‘Comot from where e dey, my people.’REV. 18:4.

SONG: 101, 93

1. Wetin make us dey sure sey God people go comot hand from Babylon the Great, and which question dem we go talk about?

FOR our last topic, we learn sey fake religion wey Bible call Babylon the Great, dey control correct Christians like slave. But the better thing be sey, dem no go dey for their hand forever. We dey sure because of wetin God talk for Revelation 18:4. E sey: ‘Comot from where e dey, my people.’ (Read Revelation 18:4.) So, e dey hungry us to know the time when correct Christians take comot from fake religion hand! No be so? But before that one, we go first talk about this question dem: (1) Before 1914, wetin the Bible Students do wey show sey dem don dey comot hand from fake religion? (2) Our brothers serious with the preaching work for World War I? (3) Na because God want correct dem na im make e let dem dey for fake religion hand like slave?


2. Wetin the Bible Students talk sey dem no go do with fake religion?

2 Many years before World War I, Charles Taze Russell and the brothers wey dey with am come know sey church  people no dey teach the truth wey dey Bible. So, dem sey dem no go do anything with fake religion again. For November 1879, wetin Zion’s Watch Tower talk clear. E sey any church wey dey support government for this world and e dey claim sey e still dey do the things wey Jesus teach, be like prostitute. E no be like the virgin wey Bible sey go marry Jesus. That church na part of Babylon the Great.Read Revelation 17:1, 2.

3. Wetin the Bible Students do wey show sey dem want comot hand from fake religion? (Go check the first picture.)

3 People wey dey serve God know sey if dem want make God bless dem, dem no go continue to support fake religion. So, many of the Bible Students write letter and send am to their different different church sey dem no want be their member again. Some of dem even read their letter for church service make people hear. When the church no let dem read am out, dem go come send the letter give all the member for the church. Dem want comot hand from fake religion kpatakpata! For many country that time, government no dey too support church again. Na im make the Bible Students fit do that kind thing. If na before that time, dem for enter trouble.

4. For World War I, wetin happen between the Bible Students and fake religion?

4 The Bible Students know sey no be only to just tell their family people and other people sey dem no dey support fake religion again. Dem want tell everybody for the world sey Babylon the Great na that prostitute wey Bible talk about! So, from December 1917 go reach the beginning of 1918, the small number of Bible Student use all their mind and power take share 10,000,000 tract, wey the topic na: “The Fall of Babylon (Babylon Don Fall).” Wetin the tract talk put pepper for church people eye! This one vex church leaders well well! But the Bible Students no stop to do the work. Dem ready to do ‘wetin God talk’ even if e no easy, because na ‘God dem go obey as ruler no be people.’ (Acts 5:29) Wetin this one show us? E show us sey, for World War I Jehovah people don dey comot hand from fake religion and dem dey help other people dey comot. No be that time fake religion start to dey control dem at all.


5. Wetin make us believe sey the Bible Students use all their mind and power preach for World War I?

5 For many years now, we believe sey Jehovah no happy with im people because dem no use all their mind and power preach for World War I. So we sey na this one make Jehovah allow fake religion dey control dem for some time. But brothers and sisters wey serve Jehovah well from 1914 go reach 1918 talk sey all of dem together do everything wey dem fit do to make sure sey dem continue to preach. Their story no be “dem sey dem sey,” we see wetin make us believe dem. As we don really know wetin happen to us that time, we come fit understand some kind things wey Bible talk about.

6, 7. (a) Why e no easy for the Bible Students to preach well for World War I? (b) Which example show sey the Bible Students use all their mind and power preach?

6 The truth be sey, the Bible Students  preach well well for World War I (1914-1918). But e no easy for dem that time because of some things. Make we talk about two of this things. (1) That time, dem no dey too talk for preaching; na book dem dey share pass. Na the book wey dem dey call The Finished Mystery dem dey give people to explain Bible for dem. Many brothers never learn how to use only Bible preach. So when government ban the book for the beginning of 1918, preaching come hard for many brothers. (2) For 1918, e get one sickness wey start to spread for everywhere. The name na Spanish Influenza. This sickness dey quick spread and as e dey spread e dey kill people. So e come hard many brothers to fit preach well. Even with this one, dem no stop to preach—dem do everything wey dem fit do.

The Bible Students that time use all their mind and power do Jehovah work! (Check paragraphs 6, 7)

7 For only 1914, the small group of brothers and sisters show the film, wey be “Photo-Drama of Creation” to people wey pass 9,000,000. This film, wey dem still dey call The Drama, bring picture and sound together. As the photo (or picture) dey move, the sound dey play follow am. The film start from when God make man go reach the ending of when Jesus Christ go rule for 1,000 years. No be small work the Bible Students do that time. Think am. For only 1914, the number of people wey watch the film plenty pass the number of Jehovah Witness wey dey the whole world today! Apart from that one, for 1916 na 809,393 people come our meeting dem for United States, and for 1918 the number come go up reach 949,444. That one no show sey our brothers and sisters use all their mind and power preach that time?

8. How brothers and sisters for World War I take get wetin help dem continue to get strong faith?

8 For first world war, the brothers wey dey direct our work do everything wey dem fit do to dey make the faith of brothers and sisters strong. And dem try send our book dem to the brothers and sisters wey scatter for different different place. This thing wey dem do help the brothers fit continue to preach. Richard H. Barber, one  brother wey use all im mind and power preach that time, talk sey dem try help some traveling overseers still continue for their work. E still sey: ‘We continue to share The Watch Tower and send am go Canada where dem first ban am. I happy to send the small size of some of the book The Finished Mystery give some brothers wey dem seize their own. Brother Rutherford sey make we arrange convention for different different place for some part of United States and send brothers wey go give talk, to help the brothers and sisters continue to get strong faith.’


9. (a) Why e be sey God people need correction from 1914 go reach 1919? (b) Even if no be everything wey dem do correct, wetin we no suppose think?

9 From 1914 go reach 1919, no be everything wey the Bible Students do correct. Even if e dey their mind to serve God well, dem no really know wetin Bible mean when e sey make Christians dey do wetin government talk. (Rom. 13:1) Na im make dem no quick comot hand from war matter. For example, United States president talk sey make people use May 30, 1918 take pray for peace. Governing Body come talk for Watch Tower sey make the Bible Students do wetin government talk. Some brothers use money support the war and some even carry gun go fight, but dem no plenty. Even if e get some things wey dem need to correct, e no make sense to sey because God want correct the Bible Students, dem come be slave for fake religion hand that time. But the truth be sey, dem know sey dem suppose comot hand from fake religion. And for World War I, dem don already dey comot their hand finish.Read Luke 12:47, 48.

10. Because na God get everybody life, wetin some brothers wey go fight war carry for mind sey dem no go do?

10 Na true sey the Bible Students no really understand wetin e mean to comot hand for war matter, the way we understand am today. But dem know sey e no good to kill person. Na im make some of dem wey join fight World War I no use their gun kill anybody. Dem come put some of this Bible Student for war front so that bullet go quick touch dem.

11. Wetin the government do when the Bible Students no gree kill people for the war?

11 Even if the brothers no even understand everything finish that time, Devil no still happy for wetin dem do. Devil come ‘use the law arrange trouble.’ for dem. (Ps. 94:20) One Major-General for U.S. Army, wey im name na James Franklin Bell, tell Brother J. F. Rutherford and Brother W. E. Van Amburgh sey government don try to bring one new law wey go make dem kill anybody wey no join the war. And na the Bible Students e carry for mind. The General vex well well when e tell Brother Rutherford sey Wilson, wey be U.S. President no put the law again. E come talk sey: ‘But we know wetin we go do una, and we go make sure sey hand touch una!’

12, 13. (a) Why dem put the eight brothers for prison? (b) The prison wey dem put the brothers make dem do wetin go make Jehovah vex? Explain.

12 As the General talk am, ‘hand touch’ our brothers at last. Dem arrest the brothers wey dey direct the work  that time, wey be: Brother Rutherford, Brother Van Amburgh, and six other brothers. The judge wey judge the matter talk sey the wahala wey the brothers cause pass wetin one group of Germany soldiers fit do. E talk sey dem do wetin vex government, army, and all the church leaders; so their punishment go strong well well. (Faith on the March, by A. H. Macmillan, p. 99) And na so e happen. The eight brothers go go the prison wey dey one place wey dem dey call Atlanta, for Georgia and e go tey before dem release dem. But when the war don stop, dem release the brothers and dem cancel the case.

13 Even when dem dey prison, the eight brothers still dey do wetin Bible talk as dem take understand am reach. Dem write letter go give United States president. For the letter, dem talk sey dem no go kill anybody because Bible talk sey make dem no kill. So if any of dem wey don give im life to God come do wetin Bible no talk, God no go bless am and the person fit no get life. Dem talk sey because of this one, dem no go fit open eye kill person. See as dem get mind! E clear sey, the brothers no ready to do anything wey go make Jehovah vex!


14. Use Bible explain wetin happen from 1914 go reach 1919.

14 Malachi 3:1-3 talk about wetin happen from 1914 go reach beginning of 1919. (Read am.) That time, things go change for the anointed (people wey God choose with holy spirit) wey Bible call “sons of Levi.” Jesus Christ wey be “the messenger of the covenant,” go follow Jehovah, wey be “the true Lord,” come find out wetin dey happen among im people. After Jehovah don correct dem finish, e come give dem another work. For 1919, God choose one ‘better slave wey get sense and wey dem fit trust.’ The ‘slave’ work na to teach and direct God people. (Matt. 24:45) Jehovah people come finally comot for fake religion hand. Since that time, because Jehovah dey favor im people, dem dey understand wetin e want make dem dey do and dem come dey love am more more. Dem really thank God for the way e dey bless dem! [1]

15. Wetin we go do to show sey we no forget wetin make Jehovah save us?

15 We thank Jehovah well well sey we don comot for fake religion hand! Satan try to comot correct Christians from this world but e no work for am. But, make we no forget wetin make Jehovah save im people. (2 Cor. 6:1) Many many people wey want serve God well still dey for fake religion hand. Make we no leave dem for there. Na we go help dem come out! So, make we use all our mind and power help dem come out to show sey we dey do like our brothers and sisters for World War I!

^ [1] (paragraph 14) The 70 years wey the Jews be slave for Babylon use many ways take be like wetin happen to Christians after people start to teach lie lie for church. But, that one no mean sey Bible use wetin happen to the Jews show wetin go happen to Christians. For example, the number of years wey the Jews and Christians take be slave different. So, make we no try to dey think how two of dem take be the same. No be everything wey happen to the Jews for Babylon match wetin happen to anointed Christians before 1919.