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Jehovah Witness People

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This magazine carry the topic wey we go study from November 28 to December 25, 2016.


I Try Well Well to Follow Good Example

Encouragement from mature Christian fit help other to reach the goal wey dem don set. Thomas McLain talk how other people good example help am, and how e help other people.

‘Dey Treat Stranger Well’

How God take dey look stranger? Wetin you fit do to help person wey come from another place for your congregation?

Serve Jehovah Well Even If You Dey Another Language Congregation

As people wey dey serve Jehovah, na matter wey concern us and our God suppose be number one for our mind. But people wey dey another language congregation still get other things wey dey give dem problem.

You Dey Show Sey You Get ‘Better Sense’?

Wetin be the difference between better sense and to understand something? E good if we know the difference.

Get Strong Faith for Wetin You Dey Wait For

We fit learn from the fine fine example of Jehovah servant dem for Bible time and our time. Wetin you go do to continue to make your faith strong?

Show Sey You Get Faith For Wetin Jehovah Don Promise

Wetin faith really be? And how we fit take show sey we get faith?

You Know?

For the apostle time, wetin Rome gree make Jew government wey dey for Judea dey do? And you fit believe am sey person for Bible time go fit plant grass on top another person farm?