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‘Jehovah Word Go Last Forever’

‘Jehovah Word Go Last Forever’

‘Green grass dey dry, flower dey fall, but God word go last forever.’​—ISA. 40:8.

SONG: 116, 115

1, 2. (a) If to sey Bible no dey, how life for be? (b) Wetin fit make the message wey dey Bible touch us?

HOW you think sey your life for be, if to sey Bible no dey? You no go get correct advice wey go help you live better life everyday. You for no know whether God dey, how life take start or anything about your future. And you no go know wetin Jehovah don do to help human being.

2 We happy sey no be so e be. Jehovah don give us Bible wey explain all this things. And e don promise us sey the message wey dey Bible go last forever. When apostle Peter dey write, e talk wetin dey Isaiah 40:8. Even if that verse no dey talk about the Bible wey we know today, wetin e talk still concern the message wey dey Bible. (Read 1 Peter 1:24, 25.) When we read Bible wey dem translate for language wey we sabi, e dey touch us. People wey love God well well know that one. Na im make for many years, some of this people try translate and share Bible even though sey e no easy for dem. Wetin dem do agree with wetin Jehovah want. Yes, Jehovah want make different kind of people know the truth about am.​—1 Tim. 2:3, 4.

3. Wetin we go learn for this topic? (Go check the first picture)

 3 For this topic, we go learn how Bible take survive reach our time even when (1) language change, (2) different government rule, and (3) people try stop Bible translation. Wetin we go learn go make the love wey we get for Jehovah and for Bible strong more more.​—Mic. 4:2; Rom. 15:4.


4. (a) As time dey go, how language take change? (b) Wetin make us know sey God no dey do partial for any language, and how that one make you feel?

4 As time dey go, language dey change. Many things wey we dey talk before fit come mean another thing. You fit think of some things wey don change for your language? Na so e still be for Hebrew and Greek language wey dem take write many part for Bible. The Hebrew and Greek wey dem take write Bible different from the one wey people dey speak now. Na im make, anybody wey want understand Bible must read the one wey dem translate. Some people dey think sey e go good to learn the Hebrew and Greek wey dem take write Bible. Why? So that dem go fit read and understand Bible for the original language. But that one fit no help dem. * E sweet us well well sey dem don translate the whole Bible, or part of am for almost 3,000 language. E clear sey Jehovah really want make people wey dey speak different different language know wetin dey Bible. (Read Revelation 14:6, footnote.) This one show sey Jehovah love us, and e no dey do partial. You no go like to serve this kind God?​—Acts 10:34.

5. Wetin make King James Version popular?

5 As language dey change, na so the different language wey dem take translate Bible, still dey change. Bible wey people understand well well when dem first translate am, fit no be like that again as time dey go. King James Version na one example of this kind Bible. Na the year 1611 dem first translate am, and na one of the English Bible wey people know pass that time. People come even dey use some things wey dem write for the Bible, when dem dey speak English. * Dem no too write God name for King James Version. Na only for some verse dem write am. For many place for the Hebrew part of Bible, where God name suppose dey, na “LORD” wey dem write for capital letter dem take replace am. For the ones wey dem later print, dem still use “LORD” for some verse for the Greek part of Bible. At least, this one show sey King James Version gree sey God name dey the part wey people dey call New Testament.

6. Why e suppose sweet us sey we get New World Translation?

6 As time dey go, people no come dey understand the English wey dem use translate King James Version. And na so e still be for other language Bible. But New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures no be like that. Dem use simple English wey people dey speak today  write am. E no sweet you sey we get this kind Bible? This Bible dey for language wey pass 150. This one mean sey many people get part of this Bible or the complete one for their language. Because of the simple language wey dem use, God message dey quick touch person mind. (Ps. 119:97) But one thing wey make New World Translation different from other Bible be sey, dem write God name for everywhere wey e suppose dey.


7, 8. (a) Why many Jews no come dey understand Bible wey dem write for Hebrew language? (b) Wetin be Greek Septuagint?

7 Sometimes when new government come, the language wey people dey speak fit change. But wetin Jehovah don do so that people go still dey understand Bible? Make we see one example. Na the Jews God first give im message. (Rom. 3:1, 2) And na dem write the first 39 book wey dey Bible for Hebrew and Aramaic language. But, around three hundred years before Jesus time, many of dem no come dey understand Hebrew language again. Why? Na because Alexander the Great wey come from Greece, win many country for war that time. So, e come dey control the whole world. (Dan. 8:5-7, 20, 21) Many of this country wey e win come begin speak Greek language. Na so e still be for many Jews wey dey live for those country. As dem dey speak Greek language, e come hard dem to understand Bible wey dem use Hebrew language write. Wetin dem come do?

8 Around 250 years before dem born Jesus, dem translate the first five Bible book wey dey Hebrew language, go Greek language. After, dem come translate the rest. This Bible book wey dem translate go Greek language, na im people come dey call Greek Septuagint. And na the first time wey dem translate the whole Hebrew part for Bible go Greek be that.

9. (a) How Septuagint and other Bible wey dem translate that time take help people? (b) Which place dey sweet you pass to read for Bible?

9 Because of the Septuagint, Jews wey dey speak Greek and other people come fit read Bible. E go don sweet dem well well as dem dey hear or read Bible for their own language! At last, dem come begin translate Bible go other language like Syriac, Gothic, and Latin. As people start to read Bible for language wey dem understand, dem come get place for Bible wey dey sweet dem to read. Na so e still be for many of us today. (Read Psalm 119:162-165.) True true, Bible don survive reach our time, even when the language wey many people sabi change.


10. Why many people for John Wycliffe time no get Bible?

10 Sometimes, church leaders and government don try make people no read Bible. But some people wey love God no gree. For example, around 600 years ago, e get one man wey dey stay for England, e believe sey everybody suppose get Bible. Im name na John Wycliffe. But for im time, many people for England no get Bible. That time, Bible cost well well because na hand people take  dey write am. Another thing be sey, many people no sabi read. Dem fit don hear as dem dey read Bible when dem go church. But many of dem no dey understand wetin dem dey hear. This one na because the Bible wey dem dey use for church that time (the Vulgate), na Latin dem use write am. And Latin don be language wey many people no understand again! So, wetin Jehovah do make people fit understand wetin dey Bible?​—Prov. 2:1-5.

John Wycliffe and people wey follow am want make Bible reach everybody hand. E dey your mind like that? (Check paragraph 11)

11. How Wycliffe Bible take help people?

11 For 1382, John Wycliffe and some people translate Bible go English. Many people wey dey follow Wycliffe wey dem dey call Lollards, come dey use the Bible. Dem like Bible well well, and dem want make everybody get am. Dem dey waka from village to village for England dey preach. Dem go read some verse for Wycliffe Bible to people wey dem dey preach to. Dem still dey give people some part of the Bible wey dem use hand write. Dem try well well for this work! E make many people get mind to study God Word again.

12. Wetin church leaders do Wycliffe and people wey dey follow am?

12 Wetin church leaders come do? Dem show Wycliffe and people wey dey follow am pepper. Dem suffer people wey dey follow Wycliffe well well. Dem stilll make sure sey dem destroy any Wycliffe Bible wey dem see. Even after Wycliffe die, the church leaders still call am enemy of the church. We know sey when person die dem no fit suffer or punish am again. But this church leaders still go dig Wycliffe bone come out, burn am, come trowey the ashes for one river wey dem dey call Swift. All this things wey dem do, no stop people wey love Bible. Dem want read and understand am. So, after this time, many people for Europe and other area start to translate and print Bible for language wey many people fit understand.


13. Wetin we dey sure of, and how e take concern our faith?

13 Na God spirit help people write Bible. But that one no mean sey na still  God spirit help people wey translate the Septuagint, Wycliffe Bible, King James Version, or any other translation. The truth be sey, if we check everything wey happen the time wey dem do all this translation, we dey sure sey wetin Jehovah promise don happen. E protect im Word, so that e go last reach our time. This one suppose make us get strong faith sey all the other things wey Jehovah don promise go still happen, no be so?​—Josh. 23:14.

14. How Bible take dey make us love Jehovah more?

14 When we think about how Jehovah take protect Bible so that e go last reach our time, e dey make our faith strong more more. E still dey make us love Jehovah more.  *If Jehovah no love us, e no go give us Bible or even protect am. E want teach us how to live better life. (Read Isaiah 48:17, 18.) So, wetin we suppose do? No be to love Jehovah and do wetin e tell us?​—1 John 4:19; 5:3.

15. Wetin we go talk about for the next topic?

15 We love Bible and we want gain from wetin dey inside. But wetin go help us fit enjoy Bible reading pass as we dey do now? How we fit help people wey we meet for preaching love Bible? How brothers fit dey use Bible well when dem dey teach for Kingdom Hall? We go answer this three question for the next topic.

^ par. 4 Check this topic “Do You Need to Learn Hebrew and Greek?” wey dey November 1, 2009, Watchtower.

^ par. 5 Na from King James Version dem carry some English idiom like: “fell flat on his face,” “the skin of my teeth,” and “pour out your heart.​—Num. 22:31; Job 19:20; Ps. 62:8.

^ par. 14 Check wetin dey the box “ Come See Am By Yourself!