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Praise Jehovah With the Way You Dey Dress

Praise Jehovah With the Way You Dey Dress

‘Do everything to praise God.’—1 COR. 10:31.

SONG: 34, 61

1, 2. Wetin make Jehovah Witness people no dey dress anyhow? (Check the first picture.)

ONE Dutch newspaper wey write about one meeting wey people wey dey lead for church do, talk sey: “You go see as people dey dress anyhow because the weather hot. But no be so e be for Jehovah Witness convention. . . . Their boys and men dey wear suit and tie, and the skirt wey their girls and women dey wear just dey ok. . .you no fit talk sey na old school.” True true, Jehovah Witness people dey wear cloth wey show ‘sey dem dey respect theirself, dem no dey overdo and dem get sense, like [people] wey dey fear God.’ (1 Tim. 2:9, 10, ftn.) Na true sey for this verse apostle Paul dey talk about sisters for congregation, but wetin e talk still concern brothers!

2 To dress well, no be matter wey Jehovah people dey take play and na so e still be for the God wey we dey worship. (Gen. 3:21) Wetin Bible talk about how we go dress, show sey the Person wey high pass for the whole world, get how e want make people wey dey worship am dey dress. So, when we want choose how we go dress, make we no only think about wetin we like. Make we still think about how Jehovah the God wey high pass go feel.

3. From the Law wey God give Israel people, wetin we fit learn about the kind cloth wey we suppose wear?

 3 For example, the Law wey God give Israel people help dem live clean life, dem no join other nation wey dey around dem live bad life. The law show sey Jehovah hate the kind cloth wey person go wear and you no go know whether na man or woman. (Read Deuteronomy 22:5.) From wetin God talk about dressing for Bible, e clear sey God no dey happy with the kind cloth wey dey make man be like woman, or the one wey dey make woman be like man.

4. Wetin fit help Christian choose better cloth wey dem go wear?

4 Many advice dey Bible wey fit help Christian choose better cloth wey dem go wear. This advice dey help dem no matter where dem come from, their culture or the kind weather wey dey there. We no need to get long list to show us the type of cloth wey good to wear or the one wey no good. But we dey follow the advice wey dey Bible, wey dey help us choose cloth wey we like and wey good. Make we come talk about some things for Bible wey go help us sabi ‘the better thing wey God want, things wey e like and wey correct’ when we dey choose wetin we go wear.—Rom. 12:1, 2.


5, 6. Wetin we wear fit affect other people? Explain.

5 God use im spirit help apostle Paul write one important advice wey dey 2 Corinthians 6:4. (Read am.) The way we dey dress, fit tell people the kind person wey we be. Many people fit talk many things about us ‘because of wetin their eye see.’ (1 Sam. 16:7) As God people, we know sey to dress no be just to wear anything wey we like or wey good for our eye. The things wey we dey learn from Bible suppose make us no wear tight cloth, cloth wey dey show our body, or cloth wey fit make person start to dey think bad thing. This one mean sey, we no go wear any cloth wey tight sotey e come dey show how our body be or cloth wey dey show part of our body wey people no suppose see. Make the kind cloth wey we dey wear no be the type wey fit make person vex or trowey face.

6 If we wear better cloth wey fine, clean, and good for eye, e go make people respect us as people wey dey serve Jehovah. And e fit make dem come join us serve Jehovah. Another thing be sey, e go make people know sey we dey the true religion. And e fit even make dem listen to our preaching wey fit save their life.

7, 8. Which time e important pass to wear better cloth?

7 E good make we dey think about how God, our brothers and sisters and the people wey we dey preach to, go feel when we dey choose the kind cloth wey we go wear. So, make we wear cloth wey go make people praise Jehovah and listen to our preaching. (Rom. 13:8-10) We suppose think about this one well well especially when we dey do anything wey concern Jehovah name like meeting and preaching. Make we dey ‘dress like [people] wey dey fear God.’ (1 Tim. 2:10) The truth be sey, some cloth wey good for some area fit no good for another area. Na im make, Jehovah people for the whole world dey first think about how people for different different place dey dress, so that dem no go make people vex.

You dey wear the kind cloth wey go make people respect Jehovah? (Check paragraph 7, 8)

8 Read 1 Corinthians 10:31. When we  dey go assembly and convention, make we dey wear better cloth. Make our cloth no be like worldly people own. Whether we stay hotel or any other place for the convention area or even when we dey enjoy our free time, before convention start or after e finish, make we make sure sey we wear cloth wey good for eye. So, we no go shame to talk sey we be Jehovah Witness. And e no go hard us to preach, if the chance come.

9, 10. Why e good to put wetin dey Philippians 2:4 for mind when we dey choose wetin we go wear?

9 Read Philippians 2:4. Why e good make Christian think about how their cloth fit affect brothers and sisters? One reason be sey God people dey try make dem fit follow wetin Bible talk, when e sey: ‘Make una kill the different different part of una body wey dey this world for where things like this dey: all sex wey no clean for God eye, to live dirty life and to hungry to sleep with person wey no be your husband or wife.’ (Col. 3:2, 5) We no want make e hard for brothers and sisters to fit follow that advice. E fit be sey some of dem wey don stop to live this kind life, still dey fight make dem no go back to that kind life. (1 Cor. 6:9, 10) Abeg, make we no make am hard for dem.

10 When we dey with our brothers and sisters, we no dey fear because we dey with people wey dey God clean organization. So, e good make how we dey dress, show sey we join dey make am clean, whether we dey meeting or any other  place. Na true sey e dey our hand to choose the kind cloth wey we go wear. But, make we no forget sey we must wear cloth wey go make am easy for other people to fit dey think, talk and do wetin clean for God eye. (1 Pet. 1:15, 16) Bible talk sey, love ‘no dey behave anyhow, e no dey find wetin go favor only am.’—1 Cor. 13:4, 5.


11, 12. Wetin we need to remember anytime we want choose cloth wey we go wear?

11 Anytime wey God people want choose wetin dem go wear, dem dey remember sey everything get time. (Eccl. 3:1, 17) Na true sey because of how weather and season dey change, e fit affect wetin we dey wear. And the kind place wey we dey stay, fit still affect wetin we dey wear. But, Jehovah law no dey change as weather take dey change.—Mal. 3:6.

12 E no easy to choose better cloth wey dey cover body well, if weather too hot. Even as e be, our brothers and sisters go like am, if we no wear cloth wey too tight or wey dey show our body. (Job 31:1) If we go river or swimming pool go swim, make we use better cloth swim. (Prov. 11:2, 20) Even if many people for this world dey wear cloth wey dey show their body take swim, wetin dey our mind as people wey dey serve Jehovah, na to wear wetin go make people praise Jehovah.

13. Why e good to think about the advice wey dey 1 Corinthians 10:32, 33 when we dey choose wetin we go wear?

13 E get another thing for Bible wey dey important wey go fit help us choose better cloth to wear. Na how wetin we dey wear fit worry other people for mind, even if dem no be Jehovah Witness. (Read 1 Corinthians 10:32, 33.) Make we make sure sey the kind cloth wey we dey wear na the one wey no go make people vex. Make we no take this matter play. Paul write sey: ‘Make each person do wetin go make im neighbor happy, and wetin go make im faith strong,’ And e still talk sey: ‘Even Christ no do wetin go make only imself happy.’ (Rom. 15:2, 3) True true, Jesus put other people matter before im own—to help people na the main thing wey show sey Jesus do wetin Jehovah want. So like Jesus, we no go wear any cloth wey no go make people listen to our preaching.

14. How Papa and mama fit teach their pikin to respect Jehovah with the way dem dey dress?

14 Papa and mama wey be Christian get the work to teach their pikin to follow wetin Bible talk. E mean sey dem go make sure sey how dem and their pikin dey dress, dey make Jehovah happy. (Prov. 22:6; 27:11) Papa and mama go fit teach their pikin to respect Jehovah wey be holy God if dem dey dress well. And e still good make dem use love dey teach dem. Na im be sey papa and mama go show their pikin how to know better cloth and where to buy am! So, e mean sey their pikin no go just wear any cloth wey dem like but dem go wear cloth wey go make people know sey dem dey serve Jehovah.


15. Wetin we go put for mind when we dey choose the kind cloth wey we go wear?

15 Bible dey give us better advice wey fit help us choose wetin go make Jehovah happy. But, Jehovah still dey allow us to choose wetin we like. The kind cloth wey we like fit different from wetin another person like, and na so our pocket still be. But wetin Jehovah want be sey, make our  cloth dey clean, good for eye, fit the kind place wey we want wear am go, and make e be the type wey no go make people for our area vex.

16. Why e good make we try to dey wear cloth wey good for eye?

16 The truth be sey, e no easy to find better cloth wey good for eye. Today, many cloth wey dem dey sell for market na the one wey many people like. So, e fit hard well well to find better skirt, gown, blouse, suit or trouser wey no tight. But e dey sweet our brothers and sisters well well as dem dey see sey we dey try find and wear better cloth wey good for eye. And when we know sey how we dey dress dey make people praise Jehovah, we no go remember how the better cloth hard us to find.

17. Wetin fit help brother know whether e go keep beard beard?

17 What of some of our brothers wey dey keep beard beard? For the Law wey Jehovah give Israel people, men fit keep their beard beard. But, Jehovah people today no dey follow wetin dey that Law. (Lev. 19:27; 21:5; Gal. 3:24, 25) For some culture, if man keep beard beard wey clean and wey dem shape well, dem fit no see am as bad thing. And e fit no disturb our preaching work for that area. Even self, some elders or ministerial servants for that area dey keep beard beard. But even with that one, some fit choose sey dem no go keep beard beard. (1 Cor. 8:9, 13; 10:32) But for some culture, beard beard no be better thing and dem feel sey better Christian no suppose dey keep beard beard. So for this kind place, if brother keep beard beard, e fit make people dey talk bad about Jehovah and the brother.—Rom. 15:1-3; 1 Tim. 3:2, 7.

18, 19. How Micah 6:8 fit help us, as we dey try to choose the kind cloth wey Jehovah like?

18 We happy well well sey Jehovah no give us long list about how we go dress. But, e don give us the chance to fit use our sense take choose by ourself wetin good. This one go show sey we dey follow wetin dey Bible. So, with the way we dey dress, we fit show sey we no dey do pass ourself as we dey serve Jehovah.—Mic. 6:8.

19 If we no dey do pass ourself, na im be sey we dey sofri check ourself well to see whether wetin we dey do match wetin Jehovah want, because im na holy God. And we know sey na only Jehovah fit direct us to waka for the correct way. If we no dey do pass ourself, e still mean sey we go dey respect how other people dey feel and wetin dem think. So, if we no want ‘do pass ourself as we dey follow God waka,’ we go live our life the way Jehovah want and show sey we respect the way other people dey feel.

20. If we dey dress well, wetin e go make people know about us?

20 Make the kind cloth wey we dey wear no make people come dey think whether we be Jehovah Witness or we no be Jehovah Witness. Make our brothers and sisters and everybody wey see us talk sey, true true, we dey serve the true God Jehovah. Jehovah get how e want make people wey dey serve am live their life, so make we dey happy to do wetin Jehovah want. We want thank our brothers and sisters wey dey try well well to make sure sey how dem dey dress and how dem dey behave, dey make people wey want know the truth come learn about Jehovah. And this one dey make Jehovah happy. So, if we dey choose better cloth to wear, this one go make people continue to praise Jehovah the Person wey wear ‘honor and respect like cloth.’—Ps. 104:1, 2.