‘Faith na to believe sey the thing wey person dey wait for don happen, even though sey e never see am.’—HEB. 11:1.

SONG: 41, 69

1, 2. Wetin young person wey dey serve Jehovah fit dey think about, and wetin fit help am?

FOR Britain, one young sister classmate tell am sey: “As you know book reach, you still believe sey God dey.” One brother for Germany write sey: “Teachers for my school believe sey when Bible talk sey na God make everything, na lie lie story. And dem think sey all their student believe sey God no dey.” One young sister for France talk sey: “Teachers for my school dey surprise sey some student still believe wetin dey Bible.”

2 Today, many people no believe sey na God make us. As young person wey dey serve Jehovah or wey dey learn about am, you fit dey think how you go take help person believe sey na God make us. Bible dey help us think well about wetin we dey hear and read. Bible talk sey: ‘Power to think go protect you.’ How? E go protect you from lie lie story wey fit scatter your faith.—Read Proverbs 2:10-12.

3. Wetin we go learn for this topic?

3 Na when we learn the correct thing about God we fit get real faith. (1 Tim. 2:4) So as you dey read Bible and our book dem, no rush. As you dey read, use the power wey you take dey  think, so that you go ‘sabi’ wetin you dey read. (Matt. 13:23) We go learn how this one go help you get strong faith sey na God make everything and still help you believe wetin Bible talk. Many things dey wey go help you believe.—Heb. 11:1, ftn.


4. Why e be sey whether we believe sey God dey or sey life start by imself, we need faith? And wetin we suppose do for this matter?

4 People don tell you before sey, na wetin science talk make dem believe sey life just start by imself? Or, you no suppose believe sey God dey because you never see am before? Many people dey think like that. But make we no forget, whether person believe sey na God make everything or life start by imself, person still need faith to believe am. Why we talk like that? Because na faith make us believe sey God dey and na im make everything, even though we never see am before. (John 1:18) And whether person study science or e no study am, e no fit talk sey e don ever see where one thing wey get life dey change to another one. So, e still need faith to believe am. For example, no body don see where snake dey change to goat. (Job 38:1, 4) So, make all of us go check and use the power wey we take dey think, know whether wetin we believe na really true. Apostle Paul write about the things wey God make, when e sey: ‘[God] character wey dem no dey see, dey show well well from the time wey e make this world, because we fit see am from the things wey e make, even im power wey no dey finish and sey im na God, so dem no fit talk sey dem no know.’ —Rom. 1:20.

When you dey talk with other people, e good make you use the things wey dey for your language (Check paragraph 5)

5. Wetin Jehovah don give us to help us think well?

5 To think well, no be only to sabi wetin person no fit quick see. (Heb. 11:3) People wey dey think well, dey use their mind, no be only their eye and ear. Jehovah organization don give us many things wey go help us. All this things go help us use faith ‘see’ the Person wey make us. (Heb. 11:27) Part of the things na the video The Wonders of Creation Reveal God’s Glory, the brochure Was Life Created? and  The Origin of Life—Five Questions Worth Asking, and the book Is There a Creator Who Cares About You? We still dey get better better things from our magazine wey we suppose dey think about. For inside Awake! many people wey study science and other people wey no first believe sey God dey, don talk why dem come believe. The topic “Was It Designed?” wey dey back of Awake! dey show us many example of the fine fine things wey God make. People wey study science dey try to copy all this fine fine things wey God make.

6. How the things wey Jehovah organization don give us fit help us, and how e don take help you?

6 One 19-year-old brother for United States, talk about that two brochure, e talk sey: “The two brochure don help me well well. I don read dem many times.” One sister for France write sey: “The topic wey be ‘Was It Designed?’ dey surprise me well well! The topic show sey engineer wey sabi book well well fit copy wetin God don make, but e no fit do am like God own.” One brother and im wife for South Africa talk sey the topic wey their pikin wey be 15 years dey first read for Awake! na the ‘interview.’ What of you? You dey use all this things wey our organization dey give us? Dem go make your faith strong like tree wey the root deep well well for ground, wey fake religion breeze no go fit fall.—Jer. 17:5-8.


7. Why Jehovah want make you use your sense think?

7 Na bad thing to ask question about Bible? No be bad thing o! Jehovah want make you use ‘your sense think’ to show yourself the truth. E no want make you believe something because other people believe am. So make you use your sense think well so that you go fit get the correct thing wey Bible dey teach. This one go make your faith strong well well. (Read Romans 12:1, 2; 1 Timothy 2:4.) One thing wey go help you get that correct truth na to choose different different topic for Bible and read am.

8, 9. (a) Which kind topic, some people dey like to read? (b) How some people don gain because dem dey think about wetin dem read?

8 Some people like to read about wetin Bible talk sey go happen or things wey don happen before for Bible, or some things wey Bible talk about science. One thing wey Bible talk about dey Genesis 3:15. That verse talk about how Jehovah go take show sey na im get the right to rule and how e go take make im name holy. The verse use ‘the woman’ and ‘im pikin’ take show how Jehovah go take remove all the suffer wey dey this world. How you fit study wetin dey Genesis 3:15? One way na to write different different verse for Bible wey show how wetin dey this verse go take happen. And to arrange dem as e take happen one by one. As you dey see how all this verse take join to make wetin God don talk happen, you go really know sey true true, ‘na holy spirit’ help all the people wey write Bible.—2 Pet. 1:21.

9 One brother for Germany talk sey e like how all the book for Bible take agree, all of dem talk about one topic—God Kingdom. E be like that, even though sey na about 40 people write Bible. And many of dem no live for the same time and dem no know each other. One sister for Australia like wetin e read for December 15, 2013 Watchtower, wey talk about wetin Passover mean. That Passover get link with wetin dey Genesis 3:15 and the time wey Messiah go come. The sister  write sey: “Wetin I learn, open my eye to see sey Jehovah too much. For person to arrange this Passover wey free Israel people and come make Jesus the Passover wey free us today, really touch me. E come make me see sey the blood and the body of the animal wey dem kill for that Passover, get big meaning!” Why the sister talk like that? E think well well about wetin e read ‘and understand am.’ This one come help the sister faith strong and come make am near Jehovah well well.—Matt. 13:23.

10. As people wey write Bible talk true, how e fit make us get strong faith for Bible?

10 Another thing wey go make our faith strong na to think about how the people wey write Bible take talk true and get strong mind. Many people wey write book for olden days, write only better better things about their leader and their country. But Jehovah prophet dem no be like that, dem dey always talk true. Dem ready to talk the bad things wey their people and even their king do. (2 Chron. 16:9, 10; 24:18-22) And dem no hide their mistake or the one wey other people wey serve God make. (2 Sam. 12:1-14; Mark 14:50) One young brother for Britain talk sey: “E hard to see people wey dey talk true like that today. And this one come make us dey sure sey true true na Jehovah get Bible.”

11. How the truth wey dey Bible fit help young people see sey Bible na God word?

11 Because the truth wey dey Bible don make many people life better, dem really believe am sey Bible na God word. (Read Psalm 19:7-11.) One young sister for Japan write sey: “As my family start to follow wetin dey Bible, all of us really happy. We come get peace, dey do things together and love come dey.” Wetin dey Bible dey help us worship only Jehovah and dey protect us from things wey dey make many people fear. (Ps. 115:3-8) How life be for people wey believe sey God no dey? Dem dey treat the things wey Jehovah make like their god. Dem even talk sey our tomorrow dey our hand, e no concern God. But, dem never fit make life better for anybody.—Ps. 146:3, 4.


12, 13. How we fit talk wetin go touch people mind, if we dey talk about Bible or how God take make things?

12 How you fit talk wetin go touch people mind when una dey talk about Bible and how God take make things? Make you no think sey you know wetin people believe, e good to first ask dem. Some people wey believe sey God dey, still believe wetin science talk about how life take start. Dem dey think sey na wetin science talk, God use make the things wey dey this world. Other people dey wey believe sey if wetin science talk no be true, dem no go dey teach am for school. And some people don stop to believe sey God dey, because of the bad bad things wey dey happen for religion. So, na im make when you dey follow people talk about how life take start, make you first ask question. Try know wetin the person believe. If you no follow am argue and you ready to listen to am, e fit make am listen when you dey talk.—Titus 3:2.

13 If person dey try talk sey you no get sense because you believe sey God dey, wetin you go do? You fit tell am make e talk how e think sey life take start, if no be God make us. If to sey life start by imself, the first thing wey start the life must get the power to fit make another one like imself. One professor for chemistry  talk sey for the first thing wey start life to fit make another one like imself, e must (1) dey inside container wey go protect am, (2) give imself power and use the power, (3) get something inside am wey go control how e go be and where e go grow reach, and (4) get the power to make this thing wey dey inside am plenty. E still talk sey: “E fit surprise person to know sey even small things get many many part inside dem.”

14. If you feel sey e go hard you to explain whether God dey, wetin fit help you?

14 If you feel sey e go hard you to explain how life take start, you fit use the kind common sense wey Paul use. E write sey: ‘Every house get who build am, but the person wey make everything na God.’ (Heb. 3:4) Wetin Paul talk make sense and e good to use! True true, na person wey get better sense go fit make something wey hard. You fit still use our publication wey talk about am. One sister use the two brochure wey we talk about before take help one young man wey believe sey God no dey. After like one week, the young man talk sey ‘Na now I believe sey God dey.’ This one make the man start to study Bible and e come be Jehovah witness.

15, 16. Wetin you go do to help person wey no trust wetin Bible talk, and wetin you go get for mind?

15 You fit still use the same advice if you dey talk to person wey no trust wetin Bible talk. Try know wetin e really believe and topic for Bible wey e fit like. (Prov. 18:13) If e like science matter, e fit answer you when you show am point from Bible wey show sey science and Bible gree. You fit still help people with example wey show sey wetin Bible talk, happen and sey Bible get correct history. You fit still show am advice wey dey Bible like the one wey dey the Sermon on the Mount.

16 Remember sey, you no go there to argue but na to let God word reach im mind. So, e go good make you listen. Ask better question, and sofri talk with respect, especially when you dey talk to person wey senior you. Dem fit accept wetin you talk. Dem go still see am sey you dey think about wetin you believe. Na that one, many young people never do. But know sey, e no go make sense to answer person wey no ready to listen or who dey use you dey play.—Prov. 26:4


17, 18. (a) Wetin go help you make you fit take all your mind hold the truth? (b) Which question we go answer for the next topic?

17 If you want get strong faith, you go sabi Bible well well. So, study Bible well, like sey you dey find better thing wey dey inside ground. (Prov. 2:3-6) E good make you dey use other things wey dey for your language like Watchtower Library for DVD, Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY, and Watch Tower Publications Index or the Research Guide for Jehovah’s Witnesses. Still try put am for mind sey you go read the whole Bible finish. You fit use like 1 year finish am. To dey read Bible go make you get strong faith. When one circuit overseer dey talk about when e dey young, e talk sey: “One thing wey help me know sey Bible na God word, na when I read am finish. All the Bible story wey I read when I young come make sense. This one come make me even want serve Jehovah more.”

18 Papa, mama, na una hand e dey to teach una pikin about Jehovah to make their faith strong. But how una go take help dem get strong faith? We go answer this question for the next topic.