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Jehovah Dey Bless People Wey Do Wetin E Want

Jehovah Dey Bless People Wey Do Wetin E Want

Dem give me, my husband, my brother and im wife one work. We come talk sey: “We go do am!” Why we talk sey we go do the work? And how Jehovah take bless us? Before I tell una, make I first talk about myself.

DEM born me for 1923 for one town wey dem dey call Hemsworth, for Yorkshire wey dey England. I get one senior brother and im name na Bob. Our papa no like religion because dem no dey do wetin dem dey teach people. When I dey around nine years, my papa come collect some book wey talk about the lie lie wey fake religion dey teach people. Wetin e read really sweet am well well. After some years, one man come preach for our house. Im name na Bob Atkinson. E play one of Brother Rutherford talk for us. We come see sey na dem print the book wey my papa read that time. My papa and mama come sey make Brother Atkinson dey join us eat evening food everyday. E go still dey answer the many Bible question wey we get. Brother Atkinson come tell us make we dey go meeting for one brother house. The place no too far from our house. Na so we take start to go meeting. After, dem come form one small congregation for Hemsworth. E no tey, zone servant (wey we dey call circuit overseer now) come dey stay our house. We still dey invite some pioneers to come chop for our house. I really learn better things from dem.

That time, we come open one business. But my papa tell my brother sey: “If you want pioneer, you fit pioneer. We go close this business.” My brother agree. When e dey 21 years, e come comot for house go pioneer. Two years after my brother start to pioneer, me self start to pioneer. I dey 16 years that time. Apart from Saturday and Sunday, na only me dey waka for preaching almost everytime. I dey preach with testimony card (one small card wey dem write Bible message put) and phonograph (something wey dey play record). And Jehovah help me get one serious Bible student wey come dey do well. Many people for im family come dey serve Jehovah. The next year, dem come make me and one sister special pioneer. The sister name na Mary Henshall. Dem send us go one area wey Jehovah Witness no too dey preach. The area dey where dem dey call Cheshire.

World War II don start that time, and women dey do work to support the war. Dem agree make leaders for other religion no join fight the war. Since we be special pioneer, we think sey dem no go disturb us. But the court no gree. So, dem sey I go stay prison  for 31 days. When I dey 19 years, I come register my name among people wey no dey fight war. Dem carry me go court two times, but the court cancel the case. When all this things dey happen, I know sey Jehovah dey use im holy spirit help me. E just be like sey Jehovah hold my hand. Na this one give me mind make I no fall.​—Isa. 41:10, 13.


Me and Arthur Matthews know each other for 1946. Dem first put am for prison for three months because e no gree fight war. Im brother wey be Dennis na special pioneer for Hemsworth. When dem release Arthur Matthews, e come join im brother dey pioneer. Their papa teach dem about Jehovah from small pikin. And dem baptize before dem reach 20 years. Dem come send Dennis go Ireland. So Arthur no come get partner again. My papa and mama like Arthur because e get better character and e no lazy. Na this one make dem tell am sey make e come dey stay with dem. Anytime wey I come house, me and Arthur dey wash plate together after everybody chop finish. As time dey go, we come dey write letter give each other. For 1948, dem tell Arthur sey e go stay prison for another three months. Me and am marry for January 1949. We plan sey we go dey full-time service as we fit. We dey use the time wey we get for ourself take find small money. We dey help people gather fruit for their farm, and we dey sofri manage wetin we get. This one help us continue to pioneer, and Jehovah help us.

When me and my husband just marry for 1949 for Hemsworth

After one year, dem send us go Northern Ireland. We first go one town for there wey dem dey call Armagh. Later, we go another town wey dem dey call Newry. Na Catholic people full those place. Dem no like people wey no be Catholic. So na sense we take dey preach for the area. We dey go meeting for one brother house. The place far from our house small (10 miles or 16 km). Na about eight of us dey go the meeting. Sometimes, we dey sleep for the house. Na ground we dey sleep and when morning reach, the brother and im wife dey prepare better food for us. Today, many Jehovah Witness people dey the area. E dey really make me happy well well.


That time, my brother and im wife na special pioneer for Northern Ireland. Im wife name na Lottie. For 1952, the four of us go one convention for the place wey dem dey call Belfast. We stay for one brother house. Pryce Hughes wey be branch servant for Britain that time, still stay the house. E get one night wey we talk about the small book wey dem release. The name of the book na God’s Way Is Love. Na Ireland people Jehovah organization get for mind when dem dey write am. Brother Hughes tell us sey e dey hard to preach to Catholic people for where dem dey call Irish Republic. Dem dey pursue brothers comot from where dem dey stay. And the Catholic priests for there dey use people take cause trouble for brothers. Pryce talk sey: “We need husband and wife wey get motor to join share the small book for the whole country.” * We no waste time talk sey: “We  go do am!” Na wetin I dey talk about for the beginning of this story be this.

Me and other pioneers enter one machine wey get something wey be like small motor for the side

Pioneers dey always stay for sister Ma Rutland house wey dey Dublin (dem dey call am “Ma” because e be like mama to dem). E don tey wey this sister dey serve Jehovah. We stay there small, and after, we sell some of our things. Four of us come enter Bob machine wey get something wey be like small motor for the side. We use am go find motor wey we go buy. We come see one secondhand motor buy. Because we no sabi drive, we tell the person wey sell am give us make e drive am come give us. That evening, my husband sitdown for bed dey do as if e dey drive the motor. When day break, e come dey try to drive the motor come out from where dem park am put. Sister Mildred Willett (wey later marry Brother John Barr) come greet us that morning. The sister sabi drive. E teach us how to drive. We believe sey if we practice small, we go fit drive am!

Our motor and small house wey get tire

The other thing wey we need, na where to put head. Dem warn us sey make we no stay for trailer (small house wey get tire) because people wey hate us fit put fire. This one come make us dey find house, but we no see. Four of us sleep for inside motor that night. When morning reach, the only thing wey we see na one small house wey get tire. The house get two small bunk bed (two-in-one bed). Na that one come be our house. Where we go park am put no come be problem again. Some farmers wey like us give us place to park am. The new area where we dey go preach far reach 10 to 15 miles (16 to 24 km) from where we park am. When we come back, we dey go preach to people wey dey the area wey we park our house put.

We preach to many people wey dey Irish Republic (southeast). Dem no give us wahala. We share pass 20,000 small small book. And we dey send the name of people wey want learn Bible to Britain branch office. I happy well well sey many people for that area don dey serve Jehovah!


Later, dem come send us go south London. After some weeks, dem call my husband from Britain branch office. Dem tell am sey e go start circuit work the next day! After dem train am for one week, we come go our circuit for Scotland. So my husband no too get time to prepare all the talk. But e ready to do anything for Jehovah work even if e no easy. I learn many things from am. We really enjoy the time wey we do circuit work. For some years, we preach for area wey Jehovah Witness no too dey preach. We happy to dey with many brothers and sisters.

For 1962, dem come call my husband to go Gilead School for ten months. This one make us think because na only im dey go. But we come see am sey, even if I no go follow am go, e good make e go. Since my husband no go dey, dem send me go back to Hemsworth as special pioneer. After one year, my husband come come back. Dem send us go do district work for Scotland, northern England, and Northern Ireland.


For 1964, dem give my husband one new work as branch servant for Irish Republic. We really enjoy the time wey we take do circuit and district work. So when this new work come, body no sweet me. But now I dey happy sey I get the chance to serve for Bethel. Person fit no like the work wey dem give am. But I believe sey if e do am, Jehovah go bless am. For Bethel I do office work, I pack book, I cook, and I clean. When we do district work, we get chance know many brothers for the country. We still see as our Bible student dem dey do well. This one make all of us love each other like one family. Any blessing pass this one?


Na 1965 dem do the first international convention for where dem dey call Dublin for Ireland. * Even though sey people try put sand sand for our garri, e no work. We do the convention, and we enjoy am. Na 3,948 people come the convention, and 65 people baptize. Three thousand five hundred people wey go the convention come from other country. Dem stay for people house. Branch office for Ireland send letter to thank all the people wey dem stay with. The people wey dem stay with praise the brothers for their better character. This kind thing never happen for Ireland before.

When Arthur dey greet Brother Nathan Knorr when e come the convention for 1965

When my husband release My Book of Bible Stories for Gaelic language for 1983

For some part of Ireland, people no dey do things with one mind because of politics and religion matter. But for 1966, the branch office for Dublin come dey direct our work for north and south Ireland. This one really show sey Jehovah people get one mind, dem no be like other people. Many people wey dey go Catholic church and Protestant church before come join us dey serve Jehovah. Our belle really sweet us.


For 2011, our branch office for Britain and Ireland come join together. Dem come send us go Bethel for London. Our life come change. My husband no well. So when dem sey make we go, I just dey think about im body. Dem come see sey e get Parkinson disease (one sickness wey dey make person shake). For May 20, 2015, my husband wey I don stay with for 66 years, come die.

For some years now, e no easy for me as my husband die. I still dey feel am. Na me and am dey do things together before. I miss am well well! But when person dey face this kind thing, e dey make am near Jehovah more more. When I see how people like my husband reach when e dey alive, e dey make me happy. People from Ireland, Britain, and even United States don write letter give me. All this letter don help me. My husband brother wey im name na Dennis, and im wife, wey be Mavis don still help me. My senior brother children don still support me. Their name na Ruth and Judy.

One Bible verse wey don help me well well na Isaiah 30:18. The place talk sey: “Jehovah dey patient and e dey sofri wait to show una im favor. E go stand up to show una pity. Jehovah na God wey dey judge well. People wey dey use all their mind wait for am go happy.” I know sey e dey hungry Jehovah to comot all our problem. E go give us another better work for paradise. All this one dey make my mind come down.

Sometimes, I dey think about the better things wey we don do for Ireland. I don see sey Jehovah hand dey the work! I happy sey I follow do the small one wey I fit do for the work. True true, when we do wetin Jehovah want, e dey bless us.

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