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Watchtower (The One Wey We Dey Study)  |  September 2017

Learn How to Control Yourself

Learn How to Control Yourself

‘The fruit wey the spirit dey bear na self-control.’​—GAL. 5:22, 23.

SONG: 83, 52

1, 2. (a) If person no dey control imself, which problem e fit cause? (b) Why e good make we talk about this matter?

JEHOVAH fit help us learn how to control ourself. (Gal. 5:22, 23) Na only Jehovah fit control imself finish. But e dey hard us to control ourself because sin dey our body. Many people dey get problem today because dem no dey fit control theirself. For example, dem go talk sey dem go do something, but to do am na wahala. Dem no go dey do well for school or work. E fit make dem dey curse anyhow, dey drink anyhow, dey cause katakata, and e fit scatter their marriage. E fit still make person dey borrow borrow, bad thing fit master am, e fit land for prison, and im mind fit no settle. This kind thing fit make person carry bad sickness because e dey sleep with people anyhow, and e fit carry belle. E still dey cause many other problem.​—Ps. 34:11-14.

2 People wey no dey fit control theirself dey cause wahala for theirself and other people. This problem dey worse everyday. Some people look this matter well well around 1940. And dem come see sey many people no dey control theirself that time. People wey check am now talk sey e don worse pass before. E no surprise us, because Bible talk sey ‘for last days’ people ‘no go fit control theirself.’​—2 Tim. 3:1-3.

3. Why e good make we dey control ourself?

 3 Why e good make we dey control ourself? Make we see two reason. (1) If we dey control ourself, we no go too get problem like other people. E no go hard us to make better friend. We no go dey vex or let things worry us for mind like other people. (2) E go help us stand when something dey push us to do bad. This one go make us continue to be God friend. Na wetin Adam and Eve no do be that. (Gen. 3:6) We dey see the kind problem wey people dey cause for theirself because dem no dey control theirself.

4. If e dey hard person to control imself sometimes, wetin fit help am?

4 We no fit control ourself finish because we get sin for body. Jehovah know sey e no easy for us and e ready to help us fit control ourself. (1 Ki. 8:46-50) Jehovah na our Friend and e love us. E dey help people wey ready to serve am, even if e dey hard dem to control theirself sometimes. We go see how Jehovah take show us better example. We go talk about some people for Bible wey control theirself and some wey no control theirself. We go still talk about things wey go help us fit dey control ourself.


5, 6. How Jehovah take show sey e dey control imself?

5 Jehovah dey control imself well well. Coma no dey anything wey e dey do. (Deut. 32:4) Jehovah example go fit help us know how to control ourself even as we get sin for body. How Jehovah take show sey e dey control imself?

6 Wetin Satan do for garden of Eden show sey e no respect Jehovah. Other angel wey no leave Jehovah see wetin happen. This thing wey Satan do fit surprise dem and make dem vex. You fit even dey vex when you think about all the wahala wey e don cause. But wetin Jehovah do? Jehovah no follow the matter as e take vex am. Wetin e do correct. Jehovah dey patient and e dey sofri wait. (Ex. 34:6; Job 2:2-6) Wetin make am still dey wait? Na because e no want destroy anybody ‘but e want make everybody repent.’​—2 Pet. 3:9.

7. Wetin we learn from Jehovah example?

7 Jehovah example teach us sey make we no dey carry talk. E good make we think well before we do or talk something. No hurry choose wetin you want do. Sitdown think the matter so that you go fit choose well. Pray make Jehovah give you sense. This one go help you fit control your mouth and do things well. (Ps. 141:3) If we do something when we still dey vex, we fit talk or do wetin we go later regret. Many of us don fall for this trap before! The truth be sey, if we scratch our body as e take scratch us, e go peel.​—Prov. 14:29; 15:28; 19:2.


8. (a) Where we fit see better example of people wey control theirself? (b) Wetin help Joseph when im oga wife want sleep with am? (Go check the first picture.)

8 Better example of people wey control theirself dey Bible. You fit think of anyone? Joseph na one of dem. Joseph control imself when e dey work for Potiphar. Na Potiphar be the oga of people wey dey guide Pharaoh. Joseph fine no be small! Potiphar wife come dey eye am. E try to make Joseph sleep with am. But Joseph no gree. Why? Joseph think about wetin  go happen if e do am. When Joseph see sey water don dey pass garri, e borrow leg run comot. Joseph sey: ‘How I go do this kind bad thing wey be sin for God eye?’​—Gen. 39:6, 9; read Proverbs 1:10.

9. Wetin go help you do wetin Jehovah like even when e hard?

9 Wetin we learn from Joseph example? We learn sey make we no allow anything make us do wetin Jehovah no like. Before some people start to serve Jehovah, dem first dey do wetin no good. Some of dem dey chop too much before. Some first dey drink like sey tomorrow no dey, dey put hand for sex matter wey no clean for God eye and dey do other bad things. Something fit make dem put hand for wetin dem don stop before. If this kind thing happen to you, remember sey wetin you do fit make you and Jehovah no be friend. If you get this one for mind, you go fit do wetin Jehovah like even when e hard. Know things wey fit make am hard for you to do good thing. Before the bad thing come, tell yourself wetin you go do so that you no go fall put. (Ps. 26:4, 5; Prov. 22:3) Beg Jehovah to give you sense and help you fit control yourself when this kind thing happen.

10, 11. (a) Wetin many young people dey face for school? (b) Wetin go help young people no fall for this trap?

10 Today, many young people dey face the kind problem wey Joseph face. E get one girl, im name na Kim. Many of im classmate get people wey dem dey sleep with. Mouth no dey heavy dem to talk am come out for school. Dem dey even use am make mouth. But Kim no dey live that kind life. Na only im dey different and sometimes e dey feel sey people no like am. E sey people for school dey look am like mumu because e no get boyfriend. E know sey this na bad thing wey dey hungry many young people to do. Kim show sey e get sense as e no join dem. (2 Tim. 2:22) Many people for im school dey ask am whether e don sabi man. Kim dey use this chance tell dem why e no want do that kind thing. Young people wey dey do like Kim​—we give una hand! Una dey make we and Jehovah happy!

11 Bible tell us about people wey no control theirself for sex matter. E still tell us the bad thing wey come out of am. Wetin fit help you if you dey face this kind problem like Kim? Think about wetin Proverbs chapter 7 talk about one man wey no get sense. Still think about wetin happen to Amnon because of wetin e do. (2 Sam. 13:1, 2, 10-15, 28-32) Papa and mama fit help their children get sense and know how to control theirself. Dem fit help their children know wetin dem go do about boyfriend and girlfriend matter. Dem fit talk about the matter for family worship and use the Bible verse wey dey this paragraph.

12. (a) How Joseph take control imself when e dey with im brothers? (b) When we need to control ourself?

12 Joseph still show us another better example of how to control ourself. When im brothers come buy food for Egypt, e no tell dem who e be. Why? Because e want really know if dem don change. When e see sey e no fit hold imself again for where dem dey, e go corner go cry. (Gen. 43:30, 31; 45:1) If brother or sister for congregation do wetin vex you, make you control yourself like Joseph. This one go help you so that you no go do  wetin you go later regret. (Prov. 16:32; 17:27) What if dem disfellowship person for your family? You still need to control yourself, so that you no go dey do things with dem like before. Na true sey e no easy to do. But we go happy when we see sey we dey do wetin Jehovah talk and dey follow im example.

13. Wetin we learn from David example?

13 King David na another example of person wey control imself. When e get chance to kill Saul wey want kill am, e control imself. And when Shimei dey curse David, e no answer am even though sey David na king. (1 Sam. 26:9-11; 2 Sam. 16:5-10) But no be everytime David control imself. Like when e go sleep with Bath-sheba, and wetin e want first do Nabal wey make am vex. (1 Sam. 25:10-13; 2 Sam. 11:2-4) But that one no mean sey we no fit learn anything from David. We fit learn two things from am. (1) Elders need to control theirself so that dem no go use the power wey dem get anyhow. (2) Nobody fit nack hand for chest sey e no fit fall for bad thing. Make we no think sey nothing dey happen.​—1 Cor. 10:12.


14. Wetin happen to one brother, and why e good make we be like am?

14 Wetin go help you control yourself? Make we talk about wetin happen to one brother. Im name na Luigi. One man jam im motor for back. The accident na the man fault. But the man come dey curse Luigi and e ready to fight am. Luigi pray make Jehovah help am control imself. E try to cool the man down, for where! The man no gree. E dey vibrate. Before Luigi comot, e write wetin e go show im insurance company (the company wey go help am repair the motor). After one week, Luigi come see sey the man na the husband of one woman wey e preach to! E just be like sey make ground open make the man enter. The man tell am make e no vex. E tell Luigi sey e go tell the company wetin happen so that dem go quick repair the motor. The man listen to wetin Luigi talk from Bible and e enjoy am. Luigi happy sey e control imself when the accident happen. How e for be if this brother no control imself?​—Read 2 Corinthians 6:3, 4.

The way we treat or talk to people fit make dem listen to our message or no listen (Check paragraph 14)

15, 16. How Bible study go take help you and your family learn how to dey control unaself?

15 Another thing wey go help us control ourself na Bible study. Make we dey settle down study Bible everytime. You remember wetin Jehovah tell Joshua? E tell am sey: ‘Make this Law no comot for your mouth. Make you dey read am day and night and think about wetin you read, so that you go fit put eye for ground do everything wey dem write for inside. Na that one go make your way smooth and na that time you go dey use sense do something.’ (Josh. 1:8) How Bible study go take help you control yourself?

16 Bible get many example wey help us know why e good make we dey control ourself. E still tell us the bad thing wey go happen if we no control ourself. This things dey for Bible because Jehovah want make we learn from dem. (Rom. 15:4) E good make we dey read dem, study dem and think well about dem! Think about how you and your family fit take do wetin you learn. Beg Jehovah to help you do wetin you dey learn from Bible. If you see sey e dey hard you to control yourself sometimes, do something. Pray  about am and try to do wetin you fit do to change. (Jas. 1:5) Do research, e go make you see other things for our book dem wey fit help you.

17. How papa and mama fit help their children to dey control theirself?

17 Wetin you fit do to help your children learn how to control theirself? Person no dey learn how to control imself from belle. So papa and mama need to teach their children how to do am. The example of their papa and mama go help dem well well. (Eph. 6:4) Your children dey fit control theirself? If e dey hard dem, you no sure sey na your example dey cause am? If you dey go preaching, meeting and do family worship e go really help your children. Your pikin fit tell you sey e need something. No be bad thing to tell am no sometimes. Help your children know wetin dem suppose do and wetin dem no suppose do. For example, Jehovah tell Adam and Eve where dem go do reach. This one suppose help dem know sey Jehovah get the right to tell dem wetin dem go do. So if you dey correct your children and dey show dem good example, e go help dem fit control theirself. Wetin be one of the better thing wey you fit teach your pikin? Na to help dem see sey Jehovah get the right to tell us wetin we go do. And you go still teach dem to do wetin Jehovah talk.​—Read Proverbs 1:5, 7, 8.

18. Why e good make we look the kind person wey we dey make friend with?

18 All of us need to look the kind person wey we dey make friend with. Make friend with people wey go help you do more for Jehovah. No make friend with person wey fit put you for trouble. (Prov. 13:20) You go gain plenty things if you make friend with people wey love Jehovah. Their better example fit help you learn how to dey control yourself. Your friend fit still learn from your fine character. If we dey control ourself, other people go gain from us and we go be Jehovah friend.