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I Fit Stand Again

I Fit Stand Again
Wetin We Write


  1. 1. This worry I dey feel inside e hard for me.

    Na now I don see where I no do well.

    Oh my God Jehovah, na your power wey I need.

    I really go like to come back to you.


    All the things wey you don teach me, e still dey my mind.

    The better things wey dey inside your Word.

    Sey even if I stumble, even if I fall,

    I fit stand again.

  2. 2. And I sabi better people

    Wey show me love before,

    People wey love you with all their mind.

    Na Bible you dey use dey show me road make I return,

    Na life wey no go end na’im you dey give.


    Everywhere I go, all the things I see, dey make me think of you.

    Armageddon dey come.


    So Jehovah, check my mind, as I pray to you,

    Cos na you wey I need now for my life.

    And anytime I stumble, you tell me sey

    I fit stand again.


    Jehovah na you understand; na’im make na you wey I dey look.

    You know sey I no strong and you see wetin man no see.

    Na better thing na’im you dey find.


    Yes, I don make up my mind today to enter Kingdom Hall,

    Make I find the love wey I loss.

    And even if I stumble, even if I fall, I go stand again.

    I fit stand again.