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‘God Word Get Power’

‘God Word Get Power’

‘God word dey alive and e get power.’​—HEB. 4:12.

SONG: 114, 113

1. Why you dey sure sey God Word get power? (Check the first picture.)

AS Jehovah people, we dey sure sey Bible wey be God word really ‘dey alive and e get power.’ (Heb. 4:12) Many of us don see how Bible take change our life and other people own. Before, some of our brothers and sisters dey thief, take igbo and put hand for sex wey no clean for God eye. Some get money and people sabi dem well well, but dem still feel am sey something dey miss for their life. (Eccl. 2:3-11) Many example don show sey even people wey no get hope for life before, don get hope because Bible don change their life. You fit don read one of this people story for the topic “The Bible Changes Lives,” wey dey our Watchtower. Even when person don dey serve Jehovah, e go still dey let Bible dey change im life.

2. How God Word take help people for apostle Paul time?

2 When people start to study Bible, their life dey change. This one no dey surprise us at all! Na so e still be for apostle Paul time. People wey God choose to rule with Jesus that time, dey do bad things before. (Read 1 Corinthians 6:9-11.)  Na im make after e don talk about the kind people wey no go enter God Kingdom, e remind dem sey na so some of dem be before. But now God spirit and im Word don help dem change. Even after some of dem don learn the truth wey dey Bible, dem still make serious mistake. For example, Bible talk about one of dem wey dem disfellowship. But after, e repent, and e come back. (1 Cor. 5:1-5; 2 Cor. 2:5-8) You no dey happy sey Bible don help many brothers and sisters to fit change their life?

3. Wetin we go learn for this topic?

3 Bible get power no be small! We happy sey Jehovah don give us Bible. So e good make we use am well. (2 Tim. 2:15) For this topic, we go learn how we fit use the power wey Bible get for (1) our life, (2) for preaching, and (3) when we dey teach for Kingdom Hall. Wetin we go learn go help us show Jehovah sey we love am, and we dey thank am because e want make we live better life.​—Isa. 48:17.


4. (a) For God Word to fit change our life, wetin we need to do? (b) How you take dey make chance to read Bible?

4 For Bible to fit change our life, we must read am everytime. Make we dey try read am everyday. (Josh. 1:8) Na true sey many of us must work to feed ourself and our family, and we fit still get other work wey we dey do for congregation. But no matter wetin e be, make we no let anything stop us to read Bible. (Read Ephesians 5:15, 16.) Many of our brothers and sisters don choose time wey go favor dem to fit read Bible everyday. Some dey do am for morning or afternoon or even for night. All of us agree with wetin the person wey write Psalms 119 talk when e sey: ‘I love your law well well! I dey think about am everyday.’​—Ps. 119:97.

5, 6. (a) Why e good to think about wetin we dey read for Bible? (b) How we fit let wetin we read enter our mind? (c) Wetin you don gain as you dey read Bible and dey think about am?

5 The truth be sey, no be only to just read Bible go help us. But we must think about wetin we read. (Ps. 1:1-3) Na that time wetin we read go enter our mind and make us do wetin we learn. So, whether na Bible wey dem print we dey read, or the one wey dey our phone, make we let am enter our mind.

6 But how we fit let wetin we read enter our mind? After we don read some verse for Bible, make we stop small, think about am, and ask ourself sey: ‘Wetin this place dey teach me about  Jehovah? I dey do wetin this place talk? How I take dey do am? Which part of my life I need to change? If we dey pray and think about wetin we read, e go move us to change anything for our life wey we no dey do well. Na that time we go come see sey, true true, Bible get power to fit change our life!​—2 Cor. 10:4, 5.


7. Wetin go help us use Bible well when we dey preach?

7 E good to dey use Bible when we dey preach. But wetin go help us use am well? One thing na to dey use am everytime, whether for house to house, return visit or Bible study. See wetin one brother talk about the matter. E sey: “If you dey preach from house to house with Jehovah, na you go just dey talk or you go let Jehovah talk?” Wetin e mean be sey: When we read Bible to person wey we dey preach to, we dey let Jehovah talk to the person. Bible verse wey match our preaching go touch the person pass anything wey we talk. (1 Thess. 2:13) Ask yourself, ‘When I dey preach, I dey try make I fit read Bible for who I dey preach to?’

8. Why we no go only read Bible when we dey preach?

8 If we want make Bible touch the mind of people wey we dey preach to, we no go only read am. This na because many people no understand Bible. Na so e be for the apostles time, and na so e still be today. (Rom. 10:2) So, make we no think sey, once we read Bible, the person don understand am. E good make we ask am question about wetin the place talk, repeat the main word wey dey the verse and explain wetin e mean. If we do am like this, e go make the  message wey dey Bible, touch the person mind.​—Read Luke 24:32.

9. If we want make people listen to our message, wetin we go do? Give example.

9 Before we read Bible for person, e good to tell am wetin go make am put mind for wetin we want read. For example, we fit talk sey, “Make we see wetin God talk about this matter.” If we dey talk to person wey no be Christian, we fit talk sey, “See wetin the Holy Book talk.” If na person wey no too dey worry imself about religion matter, we fit ask am sey, “You don hear this proverb before?” Make we no forget sey everybody get as dem take train dem and wetin dem believe. So make we choose wetin go make people listen to the message.​—1 Cor. 9:22, 23.

10. (a) Wetin happen when one brother go return visit? (b) This kind thing don happen to you before? Tell us.

10 Many of us don see how Bible take dey touch people wey we dey preach to. For example, when one brother dey return visit, e visit one old man wey don dey read our magazine for many years. The brother no just give am the new Watchtower, but e read one verse wey dey the magazine for the man. The place wey e read na 2 Corinthians 1:3, 4, wey talk sey: ‘The Father wey dey pity person well well and the God wey dey make our mind come down, dey help us anytime wey we dey for wahala.’ The place touch the man sotey e sey make the brother read am again. The man come tell the brother sey im and im wife really need wetin go make their mind come down. This one come make am want learn more about Bible. This one no show sey Bible really get power?​—Acts 19:20.


11. Which work Jehovah don give brothers wey dey teach us?

11 E dey always sweet us to go meeting for Kingdom Hall, assembly, or convention. We dey go because we want worship Jehovah. And we still dey gain from wetin we dey learn for there. Brothers wey dey give talk for all this meeting no dey take am play. But make dem know sey na big work Jehovah put for their hand. (Jas. 3:1) Dem must make sure sey wetin dem dey teach come from Bible. When you get talk for meeting, assembly, or convention, you dey let the power wey Bible get touch people mind?

12. Wetin go help brothers wey dey give talk to fit use Bible well for their talk?

12 Make sure sey you use Bible well well for your talk. (John 7:16) How you go take do am? One thing be sey, no talk story or example wey go make people mind comot for the Bible wey you read. And no give the talk to make people praise you. No forget sey to read Bible for person different from to teach am wetin Bible talk. The truth be sey, if the verse wey you read too many, people go quick forget am. So choose the verse wey go bring out the main point. Read am well, explain am, use example, and show the people how dem fit use wetin dey the verse for their life. (Neh. 8:8) If your talk get outline, abeg study the outline well. Still check the different Bible verse wey dey inside. Think about how each line take match with the Bible verse wey dem write. Then, make you choose the verse wey go bring out the main point for the outline. (Benefit  From Theocratic Ministry School Education study 21 to 23, fit help you for this matter.) Wetin go help you pass na to beg Jehovah make e give you better sense so that you go fit teach wetin dey im Word.​—Read Ezra 7:10; Proverbs 3:13, 14.

13. (a) How Bible verse wey dem read for meeting take change one sister mind? (b) You don gain from the way dem take use Bible verse for meeting before, how?

13 One sister for Australia suffer many things when e small. Later, e come know Jehovah and start to serve am. But even with this one, e no really believe sey Jehovah love am. As time dey go, e come change im mind. Wetin help am? Na one Bible verse wey dem read for meeting. E think about the verse and e come even see other verse wey connect with am. * This verse really touch this sister, and e make am see sey true true, Jehovah love am no be small! Bible verse wey dem read for meeting, assembly, or convention don touch you like this before?​—Neh. 8:12.

14. How we fit show sey we value Bible?

14 We happy well well sey Jehovah don give us Bible. E give us Bible because e love us. E don still make sure sey Bible survive reach our time. True true, im Word go last forever. Na wetin e promise us and e don do am. (1 Pet. 1:24, 25) E good make we dey read Bible everytime. Make we let Bible dey direct our life, and make we use am help other people. This one go show sey we value this better gift well well. E go still show sey the person wey we value pass na Jehovah, wey give us this gift.

^ par. 13 Check wetin dey the box “ How I Change My Mind.”