You believe sey for Bible time person fit enter another person farm go plant grass?

Na the 1468 copy of the book wey dem dey call Digest wey Emperor Justinian write be this. E dey among the things wey show the case wey dey happen that time

FOR Matthew 13:24-26, Jesus talk sey: ‘The Kingdom wey dey for heaven be like man wey plant better seed for im farm. When people dey sleep, im enemy come go plant grass for where the wheat dem dey, e come comot. When the wheat grow and come start to dey bring fruit, the grass still grow.’ Many people no believe sey this kind thing fit happen, but wetin dey Roman law show sey e fit happen.

One Bible dictionary talk sey: “To go plant grass for another person farm because e do you bad, na bad thing for Roman law. For dem to put law about this matter show sey e dey happen.” Alastair Kerr wey know law matter well well talk sey for 533 C.E., one Roman Emperor wey im name na Justinian write one book wey dem dey call Digest. The book talk about Roman law and some part of wetin the people wey know law talk (about 100-250 C.E.). According to wetin e write (Digest,, Ulpian wey know law well well talk about one case for the time of one Roman politician wey im name na Celsus. Person go plant grass for another person farm, the grass come spoil wetin dem plant for the farm. The book still talk wetin the farmer fit do, so that dem go fit pay am back for the bad thing wey dem do am.

For this kind bad thing to dey happen for the area wey Rome dey control that time, e show sey wetin Jesus talk for that story dey happen for real life.

Which kind power Rome people give the Jews for Judea that time?

FOR that time, na Rome dey control Judea. The Romans dey use governor wey get many soldier dey control Judea. The governor main work na to collect tax give Rome, and e go still make sure sey wahala no dey. The Romans dey make sure sey the people dey follow the law. Dem still dey punish anybody wey cause trouble. Dem dey allow the local elders handle the rest of the things wey dey happen for Judea.

The Sanhedrin dey settle matter

Na Sanhedrin be the court wey high pass for the Jews. Na there dem dey handle law matter. Other small small court still dey for Judea. E be like sey the Romans dey allow dem handle thief matter and other matter wey concern the city for there. But the Romans no give dem the power to kill people wey do bad, na only dem fit do that one. But we know sey the Jews no follow this one when the people for Sanhedrin kill Steven.Acts 6:8-15; 7:54-60.

The Sanhedrin get power to do many things, but dem know where their power reach. Emil Schürer wey sabi this matter well well talk sey: “Person for the Roman government fit just come any time to handle any matter wey dey ground. Na wetin dem dey do when dem think sey person one cause wahala for government.” One example of that kind case na the one wey happen for the time of Claudius Lysias wey be commander of the army. Na this commander arrest Paul wey be Roman.Acts 23:26-30.