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‘Publishers for Britain—Make Una Wake Up!!’

‘Publishers for Britain—Make Una Wake Up!!’

THE topic wey dey the Informant * (December 1937, The one wey dem dey use for London) sey: “Kingdom Publishers in Britain—Wake Up!! (Publishers for Britain—Make Una Wake Up!!).” Dem use that topic tell us wetin we need to do that time. Wetin dey the small topic come even make am clear, na: “No Outstanding Increase in Ten Years (Since Ten Years the Number Never Go Up Well).” The report wey dey the front page of the Informant about how the preaching work don be for ten years (from 1928 go reach 1937), show sey na true.


Wetin make the preaching work for Britain slow down that time? (1) E be like sey na wetin don dey happen to the congregations for many years. (2) The branch committee for there don talk sey na only 200 pioneer their territory need. And this pioneers no dey preach with congregation as e be today, but dem dey go preach for far far village. So, the branch committee tell brothers and sisters wey want be pioneer sey dem no need pioneer for Britain again. Dem come tell the publishers sey make dem go other country dem for Europe go pioneer. This one come make plenty brothers and sisters for Britain dey go other country dem like France, even though sey dem no sabi the language of the country. Na better thing this publishers do.


The topic wey dey the 1937 Informant talk sey make publishers for Britain try get one million hours for 1938. E no go easy! But dem fit get am if publishers fit dey get reach 15 hours every month and pioneers fit dey get reach 110 hours every month for preaching that year. Part of the things wey dem fit do to get that kind hour na to arrange different different group wey go dey preach five hours for some days. Another thing be sey, dem go try dey do return visit well well, especially every evening for middle of the week.

This pioneers that time preach with all their mind and power

Many people like this plan because e go help dem sabi preach pass before. Sister Hilda Padgett * remember as things be that time. E sey: ‘Governing Body really want make we do something; na wetin many of us don dey wait for since. E no tey, our preaching come dey get better result.’ Sister E. F. Wallis talk sey: ‘The plan to get five hours for some days for preaching na correct plan! Nothing fit sweet person reach to dey use plenty time preach.  . . .  We fit tire when we don close, but we happy? Yes!’ One young brother wey im name na Stephen Miller, really know wetin e suppose do and e follow wetin Governing Body talk. E know sey time no dey wait for anybody! E remember sey that time, different different group dey use full day preach with their bicycle. And after dem don record different different talk, for evening for summer time (hot season for oyibo country), dem go dey play am give people for preaching. Dem dey carry small sign board dey parade everywhere and dem dey use magazine dey preach for street. And na so dem dey use all their mind and power do am.

Informant come still talk another thing, sey: “We need a pioneer army of 1,000 (We need plenty pioneer wey go reach 1,000).” One new thing be sey, pioneer no go dey go another place go preach. Instead, dem go dey preach with their congregation so that dem fit  dey help their congregation. Joyce Ellis (wey be Joyce Barber, before e marry) remember wetin happen that time. E sey: ‘Many brothers come really know sey dem need to pioneer.’ E still talk sey: “Even though sey na just 13 years I dey that time, I want pioneer; na wetin dey my mind be that.” For July 1940, when e dey 15 years, e come do wetin dey im mind. The brother wey e later marry wey im name na Peter, hear wetin Governing Body talk sey make publishers for Britain wake up. This one come dey make am think about how e go take pioneer. For June 1940, e ride bicycle reach 65 miles (105 km) go one place wey dem dey call Scarborough go start im new pioneer work. That time e dey 17 years.

Cyril and Kitty Johnson na pioneers wey fit leave anything so that dem go get chance do Jehovah work. For example, dem sell their house and property make dem fit see money support their pioneer work. Cyril stop the work wey e dey do, and before one month dem don ready to pioneer. E talk sey: “We know wetin we do. Wetin we do come from our mind and we happy to do am.”


As the number of pioneer dey plenty well well, some brothers come dey think wetin dem fit do to help dem. For 1938, Jim Carr wey be zone servant (wey we dey call circuit overseer now), follow the advice wey dem give sey make pioneer house dey inside city. Dem advise pioneers sey make dem try dey live and work together so that dem no go too dey spend money. Dem rent one big house for one place wey dem dey call Sheffield. Na one of the brothers wey dey do well for congregation go dey direct matter for the place. The brothers and sisters for congregation contribute money and other things wey go dey inside the house. Jim talk sey: “Everybody do wetin dem fit do to make sure sey the plan work.” Na ten pioneers stay the place. Dem no take their work play and dem do the things wey go help dem continue to dey serve Jehovah well. For example, dem ‘dey read daily text together every morning when dem gather to eat their morning food.’ And ‘na every day the pioneers dey go their territory wey dey different different place for the city.’

Many publishers for Britain start to pioneer

Publishers and pioneers do wetin Governing Body talk for Informant and dem come fit get the one million hours for 1938. The truth be sey, their preaching come better pass before. For five years, the number of publishers nearly reach times three of wetin dey before. This plan really help Jehovah people wey dey Britain prepare for the war wey dey come for front, that time.

Today, the number of pioneers wey dey Britain dey plenty again as the war of Armageddon dey come for front. Since ten years now, the number of pioneer don plenty reach where e never reach before. E reach 13,224 for October 2015. All this pioneers don know sey one of the way wey dem fit use their life do the thing wey better pass na to pioneer.

^ par. 3 We later come dey call am Our Kingdom Ministry.

^ par. 8 Story about Sister Padgett life dey October 1, 1995, Watchtower pp. 19-24.