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Dey Pity for People Like Jehovah

Dey Pity for People Like Jehovah

‘Jehovah, Jehovah, God wey dey pity person.’​—EX. 34:6.

SONG: 142, 12

1. How Jehovah take tell Moses who e be and why e good make we talk about am?

ONE day Jehovah help Moses know who e be. E tell Moses im name and different different character wey e get. Jehovah first talk about how e take dey pity for people. (Read Exodus 34:5-7.) If to sey Jehovah want first tell Moses the kind power or sense wey e get, e for tell am. But Jehovah know wetin Moses need. Moses want dey sure sey Jehovah go help am. Na im make wetin Jehovah tell Moses help am know sey e ready to help people wey dey serve am. (Ex. 33:13) You no like am as Jehovah first talk sey e dey pity people? For this topic, we go talk more about this better character.

2, 3. (a) Wetin show sey Jehovah make us to dey pity for people? (b) Why e good make we dey pity for people and help dem?

2 Jehovah make human being to fit copy the fine fine character wey e get. So Jehovah make all of us to dey pity for people. Even people wey no dey serve Jehovah get this kind mind. (Gen. 1:27) Bible tell us different example of people wey pity for other people and help dem. For example, e get wetin happen when Solomon dey rule. Two women come dey drag one  small pikin. So how Solomon take know who really get the pikin? Solomon come talk sey make dem kill the pikin and divide am for dem. When the real mama hear wetin Solomon talk, e pity for im pikin. E no want make dem kill am. So e tell Solomon sey make e give the pikin to the other woman. (1 Ki. 3:23-27) You remember how Pharaoh daughter take save Moses when e small? E know sey Pharaoh want make dem kill any boy wey Hebrew woman born. But Bible tell us sey ‘e pity’ for the pikin and e train am like im own.​—Ex. 2:5, 6.

3 Why e good make we talk about how to dey pity people? Na because Bible tell us sey make we dey do like Jehovah. (Eph. 5:1) Na true sey Jehovah make us to dey pity for people and help dem. But e dey hard us sometimes because we get sin for body. Sometimes, e dey hard us to choose whether we go help other people or put eye for only wetin we want. Wetin fit help us? Make we first see how Jehovah take show sey e dey pity people. We go still talk about how other people don take get this character. After that one, we go see how we go take copy Jehovah example and wetin we go gain if we do am.


4. (a) Wetin make Jehovah send some angel go Sodom? (b) Wetin Lot story teach us?

4 Many times, Bible show sey Jehovah dey pity for people. Think about wetin Jehovah do for Lot. Bible tell us sey the bad things wey people dey do for Sodom and Gomorrah ‘disturb’ Lot well well for mind. The truth be sey, this people no ready to change at all! So Jehovah come talk sey e go destroy dem. (2 Pet. 2:7, 8) God send im angel to go save Lot. The angel tell Lot and im family make dem run comot from that place. But ‘when Lot come dey waste time, Jehovah pity for am. The men come hold im hand, im wife hand and im two daughter hand.’ Dem come carry dem go outside the city. (Gen. 19:16) This one show sey Jehovah really understand wetin Lot dey face. Na so Jehovah still understand wetin we dey face today.​—Isa. 63:7-9; Jas. 5:11, ftn.; 2 Pet. 2:9.

5. How Bible take show us sey e good to dey pity for people?

5 Jehovah don show sey e dey pity for people. But no be only that one. E still teach im people how to show this better character. We see am for one of the law wey e give Israel people. If person borrow money, the person wey e borrow money from fit collect im cloth to show sey e go pay am back. (Read Exodus 22:26, 27.) Person wey no dey pity person fit no return the cloth. This one fit make the other person no see cloth wey e go take cover imself for night. But Jehovah tell im people sey make dem no do like that. Jehovah want make Israel people dey feel for each other. Wetin we learn from this law? We learn sey make we do wetin we fit do to help our brothers or sisters when dem dey wahala.​—Col. 3:12; Jas. 2:15, 16; read 1 John 3:17.

6. Wetin we learn from how Jehovah take pity for im people?

6 Jehovah sorry for Israel people when dem do wetin e no like. Bible show sey Jehovah continue to use im messenger warn dem many times. Why? Because e dey pity for dem. (2 Chron. 36:15) So e good make we self dey pity for people wey never know Jehovah. This kind people fit stop the bad things wey dem dey do before and be God friend. Jehovah no want make anybody die for Armageddon.  (2 Pet. 3:9) So before God destroy bad people, make we no stop to tell dem wetin God go do. E go really show sey God dey pity people.

7, 8. Wetin make one family believe sey na Jehovah help dem?

7 Many people today don see sey Jehovah dey really pity for people. Make we talk about wetin happen to one boy and im family. The boy name na Michael. E dey 12 years when the story happen. Around 1990, different tribe for Bosnia come dey fight and kill theirself. Michael enter motor with im family and other Jehovah Witness people wey dey go convention. The motor dey carry dem from Bosnia go Serbia. Michael papa and mama plan to baptize for the convention. But soldier stop dem when dem reach where dem go cross enter Serbia (border). The soldier tell Michael and im family to come down from the motor because of their tribe. The soldier allow the rest people go where dem dey go. But dem hold Michael and im family for two days before dem ask their oga wetin dem go do dem. The soldier stand for front of Michael and im family when e dey call im oga. The oga tell am sey: “Carry dem go kill!” Everybody hear wetin the oga talk.

8 As the soldiers dey talk, two person wey Michael and im family no know before come meet dem. Dem tell Michael and im family sey dem be Jehovah Witness. Dem sey other people for the motor tell dem wetin happen. The two of dem tell Michael and im brother to enter their motor because dem no dey check children paper. Dem come tell Michael papa and mama make dem pass back of where soldiers dey check people and meet dem for the other side. When Michael hear wetin dem talk, e no know whether make e cry or make e laugh. Michael papa and mama tell the two of dem sey: “You think sey dem go let us comot from here?” But as dem dey waka comot, e just be like sey the soldier no see dem. When dem cross the border, Michael and im family see theirself again. Dem believe sey na Jehovah answer their prayer, when dem think sey their own don finish. All of dem still go the convention. We know from Bible sey Jehovah no dey save all im servant like that. (Acts 7:58-60) But Michael talk sey: “E just be like sey Jehovah angel cover all the soldier eye and save us.”​—Ps. 97:10.

9. Wetin Jesus do when plenty people come meet am? (Go check the first picture.)

9 Jesus still show sey e dey pity for people and e help dem. When e see the people wey come meet am, e pity for dem. Jesus see dem as people wey dem abandon and ‘dem no get who go help dem, like sheep wey no get shepherd.’ Wetin Jesus come do? Bible talk sey: ‘E start to teach dem many things.’ (Matt. 9:36; read Mark 6:34.) Jesus no be like Pharisee people wey no ready to help people. (Matt. 12:9-14; 23:4; John 7:49) E dey hungry Jesus to teach people about Jehovah. What of you?

10, 11. Na everytime e good make we dey pity for people? Explain.

10 This one no mean sey we go cover eye for wetin bad because we dey pity person. God no dey pity for people anyhow as we don see. Jehovah tell Saul make e destroy Amalek people wey be their enemy. E still tell am make e kill the animal wey dey there. But Saul no kill Agag wey be Amalek people king. E no still kill the fine fine animal wey dey there. Maybe Saul dey think sey na pity e pity for dem. Wetin Saul do no make Jehovah happy. Jehovah come stop to support am as king. (1 Sam. 15:3, 9, 15, ftn.) Wetin Jehovah  do correct? Yes o! Jehovah dey read mind, e know when to pity for person and when e no suppose pity for am. (Lam. 2:17; Ezek. 5:11) Jehovah go soon destroy bad people. (2 Thess. 1:6-10) Jehovah no go pity for dem that time. When Jehovah destroy dem, e go show sey e dey pity for people wey dey do wetin e like. And e go save dem.

11 E no dey our hand to judge who God go save and who e go destroy. But make we do everything wey we fit do to help people now. How we go take show sey we dey sorry for people? Make we see.


12. How you go take show sey you dey sorry for people?

12 Dey help people everyday. Jehovah want make we dey feel for our brothers and sisters and help dem. E still want make we dey sorry for other people. (John 13:34, 35; 1 Pet. 3:8) Person wey dey feel for person ready to help person comot from the wahala wey e dey. This kind person ready to even suffer with the person. Make we dey do like that! E good make we dey put eye for ground to know how we fit help other people. For example, you fit help person do small work for house or go message for am?​—Matt. 7:12.

To show sey you dey pity for people, do wetin you know sey go help dem (Check paragraph 12)

13. Wetin we dey do when our brothers dey wahala, and wetin this one show?

13 You fit join people wey dey help brothers wey dey wahala. People dey suffer well well when things like earthquake or heavy breeze scatter their property. Jehovah Witness people dey go help this kind people. We dey go help dem because we dey pity for dem. (1 Pet. 2:17) For 2011, water and earthquake scatter people things for Japan. One sister dey stay for the area wey e happen. Brothers and sisters come from different different place go help dem. The sister happy no be small when e see dem and e make im mind come down. The sister talk sey: “This one help me see sey Jehovah get us for mind. E still make me see sey other brothers and sisters get us for mind. Many of dem for the whole world dey remember us for their prayer.”

14. Wetin you fit do to help old people or people wey dey sick?

 14 Help old people or people wey dey sick. We dey pity for people when we see dem dey suffer because of old age or sickness. E dey hungry us to see the time when this kind thing no go dey again. Na im make us dey pray make God Kingdom come. But before the Kingdom come, make we do wetin we fit do to help people wey dey face this problem. E get one man wey write about im mama. Im mama don old and e dey sick. The name of the sickness na Alzheimer’s disease (e dey make person forget things well well). One day im mama want go toilet, but before e reach there, the thing don come out. As im mama dey try to clean im body, two Jehovah Witness wey dey always come see am knock im door. Dem come ask im mama if e get anything wey dem fit help am do. The mama tell dem sey: “E dey o, but I dey shame to talk am.” The two of dem come clean the mama body. When dem do that one finish, dem make tea for am and talk with am before dem comot. The man like wetin dem do for im mama. E talk sey: “I give dem hand! Dem dey do wetin dem dey teach.” You dey pity for old or sick people? You ready to do wetin you fit do to help dem?​—Phil. 2:3, 4.

15. How our preaching work take dey help people?

15 Help people learn about Jehovah. Wahala full everywhere for this world today and people mind no settle. The best thing wey we fit do for dem na to tell dem about Jehovah. We go still tell dem wetin God Kingdom go do. Another thing wey we fit do to help dem na to help dem see sey e make sense to dey live our life the way God want am. (Isa. 48:17, 18) You fit put body for preaching work pass as you dey do before? If your answer na yes, e go make Jehovah happy and e go show sey you dey really pity for people. No be for mouth!​—1 Tim. 2:3, 4.


16. Wetin we go gain if we dey pity people and help dem?

16 Doctors talk sey gain dey if we dey pity people and ready to help dem. Dem talk sey e go make us no too dey sick or get katakata with people. When we do wetin we fit do to help people wey dey wahala, e dey make us happy. E dey make us get mind sey things go better and we no go too dey feel sey na only us dey. E go still help us make we no dey too think bad thing. True true, you go gain am well well if you dey sorry for people and help dem. (Eph. 4:31, 32) If we dey do like this, our mind no go dey judge us because we dey do wetin Jehovah want. All this things go help us be better papa or mama, better husband or wife and better friend. The truth be sey, people wey dey quick help other people, fit see who go quick help dem.​—Read Matthew 5:7; Luke 6:38.

17. Why e good make you dey pity for people and help dem?

17 We no dey help people because of wetin we go gain. The main reason wey make us dey pity people and help dem na because we want be like Jehovah. And we still want make people praise am. We know sey na Jehovah be the number one example of person wey get love and wey dey pity for people. (Prov. 14:31) Jehovah want make we dey do like am. So make all of us do wetin we fit do to copy Jehovah example. This one go make us near our brothers and sisters more more, and we no go get wahala with other people.​—Gal. 6:10; 1 John 4:16.