‘[Jehovah] call una comot from darkness come inside im light wey good well well.’1 PET. 2:9.

SONG: 116, 102

1. Wetin happen when Nebuchadnezzar and im soldier come fight war with people for Jerusalem?

FOR the year 607 B.C.E., King Nebuchadnezzar II and im plenty soldier come fight war with people for Jerusalem. Bible talk sey many people die. E sey: ‘[Nebuchadnezzar] use sword kill their young men for their holy place; e no pity for young man or virgin, old people or sick people.’ E burn the temple and the high building dem, e break the fence wey dey Jerusalem reach ground, and e destroy all their better things.2 Chron. 36:17, 19.

2. Wetin Jehovah warn the Jews about, and wetin go happen to dem?

2 The Jews no suppose surprise sey Babylon people come kill dem and destroy their city. Why? Because for many years, some of God prophet don warn the Jews sey if dem continue to do wetin God no like, Babylon people go come attack dem. Dem go use sword kill many of the Jews; and any of dem wey no die go be slave for Babylon. (Jer. 15:2) How slave life be for Babylon? Wetin happen to the Jews don happen to correct Christians before? If the answer na yes, when e happen?


3. How slave life for Babylon take different from the one wey Israel people live for Egypt before?

3 Wetin some of God prophet talk really happen. Jehovah use Jeremiah advise the Jews wey go later be slave sey make dem take the slave life as dem see am and make dem try live their life well. E tell dem sey: ‘Build different different house and stay inside. Plant for different different land and eat wetin e produce. And find wetin go bring peace for the city wey I send una go as slave, and pray for am to Jehovah, because na im peace go make una get peace.’ (Jer. 29:5, 7) The people wey follow wetin Jehovah talk, live life wey better pass slave life for Babylon. Babylon people give dem small chance to do wetin dem want. Dem even allow dem to dey travel go anywhere for the country. That time, people dey come from different different place dey come do business for Babylon. People wey dey do research about wetin happen for different different country for olden days, don see wetin show sey many Jews learn how to do business for there. Na for Babylon some still learn handwork and some of dem turn to rich people. The slave life wey Israel people live for many years for Egypt no be like this one for Babylon.Read Exodus 2:23-25.

4. Apart from the Jews wey do bad thing, which other Jews be slave for Babylon? And wetin make dem no fit do everything wey the Law talk?

4 Even if their life for Babylon better, what about how dem take dey serve Jehovah? The altar and the temple where dem dey serve Jehovah no dey again. And all the priest no dey work together as dem dey do before. No be all the Jews wey be slave for Babylon do bad thing. But dem suffer with the other Jews. Even with that one, dem do wetin dem fit do to follow wetin dey the Law. For example, the Law sey make the Jews no eat some kind meat. Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego follow wetin dey the Law when dem dey live slave life for Babylon. Bible still talk sey Daniel no stop to pray to God. (Dan. 1:8; 6:10) But e still hard any Jew wey want serve God well to do everything wey dey the Law. Why? Because the government and the people for the country no dey worship Jehovah.

5. Wetin Jehovah promise im people sey e go do, and why this kind promise fit surprise people?

5 Israel people fit still serve Jehovah again the way e want? E be like sey for people eye the answer na ‘No.’ Why? Because that time Babylon people no dey ever release their slave. But for where Jehovah dey, the matter go change! Jehovah don talk before sey e go save im people comot from Babylon hand; and na wetin e do be that. God dey do anything wey e promise.Isa. 55:11.


6, 7. Why e good sey we need to change wetin we believe about when fake religion start to control God people for our time?

6 E get anything wey don happen to correct Christians before, wey be like the slave life wey the Jews live for Babylon? For many years, we believe sey na for 1918 fake religion start to dey control Jehovah people, like when the Jews be slave for Babylon. We still believe sey na for 1919 Jehovah come free im people from fake religion hand. But when we come look the matter again, we see sey wetin we believe need to change. Why? Na wetin we go talk about for this topic and the next topic.

7 Think am: Bible call all the fake religion for this world one name—Babylon the Great. So, for fake religion to fit control correct Christians for 1918, na im be sey God people go still be slave for their  hand that time. But no be so e be. The truth be sey, even before World War I for 1914 Jehovah people don dey comot for fake religion hand, no be sey na that time fake religion start to control dem. Na true sey Jehovah people suffer well well for World War I. But many things wey dem suffer na from government, no be fake religion. So, e no really mean sey na for 1918 fake religion start to control Jehovah people.


8. How dem take start to dey teach lie lie for congregation? (Go check the first picture.)

8 For Pentecost 33 C.E., Jehovah choose many many Jews and other people with im holy spirit. This new Christians come be ‘people wey dem choose, king and priest, holy country, people wey be special property.’ (Read 1 Peter 2:9, 10.) All the apostle never die that time, so dem fit take care of God people. But after all of dem don die, some people come ‘start to talk wetin different’ so that dem go ‘draw the disciples comot follow body.’ (Acts 20:30; 2 Thess. 2:6-8) Many of this people na overseer for congregation, but after, dem come dey call dem “bishop.” Dem come start to dey get leaders or oga. But Jesus don tell im disciples before sey: ‘All of una na brothers.’ (Matt. 23:8) The lie wey people like, Aristotle and Plato wey go school well well dey teach, dey sweet this leaders well well. So small small, dem start to dey teach people this lie lie instead of wetin dey Bible.

9. How fake Christian and Rome government start to do things together? And wetin come happen?

9 Na Emperor Constantine be the person wey dey rule Rome for the year 313 C.E. People for Rome no dey serve God. That year, Emperor Constantine come put law sey make fake Christian be the religion for everywhere wey im dey rule. From that time, people wey dey lead for Church and the government for Rome come dey do things together. For example, Emperor Constantine arrange meeting with Church leaders and the name of that meeting come be Council of Nicaea. After the meeting, e talk sey make dem pursue one priest wey im name na Arius comot for the area because Arius no gree sey Jesus and God na the same person. After, when Emperor Theodosius I (379-395 C.E.) come dey rule, Catholic Church come be the religion wey Rome government sey make e dey everywhere for their area. That time, the Church don dey teach lie lie. People wey dey study wetin happen for olden days talk sey Rome people don turn to “Christian.” But the truth be sey, fake Christian don start to teach lie lie like other fake religion for Rome. So, dem don be part of Babylon the Great. Even with that one, e still get some Christian wey dey do everything wey dem fit do to serve God well and teach wetin correct. But nobody ready to hear wetin dem dey talk. Jesus talk sey this small number of correct Christians wey remain be like that plant wey e name na wheat. (Read Matthew 13:24, 25, 37-39.) True true, na fake religion come dey control dem; dem don be like slave for their hand!

10. Wetin make people come dey see sey wetin church dey teach different from wetin dey Bible?

10 Even if things don be like that, for many many years after Jesus time, many people still dey read Bible for Greek or Latin language. As this people dey study Bible, dem come dey see sey wetin  Bible talk different from wetin church dey teach. Some of dem no gree for wetin church dey teach. But if dem talk for where people dey, dem fit enter trouble and dem fit even kill dem.

11. Wetin church leaders do wey make Bible no come dey reach many people hand?

11 As time dey go, people no come too dey speak the language wey dem use translate Bible, wey be Greek and Latin. Church leaders no gree make people use the language wey dem dey speak everyday take translate Bible. E come happen sey, na only leaders for religion and people wey go school fit read Bible. But no be all the leaders sabi read or write well. Anybody wey no gree with wetin church dey teach, dem go punish am well well. God people come dey gather together for small small group, but some of dem no fit gather. As slave life be for the Jews wey dey Babylon that time, God people wey Bible call ‘king and priest,’ no fit dey worship Jehovah together as e suppose be. Fake religion really dey control dem!


12, 13. Which two things give correct Christians hope? Explain.

12 Correct Christians go ever fit serve God as e want and nobody go trouble dem again? Yes! Around the year 1450 dem come get hope, like person wey see light for darkness. Na two things give dem hope. The first thing be sey, machine wey dey print with wetin dem dey call “movable type” come dey. Before dem make the machine, people dey copy Bible with hand and e no easy at all. Bible no too plenty that time and e cost. Dem talk sey person wey im work na to copy book, go use ten months take write only one  Bible! And na animal skin be their paper that time and e cost. But if na printing machine wey dey use paper print, person wey im work na to print go use one day print 1,300 page!

Na the printing machine wey come dey and the strong mind wey people wey translate Bible get, give correct Christians hope (Check paragraph 12, 13)

13 The second thing be sey, after the year 1500 C.E., some people come dey use language wey people dey speak everyday translate Bible. This people get mind! Dem continue to translate even if dem know sey dem fit die. Fear catch church leaders because people go start to read Bible and dem go dey ask question. Bible reach people hand and as dem dey read am, question come dey come, like: ‘Where purgatory dey for Bible? Where e dey for Bible sey person go pay priest money so that the priest go do service for person wey don die? Which place for Bible talk about pope and cardinal?’ For the church leaders, this kind thing na insult. Who born dem to ask that kind question! Church leaders no just gree at all. Anybody wey no agree with wetin dem dey teach for church go die. And many of this things wey dem dey teach na the lie lie of Aristotle and Plato wey live before Jesus time. Na church leaders dey talk who dem go kill and government go come kill the person. Dem want make people stop to read Bible and stop to dey ask Church leaders question. And many times, wetin dem want really happen. But no be everybody dem fit control. Some people don read the truth for Bible and dem want learn more! Small time, God go save dem from fake religion hand.

14. (a) Wetin help some people get chance to understand Bible well? (b) Talk about how Brother Russell take learn the truth.

14 Many of this people wey want learn more, come dey run go other country wey church leaders no dey too control. Dem want dey read, study, and talk to other people about wetin dem don learn. Dem no want make the church leaders dey tell dem wetin dem go believe. Na for one of this country, for the year 1870, Charles Taze Russell and some other people come dey study Bible well. Wetin dey Brother Russell mind when dem start? Na to find which of the religion dey teach the truth wey dey Bible. E don check wetin different different religion dey teach and wetin dey Bible. But e come see sey no one dey follow Bible well. E get one time wey e go talk to some church leaders about wetin im and the other people wey dey follow am dey study Bible don learn. E get the mind sey this leaders go start to teach their church members this truth from Bible. But dem no ready. That time the Bible Students come know sey dem no suppose get anything to do with fake religion.Read 2 Corinthians 6:14.

15. (a) Which time fake religion start to control correct Christians? (b) Which question dem we go answer for the next topic?

15 For this topic, we don learn how fake religion start to dey control correct Christians after all the apostles don die. But we still need to answer this question dem: Which other thing make us know sey God people don dey comot from fake religion hand, even before 1914? Na true sey for World War I Jehovah no happy with im people because their preaching work come slow down? Any of our brothers follow fight the war, wey come make Jehovah vex? If fake religion start to control correct Christians after the apostles don die, na which time God save im people? All this question make sense. We go answer dem for the next topic.