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Ready to Talk About the Good News for Front of Government

Ready to Talk About the Good News for Front of Government

JESUS talk sey Paul na person wey e don choose to carry im name go meet people for plenty country and plenty king. (Acts 9:15) Na when Paul just become Christian Jesus talk am.

One of the ‘king’ wey e preach to na Emperor Nero for Rome. How you go feel, if na you stand for front of that kind king to talk about the good news? But Bible tell us sey make we follow Paul example. (1 Cor. 11:1) One way we fit follow Paul example na to see how Paul take handle court matter for im time.

That time, na the law wey God give Israel people dey direct how dem take dey use their life, and dem dey follow am no matter where dem dey. After Pentecost 33 C.E, e no come be must sey Christian go follow wetin dey the Law. (Acts 15:28, 29; Gal. 4:9-11) But, Paul and other Christian no talk bad about the Law; dem even preach for many place wey Jew people dey and dem no give dem wahala. (1 Cor. 9:20) Paul even go synagogue many times. E go there make e fit preach to people wey know the God of Abraham and wey e fit use the Law preach to.—Acts 9:19, 20; 13:5, 14-16; 14:1; 17:1, 2.

Na Jerusalem be the first place wey the apostle dem for dey direct the preaching work. Dem dey always go the temple go preach. (Acts 1:4; 2:46; 5:20) Sometimes, Paul dey travel go Jerusalem, na for there dem arrest am. The matter come enter court wey come make dem carry am go Rome.


How dem go take handle Paul matter for Rome? To know the answer, make we first know the kind eye wey people for Rome take dey look religion. Rome no stop people wey dey under dem to dey serve their god, so far as e no cause wahala for the state.

Rome allow Jew people to enjoy many things. One book wey be Backgrounds of Early Christianity  talk sey: ‘Jew people enjoy plenty things for Rome hand. . . . Dem let people wey be Jew to serve their own God instead of the juju wey Rome people dey serve. Dem allow dem use their own law.’ Dem no force dem to join army. * Paul go use the free hand wey Rome law give the Jew people take talk about Christian religion for Rome court.

Paul enemy do everything to make the government and the people hate am. (Acts 13:50; 14:2, 19; 18:12, 13) See one thing wey happen. The Elders for the congregation wey dey Jerusalem hear one rumor wey the Jews dey spread about Paul, sey e no dey preach wetin dey the law. That kind talk fit make some Jews wey just change to Christian to think sey Paul no dey respect God law. Another thing be sey, e fit make the court wey dey Jerusalem sey dem no want Christian again. If this one happen, dem fit punish Jew people wey be Christian. People no go dey talk to dem again and dem no go fit preach for the temple or synagogue again. Na this one make the elders tell Paul sey make e go do something for the temple to show sey the rumor na lie, even though sey no be wetin e must do.—Acts 21:18-27.

Paul do wetin dem tell am, and this one later give am chance to preach the good news. (Phil. 1:7) When Paul dey for the temple, the Jews riot and dem nearly kill Paul. The commander for Rome army come arrest Paul. When dem want flog am, Paul come tell dem sey e come from Rome. This one make dem carry am go Caesarea, where Rome government for dey direct Judea And this one na better chance to preach to high people wey dey government, and maybe to people wey no know about Jesus before.

Acts chapter 24 tell us wetin happen when dem carry Paul go meet Felix wey be the Roman governor for Judea. Felix don already know about Christian and wetin dem believe. The Jews talk sey Paul no dey follow Roman law. Dem talk sey Paul do three things wey show sey e no dey follow Rome Law; (1) e dey tell Jew people sey make dem no follow wetin government talk. (2) sey na im be oga of one bad cult and (3) sey e dey do wetin dem dey forbid for the temple. (Acts 24:5, 6) All this lie fit make dem kill Paul.

E good make Christian learn from how Paul take handle the matter. Paul no shout for dem, but e respect dem. Paul use wetin dey the Law take free imself, and e still talk sey e get right like other jew people to worship the God wey Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob worship. (Acts 24:14) Later, Paul still preach the good news for front of Porcius Festus wey take over as the new governor, and for front of King Herod Agrippa.

Make dem for judge the matter well, Paul come later talk sey e want make dem carry the matter go meet Caesar. Na Caesar high pass for people wey dey rule that time.—Acts 25:11.


One angel tell Paul sey e go stand for Caesar front. (Acts 27:24) When Emperor Nero start to rule, e talk sey no be every matter e go judge by imself. For the first eight years when e dey rule, e let other people Judge the matter wey dem carry come give am. The book wey dem dey call The Life and Epistles of Saint Paul talk sey when Nero gree sey e go Judge case, na im palace e dey judge am. And for im palace, e get people wey dey advice am for matter like this.

Bible no tell us whether na Nero judge Paul case by imself or e give another person to judge am. But anyhow e be, e be like sey Paul explain  sey im dey worship the God wey the Jews dey worship and e encourage people to dey respect government. (Rom. 13:1-7; Titus 3:1, 2) E be like sey Paul later win the case—and Caesar court free am.—Phil. 2:24; Philem. 22.


Jesus tell im disciple sey: ‘Dem go carry una go front of many governor and king because of me, make una fit preach to dem and people wey no be Jews.’ (Matt. 10:18) Na better thing sey Jesus allow us to support am like this. As we dey try to preach the good news for front of government, we fit win. The truth be sey, no matter wetin government talk, na Jehovah give us the work to preach. But na only God Kingdom go fit comot all this kind wahala.—Eccl. 8:9; Jer. 10:23.

But even today, Christian fit still praise Jehovah when dem dey talk about the good news. Make we follow Paul example, make we no fear, make we talk true, and talk wetin go make dem believe us. Jesus tell im disciple sey dem no need to practice wetin dem go talk , because e go help dem know wetin dem go talk, and give dem sense wey all their enemy no go fit challenge or deny.—Luke 21:14, 15; 2 Tim. 3:12; 1 Pet. 3:15.

When Christian stand for front of king, governor and other people for government because of their faith, e dey give dem chance to preach to this kind people wey e no easy to preach to. Some court matter wey we don win, don help some of our brothers and sisters to fit dey preach and worship Jehovah without wahala. But, whether we win or we no win, e dey make God happy to see sey we get strong mind to talk about am.

When we no fear to talk about Jehovah for court, we dey praise am

^ par. 8 James Parkes wey dey write book talk sey: ‘Dem let Jew people continue to dey do as dem dey do for their culture. Wetin Rome people do for Jew people no be new thing, na the normal thing wey dem dey do for people wey dey under their government.’