.