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Word Wey Get Better Meaning!

Word Wey Get Better Meaning!

SOMETIMES, when Jesus want talk to some women, e dey call dem “woman.” For example, when Jesus heal one person wey bend and wey no fit stand for 18 years, e tell am sey: ‘Woman, you don free from your sickness.’ (Luke 13:10-13) Jesus even call Mary im mama “woman” when e dey talk to am. For that time, that na the normal way to show sey person get respect. (John 19:26; 20:13) But apart from this word, e get another word wey Jesus use wey show sey e dey respect women well well.

Bible dey use better word wey sweet for ear, if e dey talk about some women. Jesus use am for one woman wey get one sickness wey dey make blood comot for im body for 12 years. The woman no follow wetin God Law talk as e go touch Jesus, because person wey get that kind sickness no suppose touch anybody. Some people fit talk sey e no suppose near other people because of the sickness. (Lev. 15:19-27) But the only thing wey dey im mind na how that sickness go take comot from im body. The truth be sey ‘e don suffer well well for many doctor hand and e don use everything wey e get, but e no still well, e come even bad pass before.’Mark 5:25, 26.

The woman come sofri sofri pass inside the plenty people wey dey Jesus back, come touch im cloth for down. Na so the blood just stop at once! The woman think sey nobody go know, but Jesus come ask dem sey: ‘Who touch me?’ (Luke 8:45-47) Na so fear catch the woman, e come dey shake, e lie down for Jesus front come ‘tell am the whole truth.’Mark 5:33.

Jesus come tell am wetin go make am no fear again. E tell am sey: ‘No fear, my pikin!’ (Matt. 9:22) People wey study Bible well well talk sey the Hebrew and Greek word wey dem translate as ‘my pikin’ na the same thing with to tell person better word wey go make im mind come down. The next thing wey Jesus tell am, make am dey sure of wetin e don first talk. E tell am sey im faith don make am well, make e go well, and make e no sick again.Mark 5:34.

Boaz na big man for Israel. When e want talk to Ruth wey be Moab person, e call am ‘my pikin.’ Ruth mind no rest because e no know the person wey get the farm wey e for dey gather wetin remain. Boaz tell am sey: ‘Listen, my pikin.’ E come tell Ruth sey make e come im farm another time. Ruth lie down for Boaz front come ask Boaz why e dey treat am well, even though sey e come from another place. Wetin Boaz tell am make im mind come down, e tell am sey: ‘Dem don tell me everything wey you do for your husband mama, [Naomi wey im husband don die]. Make Jehovah bless you for wetin you don do.’Ruth 2:8-12.

Jesus and Boaz show elders better example! Sometimes two elders fit arrange to go visit sister wey need help make e fit continue to serve Jehovah well. Dem go first pray make Jehovah help dem, dem go come open their ear well as the sister dey talk. After dem do this one, dem go fit use Bible tell the sister wetin go make im mind come down and wetin go make am get hope again.Rom. 15:4.