‘Faith na wetin dey make person believe sey e don see wetin e dey wait for.’—HEB. 11:⁠1.

SONG: 81, 134

1, 2. (a) How wetin we dey wait for take different from wetin many people for this world dey wait for? (b) Which question we go answer?

ALL true Christian get one better thing wey dem dey wait for! Whether we be anointed or ‘other sheep,’ all of us dey wait to see the time wey everything wey God promise go happen, and how e go take make im name holy. (John 10:16; Matt. 6:​9, 10) Na the best thing wey anybody fit wait for be that. We still dey wait for the time wey God go give people life wey no go end, whether na for the ‘new heaven’ or for the ‘new earth.’ (2 Pet. 3:13) But for now, wetin we want na make Jehovah continue to dey bless im people more more.

2 Many people for this world get some things wey dem want make e happen, but dem no sure whether e go ever happen. For example, many people wey dey play gamble get am for mind to win, but dem no fit nack their chest sey dem must win. But real faith no be like that. Real faith na ‘to believe sey we don see wetin we dey wait for.’ (Heb. 11:⁠1) You fit ask, wetin I go do to make the faith wey I get for wetin Jehovah promise strong well well? And wetin I go gain if my faith strong for wetin I dey wait for?

3. Why we get faith?

 3 Dem no born us with faith, and e no dey come by imself. Na God holy spirit dey help us get faith if we let am work for our life. (Gal. 5:22) Bible no tell us sey Jehovah get faith or need faith. Nothing go fit stop Jehovah to do wetin e get for mind because na im be the Almighty and na im get sense pass. Our Papa for heaven dey sure sey the blessing wey e don promise must happen. Na im make am talk sey: ‘E don happen!’ (Read Revelation 21:​3-6.) We get faith because Jehovah na ‘God wey we fit trust’ and wey dey always do wetin e promise.​—⁠Deut. 7:⁠9.


4. Wetin men and women wey get strong faith for Bible time believe?

4 Hebrews chapter 11 talk about 16 men and women wey get strong faith. Apostle Paul wey write this book talk about dem and other people wey ‘dem talk better things about because of their faith.’ (Heb. 11:39) All of dem ‘believe sey’ God go bring that ‘pikin’ wey e don promise, wey go comot the wahala wey Satan cause and wey go make wetin Jehovah get for mind happen. (Gen. 3:15) All of dem wey get strong faith die before Jesus Christ come open way for people to go heaven. (Gal. 3:16) But, we thank Jehovah for im promise wey no dey fail. E go raise all of dem come life again, come put dem for paradise where sin no go dey again.​—⁠Ps. 37:11; Isa. 26:19; Hos. 13:14.

5, 6. Where Abraham and im family put mind, and how dem take continue to get strong faith? (Go check the first picture.)

5 Hebrews 11:13 talk about some people wey live for Bible time, e talk sey: ‘All this people die but dem still get faith for wetin God don promise even though dem no see when e happen; dem see am from far far and accept am.’ One of dem na Abraham. You think sey e put the better things wey e go enjoy when Jesus start to rule for mind? Jesus answer this question when e tell im enemy sey: ‘Una papa Abraham happy sey e see the time wey I go come. E see am and e happy well well.’ (John 8:56) Na so e still be for Sarah, Isaac, Jacob and many other people wey put mind for the Kingdom wey dey come, wey ‘the person wey draw the plan and build am na God.’​—⁠Heb. 11:​8-11.

6 How Abraham and im family take continue to make their faith strong? E fit be sey dem learn about God as dem dey listen to people wey dey before dem, direct message from God, or wetin dem read from old old book wey dem see. The good thing be sey, dem no forget wetin dem learn. Dem like wetin God promise and wetin God sey make dem do and dem think about am. Because dem believe sey wetin God talk go happen, dem ready to hold Jehovah tight even if that one go make dem suffer.

7. Wetin Jehovah don give us to make our faith strong, and wetin we go do with am?

7 Jehovah don give us Bible so that our faith go strong. If we want dey ‘happy’ and ‘succeed’ we go dey read God Word every day. (Ps. 1:​1-3; read Acts 17:11.) And like people for Bible time, we go continue to dey think about wetin God promise us and we go dey do wetin e tell us. The things wey ‘the better slave wey get sense and wey dem fit trust’ dey use teach us, na still another way Jehovah don bless us. (Matt. 24:45) So if we continue to dey follow wetin we dey learn from Jehovah, we go get the kind faith  wey people for Bible time get about God Kingdom.

8. How prayer fit help us get strong faith?

8 Prayer na another thing wey help people for Bible time get strong faith. As dem dey see the way God take dey answer their prayer, their faith dey strong more. (Neh. 1:​4, 11; Ps. 34:​4, 15, 17; Dan. 9:​19-21) We know sey Jehovah go hear our prayer and give us the power to dey happy as we dey endure suffer. So, make we tell Jehovah wetin dey worry us for mind. If we pray and God answer our prayer, e dey make our faith strong more more. (Read 1 John 5:​14, 15.) As e be sey faith na part of God holy spirit, make we continue to dey beg Jehovah for im spirit as Jesus advise us.​—⁠Luke 11:​9, 13.

9. Apart from sey we go pray for ourself, who again we fit pray for?

9 If we dey pray, make we no dey beg God for only wetin concern us. Make we dey thank Jehovah and dey praise am every day for all the better things wey e don do; because all im work too many to talk about. (Ps. 40:⁠5) And make our prayer dey show sey we dey remember our brothers ‘wey dey prison like sey we dey prison with dem.’ Make we dey pray for our brothers and sisters for the whole world especially for the people wey Jehovah dey use direct us. E dey make us happy when we see as Jehovah dey answer our prayer!​—⁠Heb. 13:​3, 7.


10. Which example of God servant wey do wetin e like we get and wetin help dem?

10 For Hebrews chapter 11, apostle Paul talk about the kind suffer wey many of God servant wey their name no dey Bible suffer. For example, e talk about some women wey their pikin die but because of their faith, God raise the pikin come life again. E still talk about other people wey ‘no want something wey go free dem, so that dem fit get the better resurrection.’ (Heb. 11:35) Even if we no sure of the people wey Paul dey talk about, we know sey dem kill people like Naboth and Zechariah because dem no gree do wetin God no like. (1 Ki. 21:​3, 15; 2 Chron. 24:​20, 21) Dem for free Daniel and im three friend, if to sey dem gree do wetin God no like. But na the faith wey dem get sey God fit save dem, na im make dem fit ‘close lion mouth’ and ‘off fire wey dey burn well well.’​—⁠Heb. 11:​33, 34; Dan. 3:​16-18, 20, 28; 6:​13, 16, 21-23.

11. Which kind suffer some of God servant suffer because of their faith?

11 People laugh prophet Micaiah and Jeremiah because of their faith and dem even put dem for prison. Other prophet like Elijah ‘waka up and down for desert and mountain and cave and different different den for this earth.’ But all of dem fit endure because ‘dem believe sey dem don see wetin dem dey wait for.’​—⁠Heb. 11:​1, 36-38; 1 Ki. 18:13; 22:​24-27; Jer. 20:​1, 2; 28:​10, 11; 32:⁠2.

12. Which person example better pass to copy if we want endure and wetin help am fit do this one?

12 After Paul don talk about different different people wey get faith, e come talk about the one wey get faith pass all of dem​—⁠our Lord Jesus Christ. Hebrews 12:2 talk sey: ‘Because of the blessing wey dey im front, e endure, e no mind the shame, and now e don sitdown for the right hand of God throne.’ So, make we ‘think well’ about how Jesus show im faith even if e suffer well well. (Read Hebrews 12:⁠3.) People like Antipas wey join Christians for apostle time suffer and die like Jesus, but dem no do wetin  God no like. (Rev. 2:13) God go bless dem, e go raise dem go life for heaven. This blessing good pass the ‘better resurrection’ wey people wey get faith for olden days dey wait for. (Heb. 11:35) Na after 1914, when God Kingdom start to rule for heaven, na im God raise many of this people wey e don anoint go heaven, make dem fit join Jesus rule this earth.​—⁠Rev. 20:⁠4.


13, 14. Which kind suffer Rudolf Graichen suffer, and wetin help am endure?

13 Many of Jehovah servant today dey do like Jesus because dem no let problem or any other thing comot their mind from wetin dem dey wait for. For example, Rudolf Graichen wey dem born for Germany for 1925 talk sey e remember the picture of paradise wey dem hang for inside their house. E write sey: “Dem draw bush dog and small sheep, small goat and leopard, small cow and lion for the picture. And all of dem dey together, no wahala. Na one small boy dey carry dem waka. . . . This picture no comot for my mind.” (Isa. 11:​6-9) Even though sey Nazi Gestapo and Communist Stasi for East Germany suffer am well well for  many years, Rudolf still put im mind for that paradise.

14 Other things wey e suffer be sey, im mama wey e love well well die when dem put am for one prison wey dey Ravensbrück. Na one sickness wey dem dey call typhus kill am. E pain am to see sey im papa join sign one paper to show sey im no be Jehovah Witness again. After dem free am from prison, Rudolf come be circuit overseer and dem invite am go Gilead School. Dem send am go Chile as missionary, and for there e still come be circuit overseer. But im suffer never end o! One year after e marry Patsy one sister wey be missionary like am, their pikin come die. After, im wife self come die and na only 43 years the wife dey that time. Rudolf endure all this suffer and the time wey we write about im story wey dey August 1, 1997, Watchtower, page 20-25, e be regular pioneer and elder, even though sey e don old and e no strong again. [1]

15. Which example we get today of our brothers and sisters wey dey happy even if dem dey suffer?

15 Jehovah Witness people today still dey happy even though dem dey suffer dem well well. For example, e get many of our brothers and sisters wey dey prison for Eritrea, Singapore, and South Korea. Many times dem dey put dem for prison because dem no gree carry gun. (Matt. 26:52) E don pass 20 years now wey Isaac, Negede, and Paulos dey prison for Eritrea. Dem follow for the many of Jehovah people wey dey prison for that country. Even as dem suffer the brothers reach and no allow dem marry or take care of their mama and papa wey don old, dem still get strong faith. Their picture dey our jw.org website. The way dem happy for the picture, show sey dem dey do wetin Jehovah like. Even the police dem for the prison dey respect dem.

You dey learn from the example of people wey get faith for your congregation? (Check paragraph 15, 16)

16. How your strong faith fit help you?

16 Many of us never suffer the kind suffer wey this brothers suffer. But many brothers and sisters fit don suffer when war dey or when heavy rain or breeze scatter their property. And some no get money at all. Other people don follow Moses and other servant of God example because dem no want pursue money or begin live big life for this world. Dem dey try well well make dem no live the kind life wey people for this world dey live. Wetin dey help dem fit do am? Na the love wey dem get for Jehovah and their strong faith for wetin God don promise. God promise dem sey e go comot people wey dey do bad and bless im people with life wey no go end for paradise.​—⁠Read Psalm 37:​5, 7, 9, 29.

17. Wetin you go dey do to get strong faith, and wetin we go talk about for the next topic?

17 For this topic, we don learn sey to continue to get strong faith, we need to dey pray and dey think about wetin God don promise. This one go help us endure any suffer wey come because of our faith. And we go put eye for wetin we dey wait for because we believe sey e go come. But Bible show sey to get faith pass to just ‘believe sey we don see wetin we dey wait for.’ Our next topic go talk about am.

^ [1] (paragraph 14) Still go check the topic “Despite Trials, My Hope Has Remained Bright” wey dey April 22, 2002, Awake!, wey talk story about Andrej Hanák wey come from Slovakia.