Jump go wetin dey inside

Jump go wetin dey inside this book

Jehovah Witness People

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This magazine carry the topic wey we go study from December26, 2016 go reach January 29, 2017.

Word Wey Get Better Meaning!

How Jesus take talk to some women wey show sey e get respect well well?

‘Continue to Dey Tell Each Other Better Word Everyday.’

Why we need better word wey go make us strong? Wetin we fit learn from the way Jehovah, Jesus, and Paul take make people strong? And how we go take talk wetin go make people strong?

Jehovah Dey Arrange Im People as Bible Talk

Na Jehovah be the person wey dey arrange things pass anybody. You no think sey people wey dey worship am suppose dey do things well?

You Value Bible Well Well?

If God people follow the advice wey dey Bible and use all their mind support Jehovah organization, dem dey get better gain.

‘The Work Big No Be Small’

E dey your hand to support am.

Una Comot From Darkness

How God people take enter darkness after Jesus apostles time? How dem take start to get hope and when?

Dem Comot Hand From Fake Religion

Which time God people take comot hand from fake religion finish?

‘Publishers for Britain—Make Una Wake Up!!’

The number of publishers never go up well since ten years! Wetin come finally change things?