“NA 15 years I dey when I baptize, and I start to auxiliary pioneer after six month. After one year, I come be regular pioneer. When I finish secondary school, I come talk sey I go like go preach for where Jehovah witness no too plenty. But I no get am for mind to preach for my village. I want go preach for another place so that I go leave my grand mama wey no be Jehovah Witness. E pain me well well when our circuit overseer tell me sey na my village I go preach! But I no let am know sey I no happy. I waka comot, go think about wetin the circuit overseer talk. I tell the person wey me and am dey preach sey: ‘E be like sey I dey behave like Jonah o! But at last, Jonah still go Nineveh. So, I go preach for where dem sey make I preach.’

“E don reach four years now wey I don dey pioneer for my village, and I don see sey na better thing to do wetin Jehovah want. I come see sey na the way I dey think dey disturb me before. I dey happy well well now. E get one month wey I study with 24 different people. I really thank Jehovah, I don even start to dey study Bible with my grand mama wey dey disturb me before.”


One woman wey dey study Bible for Fiji choose wetin e go do. Im husband want make e follow am go birthday wey person for im family dey do, but the woman get convention wey e want go. Im husband come gree sey e fit go the convention. E tell im husband sey e fit come meet am for there when e close. But when the woman come back from convention, e come feel sey no need for am to go that kind place wey fit make am do wetin God no like, so e no go.

When im husband tell im family people sey if e tell im wife make e come after “im Jehovah witness meeting,” e go come; dem tell am sey, “E no go come; Jehovah witness people no dey do birthday!” *

E come happen sey, im husband happy well well sey im wife stand well for wetin e believe, and no do anything wey go make im mind judge am. This one give the woman chance to preach to im husband and other people. The husband don dey study Bible now and e don start to dey follow im wife go meeting.

^ par. 7 Check “Question From People Wey Dey Read Our Book” wey dey December 15, 2001 Watchtower for English.