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Watchtower (The One Wey We Dey Study)  |  September 2016

‘No Let Your Hand Weak’

‘No Let Your Hand Weak’

‘Make You No Let Your Hand Weak.’ZEPH. 3:16.

SONG: 81, 32

1, 2. (a) Which kind problem many people dey get today, and wetin this one fit cause? (b) Wetin Bible talk for Isaiah 41:10, 13 wey suppose make our mind come down?

ONE sister wey be regular pioneer, wey im husband na elder, talk sey: “For many years, even though sey I dey arrange my time to fit serve Jehovah well, I still get problem wey I dey manage. E no dey let me sleep and treat people well, e dey make me sick, and sometimes e be like sey make I stop to serve Jehovah, make ground open, make I enter.”

2 Wetin happen to that sister don happen to you before? The bad thing be sey, this wicked world dey bring many problem wey fit worry person for mind, come make life tire am. You fit dey feel like person wey dey prison, wey no fit comot. (Prov. 12:25) Wetin fit make you feel like that? E fit be sey your person die, you dey sick well well, to take care of your family na problem because things hard; or e fit be sey people dey give you problem so that you go stop to serve Jehovah. As time dey go, this one fit make you tire. E fit even make you no happy again. But no worry! Get am for mind sey God ready to help you.—Read Isaiah 41:10, 13.

3, 4. (a) When Bible talk about “hand,” wetin e fit mean? (b) Wetin fit make our hand weak?

3 Many times, Bible dey use different different part for our body take dey teach us about different different character or  things. Na many times Bible use hand as example. To make person hand strong, fit mean to make im mind come down, to support am, or to give am power to do something. (1 Sam. 23:16, ftn.; Ezra 1:6, ftn.) E fit still mean sey the person get hope sey tomorrow go better.

4 Sometimes, when Bible talk sey person hand don weak, e fit mean sey the person tire to do something, or the person no get hope again. (2 Chron. 15:7, ftn.; Heb. 12:12) Person fit stop to serve God, if this kind thing happen to am. If na you, wetin fit help you continue? How you go take get the mind to bear the problem and still dey happy?


5. (a) Wetin problem fit make us do, but wetin we suppose remember? (b) Wetin we go talk about?

5 Read Zephaniah 3:16, 17. If person let fear make am stop to serve Jehovah, na im be sey the person hand don weak. Instead make that one happen, our Father, Jehovah, wey love us sey make we ‘throw all the things wey dey worry us give am.’ (1 Pet. 5:7) Make we remember wetin God tell Israel people. E tell dem sey im strong ‘hand no too short to save’ people wey dey serve am well. (Isa. 59:1) We go talk about three example wey show sey Jehovah want and still ready to give im people the power to do wetin e want, even when dem get problem wey be like sey e pass their power. This three example go make you strong to fit do wetin Jehovah want.

6, 7. Wetin we fit learn from the way Israel people take win Amalek people?

6 After Jehovah save Israel people from Egypt people hand, e no tey, Amalek people come fight war with dem. Joshua no fear, e carry dem go fight the war as Moses tell am. Na im Moses come carry Aaron and Hur go on top one rock wey near where dem dey fight, make dem fit see how the fight be. You think sey na fear make three of dem no join the fight? No!

7 Na wetin Moses do help dem fit win this fight. Moses use im two hand raise the rod wey e hold go up. When Moses hand dey up, Jehovah go dey help Israel people win. But when Moses hand dey heavy am and im hand don dey come down, Amalek people go dey win. Aaron and Hur come use their sense. Dem come ‘bring one big stone for [Moses], e come sit down on top. Aaron and Hur come stand near am, one dey for im left, the other one dey im right, dem come hold im hand make e no come down, and na so im hand come dey till evening.’ So, na Jehovah help Israel people win the fight.—Ex. 17:8-13.

8. (a) Wetin Asa do when Ethiopia people come fight im and im people? (b) How we fit do like Asa?

8 For King Asa time, Jehovah still show sey im hand no too short. Bible talk about many war wey people fight. But na Zerah wey be Ethiopia person get soldier wey plenty pass other people wey Bible talk about. E get 1,000,000 soldier wey sabi fight. The soldier wey Asa get be like half of the soldier wey Zerah get. This kind thing suppose make Asa fear and dey worry. Or even make im hand weak to fight. But no be wetin Asa do be that. At once, e pray make Jehovah help am. If you ask person wey be soldier, e go talk sey Asa and im army no go ever fit win Ethiopia soldier. But ‘e no get wetin God no fit do.’ (Matt. 19:26) God show the kind power wey e get when e  ‘win Ethiopia people for Asa front,’ because Asa use ‘all im mind worship Jehovah till e die.’—2 Chron. 14:8-13; 1 Ki. 15:14.

9. (a) Wetin Nehemiah see for Jerusalem wey no fit stop am to build Jerusalem fence? (b) How Jehovah take answer Nehemiah prayer?

9 Think about how Nehemiah feel when e reach Jerusalem. Nobody dey guide the place, and life don tire im people. Because their enemy dey make dem fear, their hand come weak and dem come stop to build Jerusalem fence. You think sey this one go make Nehemiah tire, come let im hand weak? For where! Like Moses, Asa, and other people wey serve Jehovah well, Nehemiah don already get the character to dey beg Jehovah when e get problem. And this time, na wetin e still do be that. Even if for the Jew people eye, e be like sey this problem big pass dem, Jehovah still answer Nehemiah prayer. God use im ‘strong power’ and ‘strong hand,’ make Jew people hand wey don weak, strong. (Read Nehemiah 1:10; 2:17-20; 6:9.) You believe sey today Jehovah dey use im ‘strong power’ and ‘strong hand’ help im servant?


10, 11. (a) Wetin Satan dey do wey fit make our hand weak? (b) Wetin Jehovah dey use give us power? (c) Wetin you don gain from the different different way Jehovah take dey teach us?

10 We know sey Devil no go ever let im hand weak as e dey try to make us stop to serve Jehovah. E dey use lie lie and fear. Where the lie lie and fear dey come from? From government, people wey dey lead for religion, and people wey don comot for Jehovah organization come dey lie about us. Wetin be Devil plan? Na to make our hand weak, make we stop to preach the good news about God Kingdom. But, Jehovah fit and e ready to use im holy spirit give us power. (1 Chron. 29:12) E good make we use the power wey God spirit dey give us, so that we no go fall because of the wahala wey Satan and this wicked world dey give us. (Ps. 18:39; 1 Cor. 10:13) And make we dey happy sey we get Bible, wey be book wey dem use God spirit write. Still think about all the things wey we dey learn from Bible every month. Na when dem dey build the temple for Jerusalem again, dem talk wetin dey Zechariah 8:9, 13 (read am). But wetin dey that verse fit still help us today.

11 Jehovah still dey use wetin e dey teach us for our meeting, assembly, convention and all the school wey we get, to make us strong. This things wey we dey learn go make us know why we dey serve God, help us plan how we go do more for God work and to do wetin we suppose do as people wey dey serve God. (Ps. 119:32) You dey allow wetin you dey learn make you strong?

12. Wetin we fit do so that we no go stop to serve Jehovah?

12 Na Jehovah help Israel people win Amalek and Ethiopia people. Na im still give Nehemiah and im people power to fit build Jerusalem fence finish. Na so God go still give us power make we fit continue to preach. Wahala, anything wey dey worry us for mind, or people wey no want listen to us no go fit stop us. (1 Pet. 5:10) Make we no think sey Jehovah go do miracle for us. But make we do wetin we suppose do. This one mean sey we go dey read Bible every day, prepare  for meeting and dey go meeting every week, dey do personal Bible study and family worship, and dey pray to Jehovah every time. Make we no let other things wey we dey do for life make us stop to get power from the different different way Jehovah take dey help us today. If you see sey your hand don dey weak to do any of the things wey we talk about for this paragraph, pray make Jehovah help you. You go see how im spirit go ‘work inside you so that you go want do and fit do wetin e like.’ (Phil. 2:13) But, wetin you fit do to make other people hand strong?


13, 14. (a) Wetin help one brother after im wife die? (b) Wetin we fit do to make other people strong?

13 Jehovah bless us with brothers and sisters for the whole world wey fit make us strong. Remember, apostle Paul write sey: ‘Make una make the hand wey don weak and the leg wey no strong, strong, and make una no stop to dey make straight road for una leg.’ (Heb. 12:12, 13) Many brothers wey live for apostle Paul time get this kind help from their brothers and sisters. Na so e still be today. For example, one brother wey suffer many problem after im wife die, talk sey: “I learn sey person no fit choose the kind problem wey e go get, when the problem go come and how many times e go get the problem. Prayer and personal study don help me fit manage my problem. Brothers and sisters for congregation still help me well well. I come see sey e good make person dey near Jehovah well well before problem come.”

Everybody for congregation get the chance to help other people (Check paragraph 14)

14 Aaron and Hur hold Moses hand when Israel people dey fight. Like Aaron and Hur, make we find wetin we fit do to support and help other people. Who we fit help? People wey don old, people wey dey sick, people wey their family dey give dem wahala because dem dey serve God, or somebody wey im person die. We fit still help young people wey dem dey force do wetin bad. And young people wey want “make am” for this world, whether na for school, money matter or their work. (1 Thess. 3:1-3; 5:11, 14) Do things wey show sey you love brothers and sisters for your congregation whether na for Kingdom Hall, for preaching, when una dey chop together, or as una dey talk for phone.

15. How we fit help our brothers and sisters for congregation with wetin we dey tell dem?

15 After Asa win the fight, prophet Azariah tell im and im people sey: ‘But una, make una strong and make una no let una hand weak, because dem go pay una for una work.’ (2 Chron. 15:7, ftn.) This one come make Asa fit arrange things well again so that Israel people fit dey serve Jehovah as Jehovah want. Na so e still be, the better things wey you dey tell people with your mouth fit touch their mind. E go help dem to fit serve Jehovah well. (Prov. 15:23) When you dey meeting for Kingdom Hall, get am for mind sey if you dey answer question well, e go make brothers and sisters enjoy the meeting.

16. Like Nehemiah, wetin elders fit do to make the hand of brothers and sisters strong? How brothers and sisters for congregation don take help you?

16 Because Jehovah help Nehemiah and im people, dem come get power to do the work. Dem use only 52 days  build the fence finish! (Neh. 2:18, ftn.; 6:15, 16) Nehemiah no only direct the work but e still join dem work. (Neh. 5:16) Many elders today dey do like Nehemiah. Dem dey join build Branch office, Assembly Hall and Kingdom Hall; dem dey clean Kingdom Hall and make sure sey e good for eye. Elders still dey make the hand of brothers and sisters strong, when dem follow the brothers go preaching and when dem go visit dem for their house.—Read Isaiah 35:3, 4.


17, 18. When problem come, wetin we suppose get for mind?

17 As we dey worship Jehovah together with our brothers and sisters, we dey do things like one family. We still be their friend and e dey make us know sey we go really enjoy life for paradise. As we dey make other people hand strong, we dey help dem to bear any wahala wey dey make dem weak and help dem get mind sey tomorrow go better. And when we dey do this one, e go help us get strong faith and we go put mind for wetin God don promise us. Yes o! Our hand self go strong.

18 As we don see how Jehovah take support and protect im people before, this one suppose make our faith strong and make us trust am. So when problem come, ‘no let your hand weak’! But, beg Jehovah make e help you, and let am use im strong hand make you strong and carry you enter im Kingdom.—Ps. 73:23, 24.