‘No fear, get strong mind, and do the work. No worry or shake because Jehovah, dey with you.’​—1 CHRON. 28:20.

SONG: 60, 29

1, 2. (a) Which special work Jehovah give Solomon? (b) Why David dey worry whether Solomon go fit do the work?

JEHOVAH give Solomon one special work. E want make Solomon direct how dem go take build temple for Jerusalem. The temple ‘go big and fine well well, so that people for everywhere go see sey e fine and dem go talk about am.’ This one no be small work at all, because this temple go really big! Another thing be sey, when dem build am finish, e go be Jehovah house. Na this kind big work Jehovah give Solomon.​—1 Chron. 22:1, 5, 9-11.

2 King David dey sure sey Jehovah go support Solomon for this work. But e come dey worry because Solomon ‘still young and e never do this kind work before.’ Solomon go get the mind to build the temple? As e never do this work before, e go fit do am? To fit do this work, Solomon need to get strong mind.

3. Wetin Solomon learn from im papa about how to get strong mind?

3 Solomon go don learn how to get strong mind from David, im papa. When David be young man, e kill lion and bear wey come carry im papa sheep. (1 Sam. 17:34, 35) David still show  sey e get strong mind, when e fight Goliath. Goliath na strong soldier wey be giant, but Jehovah help David use stone kill am.​—1 Sam. 17:45, 49, 50.

4. Why Solomon need to get strong mind?

4 So, na person like David fit tell Solomon sey make e no fear, but make e get strong mind and build the temple! (Read 1 Chronicles 28:20.) If Solomon no get strong mind, fear fit make am no do this work. And that one go bad well well.

5. Why we need to get strong mind?

5 Today, Jehovah don give us work. So we need strong mind like Solomon to fit do the work. Na im make for this topic, we go learn about people for Bible wey show sey dem get strong mind. When we think about their example, e go help us get strong mind and do our work.


6. Wetin you like about how Joseph take show strong mind?

6 Joseph get strong mind. When Potiphar wife want make e sleep with am, Joseph no gree. Even when e know sey this one fit cause problem for am, e no do wetin the woman want. E show sey e get strong mind, e no waste time, e run comot.​—Gen. 39:10, 12.

7. How Rahab take show sey e get strong mind? (Check the first picture.)

7 Another person wey show sey e get strong mind na Rahab. When Israel people send two men to go check how Jericho be, Rahab hide dem for im house. E no fear or send dem comot. E trust Jehovah. After, e still show dem how dem go take escape. (Josh. 2:4, 5, 9, 12-16) Rahab believe sey na Jehovah be the true God. E dey sure sey Jehovah go help Israel people win Jericho. E no fear Jericho King, im soldiers or any other person. Instead, e do wetin save im life and im family own.​—Josh. 6:22, 23.

8. How Jesus example take help im apostles?

8 Jesus apostles show sey dem get strong mind. When Jesus dey with dem, e do things wey show sey e get strong mind. (Matt. 8:28-32; John 2:13-17; 18:3-5) Jesus example really help dem. This one make dem no stop to preach about Jesus, when the Sadducees sey make dem stop.​—Acts 5:17, 18, 27-29.

9. How 2 Timothy 1:7 take help us know who dey give us strong mind?

9 Joseph, Rahab, Jesus, and im apostles show sey dem get strong mind. That one make dem do good things. E no mean sey dem do oversabi. But dem trust Jehovah to help dem. Like dem, many things fit make us fear as we dey serve Jehovah. Make we trust Jehovah. Make we no feel sey we fit handle things by ourself. (Read 2 Timothy 1:7.) We go talk about two area for life, wey we need to get strong mind. (1) For our family and (2) for congregation.


10. Why young people wey dey serve Jehovah need strong mind?

10 Young people wey dey serve Jehovah need to get strong mind. Why? Because many things for life fit shake their faith. Make dem copy Solomon example. Solomon get strong mind, and e do things wey help am finish the work wey Jehovah give am. E good make young people follow the better advice wey their papa and mama dey give dem. But make dem know sey na their hand e dey to choose how dem go live their life. (Prov. 27:11) Dem go need to show sey dem get strong mind when dem dey choose who go be their friend,  the kind film wey dem go watch, music wey dem go listen to, or book wey dem go read. Na this same strong mind go help dem comot hand for things wey Jehovah hate, and dem go come baptize. Dem need strong mind because Satan no want make dem do things wey go make Jehovah happy.

11, 12. (a) How Moses take show sey e get strong mind? (b) How young people fit do like Moses?

11 Many young people dey worry about wetin dem go use their life do. For some country, dem dey push young people to go university. Many people feel sey this one go help young people get better work wey go give dem big money. But for other country, condition hard well well. So, young people wey dey there, dey feel sey dem must work to help their family. If you dey live for any of this country, Moses example fit help you. Moses grow for Pharaoh house. That one for don make am put mind for money and to make big name. Pharaoh family, Moses teacher, and even other people for Egypt fit dey push am to enjoy life. But Moses show sey e get strong mind, e stand for Jehovah side. After Moses comot for Egypt, e use all im life serve Jehovah. (Heb. 11:24-26) The things wey e do make Jehovah bless am, and Jehovah go still bless am for front.

12 As Jehovah take bless Moses, na so e go take bless young people wey do wetin e want first for their life. E go help dem to fit take care of their family. Another young person wey use im life serve God na Timothy. You fit still copy im example. *​—Read Philippians 2:19-22.

You ready to show sey you get strong mind for anything wey you dey do? (Check paragraph 13-17)

13. How strong mind take help one sister do Jehovah work?

13 One sister for Alabama, U.S.A., use im life do Jehovah work. Wetin help am? Na strong mind. E talk sey: “I dey shame well well when I small. I no dey fit talk to people for Kingdom Hall. E even worse especially when I dey with people wey I no know at all.” But as time dey go, im papa and mama and other people for congregation help am. E come be regular pioneer. E sey: “For this world, na to go university, make money, make name, and get plenty property, people dey put as the main thing for their life. The truth be sey, many people no fit get this things, and that one dey cause pain and stress. But to serve Jehovah no be like that at all! My mind dey sweet me like sey I don get everything!”

14. Give example of how Papa and mama go fit show sey dem get strong mind?

14 Papa and mama wey dey serve Jehovah still need to get strong mind. For example, your oga for work fit dey ask you to do overtime for evening or weekend. And this one fit be the time wey una suppose use do family worship, go preaching, or even go meeting for Kingdom Hall. Wetin you go do? You go get the mind to tell your oga sey you no fit come? If you get strong mind for this matter, you dey show your children better example. Or what if some papa and mama for your congregation, dey allow their children do things wey you no want make your children do. If dem ask you why you no want make your children do am, you go sofri tell dem, or you go fear to talk? Papa and mama, make una show sey una get strong mind.

15. How Psalm 37:25 and Hebrews 13:5 fit help papa and mama?

15 We dey show sey we get strong mind, when we help our children choose wetin  go help dem serve Jehovah well. For example, some papa and mama fit dey fear to tell their children make dem pioneer, preach for where publisher no too many, work for Bethel, or join build Kingdom Hall and Assembly Hall. Dem fit dey worry sey if dem old, their pikin no go fit take care of dem. But papa and mama wey get sense, go show sey dem get strong mind for this matter. Dem go use all their mind believe wetin Jehovah don promise. (Read Psalm 37:25; Hebrews 13:5.) Another way to show sey you really believe wetin Jehovah talk and you get strong mind, na to help your pikin serve Jehovah like you.​—1 Sam. 1:27, 28; 2 Tim. 3:14, 15.

16. How some papa and mama don take help their children put mind for things wey concern God, and wetin dem don gain?

16 One husband and wife for United States help their children serve Jehovah. The husband talk sey: “Before our children start to waka and talk, we dey tell dem about the gain wey person wey dey pioneer or dey help congregation, dey gain. Now, na wetin dem want use their life do be that. Because our children don choose to serve Jehovah, na that one dem dey think about, no be things for this world.” One brother wey get two children talk sey: “Many papa and mama dey use everything wey dem get take support their children for things like sports and school matter. So, e make sense to use all our mind support our children for things wey go make dem hold Jehovah tight. We really dey happy because now our children dey serve Jehovah, and e don bless dem well well. And the blessing self don reach us.” Make una get am for mind sey Jehovah go bless anything wey una do to help una children serve am.


17. Give example of how person fit show sey e get strong mind for congregation?

17 We need to show sey we get strong mind even for congregation. For example, when elders dey handle matter about serious sin, or dem want help person wey dey hospital and im life dey danger, dem need  strong mind. Some elders dey go preach and study Bible with people for prison. What of single sisters? Many things dey wey dem fit do to support Jehovah work. Dem fit pioneer, go preach for where publishers no too many, work with Local Design/Construction group, and go School for Kingdom Evangelizers. Some dey even go Gilead School.

18. How mature sisters fit show sey dem get strong mind?

18 Mature sisters for congregation na real blessing! We love dem no be small! Some fit no get the power to do the kind work wey dem dey do before for Jehovah. But dem still dey show sey dem get strong mind and dey do wetin dem fit do. (Read Titus 2:3-5.) For example, elders fit tell mature sister to talk to young sister about how e dey dress. To fit do the work well, the mature sister need to show sey e get strong mind. E no go quarrel with the sister, but e go help am see sey how e dey dress dey disturb other people. (1 Tim. 2:9, 10) When mature sisters use love and better mind give advice, e fit help young sisters for congregation.

19. (a) How brothers wey don baptize fit show sey dem get strong mind? (b) How Philippians 2:13 and 4:13 fit help brothers get mind?

19 Brothers wey don baptize, need to show sey dem get strong mind. This one go help dem fit do the work wey Jehovah don give dem. Congregation dey really enjoy because this brothers ready to work. (1 Tim. 3:1) But, some fit no want do any work for congregation. For example, brother wey don make mistake before, fit dey think sey e no reach to be elder or ministerial. Another brother fit dey feel sey e no go fit do the work. If you dey feel like that, remember sey Jehovah fit help you. (Read Philippians 2:13; 4:13.) When Jehovah give Moses work, Moses feel sey e no go fit do am. (Ex. 3:11) But Jehovah help am get strong mind and e come do the work. To fit get strong mind like Moses, brother wey don baptize go pray make Jehovah help am. E go still dey read Bible everyday, and dey think about other people wey Jehovah don help to get strong mind. E fit ask elders to train am, and e go ready to do any work wey dem give am. Brothers wey don baptize, abeg, make una get strong mind and put body for any work wey Jehovah give una!


20, 21. (a) Wetin David tell Solomon? (b) Wetin we dey sure of?

20 King David let Solomon know sey Jehovah no go ever leave am. Jehovah go help am complete the work. (1 Chron. 28:20) Solomon put mind for wetin David talk and e do the work. Even though sey e still young and e never do that kind work before, Jehovah help am. Solomon really show sey e get strong mind, e finish the work. Na seven and half years e take build the temple finish.

21 As Jehovah take help Solomon, e fit still help us. E go give us strong mind so that we go fit do our work well, whether for family or for congregation. (Isa. 41:10, 13) If we show sey we get strong mind as we dey serve Jehovah, we dey sure sey e go bless us now, and still bless us for front. So, make you ‘no fear, get strong mind and do the work.’

^ par. 12 You fit see different different way to use your live serve God, if you check the topic “Use Spiritual Goals to Glorify Your Creator,” wey dey July 15, 2004 Watchtower.