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Jehovah Witness People

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This magazine carry the topic wey we go study for November 27 to December 24, 2017.


Jehovah Dey Bless People Wey Do Wetin E Want

For 1952, Olive Matthews and im husband agree sey dem go pioneer for Ireland. How Jehovah take bless dem?

Dey Show Real Love

How we fit show sey our love dey real, and no be for mouth?

To Serve Jehovah Fit Cause Katakata for Family

What is the “sword” that Jesus said he would bring, and how might it affect you?

Joseph of Arimathea No Fear Again

Who be this man? How e take know Jesus? How im story take concern you?

How Zechariah Vision Take Concern Us Today?

Scroll wey dey fly, one woman wey dey inside container; two women wey dey fly for up. Why God give Zechariah this kind vision?

Jesus and the Angels Dey Your Back

Two mountain wey dem use copper make, chariot wey dem prepare for battle, and high priest wey dem make king. How the last vision wey Zechariah see take give Jew people hope?

The Good Thing Wey One Sister Do

How the good thing wey one sister do take help one person wey no like Jehovah witness to come start to study Bible?

You Know?

Why Jesus condemn Jew people wey dey swear?