‘E good make we dey sing to praise our God.’​—PS. 147:1.

SONG: 10, 2

1. Wetin song dey help us do?

ONE person wey sabi write song and wey people know well well, talk sey: “Word dey make person think. Music dey touch person mind. But when person dey sing, e dey make am think, and e dey touch am.” When we dey sing to Jehovah, we dey praise am and dey show sey we love am. And this one dey make us near am. E get another thing wey better pass this one? No wonder song na part of wetin we dey use worship Jehovah. We no dey take am play. We fit sing when only us dey, or when we dey with brothers and sisters for meeting.

2, 3. (a) Why some people no dey like to sing for meeting? (b) Which question we go talk about?

2 But you like to dey sing with brothers and sisters for meeting? Or you dey shame? For some place, men no like to sing for where people dey. If elders be like this or dem dey do other things when people dey sing for meeting, brothers and sisters for congregation fit start to copy their example.​—Ps. 30:12.

3 Make we get am for mind sey when we dey sing, we dey worship Jehovah. This one go make us no dey miss am. So e good make you ask yourself sey: ‘When I dey meeting, I dey  see our song as part of our worship? Wetin fit help me if e dey hard me to sing come out? Wetin fit help me put body for the song wey we dey sing?’


4, 5. For Israel time, how dem take arrange the way dem dey sing?

4 No be today Jehovah people start to use song praise am. For example, when Israel people still dey serve Jehovah, dem dey always sing. When King David dey prepare things down for the temple, e arrange 4,000 Levite wey go dey use music praise Jehovah. For inside this 4,000 people, na 288 people ‘dem train to dey sing to Jehovah. And dem sabi am well well.’​—1 Chron. 23:5; 25:7.

5 Dem sing song to Jehovah when dem dey dedicate the temple. Bible tell us sey: ‘People dey blow trumpet and people dey sing. Dem dey sing together with one voice to praise and thank God. The trumpet, the cymbals, and other things wey dem take dey play music come dey make sound.’ As ‘dem dey praise Jehovah, Jehovah glory come cover im house.’ You no sure sey this one make their faith strong pass before?​—2 Chron. 5:13, 14; 7:6.

6. When Nehemiah be governor for Jerusalem, how e take arrange people to use song praise Jehovah?

6 Na Nehemiah carry Israel people go build Jerusalem wall. Apart from that one, e arrange Levite wey go dey sing and play music. When dem build the wall finish, dem come dedicate am. The music wey dem play make everybody happy well well. Nehemiah still ‘arrange plenty choir wey e share into two group, to dey use song thank God.’ The two group waka ontop the wall go different side, until dem meet for the wall wey near the temple. Even people for far place hear the song wey dem sing. (Neh. 12:27, 28, 31, 38, 40, 43) E sweet Jehovah well well to hear as im people dey use song praise am.

7. How Jesus take show sey song na part of how we take dey worship Jehovah?

7 For Jesus time, Jehovah people still use music worship am. Dem no play with am. Jesus and im apostles sing song after e show dem how to remember im death. Na that day special pass for all the days wey people dey remember for this world.​—Read Matthew 26:30.

8. How Christian for apostle time take show us better example?

8 Jehovah people for apostle time still show us better example. Dem use song take praise God together. Dem dey do meeting for brothers house. The house no big or fine reach the temple. But that one no stop dem to dey use all their mind take sing. Paul tell the brothers sey: ‘Make una dey sing psalms and dey praise God. Make una dey sing other song wey talk about God from una mind. Make una dey use all una heart sing to Jehovah.’ (Col. 3:16) E good make we dey use all our ‘mind’ sing our song. We know sey na ‘the slave wey get sense and wey dem fit trust’ dey teach us about Jehovah. And our song na part of the things wey dem take dey teach us.​—Matt. 24:45.


9. (a) Wetin fit make some people no dey use all their heart sing for meeting or assembly? (b) How we go take praise Jehovah with song, and who suppose show better example? (Go check the first picture.)

9 What if una no too dey sing for una family, the place wey you come from, or where you dey stay? E fit be sey you dey listen to people wey sabi sing for radio,  or dey watch dem for television. You fit come dey think sey your voice no sweet reach their own. But no forget sey Jehovah want make you praise am with song. So no let anything make you stop to sing. Instead, hold your songbook go up, raise your head, and sing from your heart! (Ezra 3:11; read Psalm 147:1.) For many Kingdom Hall today, dem dey show our song for television. This one dey help us fit sing come out. Dem dey even sing song now for the Kingdom Ministry School wey elders dey go. This one go help elders see sey dem suppose show better example to dey sing for meeting.

10. Wetin we need to remember if we no want sing because of fear?

10 Fear na one thing wey dey make many people no dey open mouth sing. Dem fit dey fear sey na their voice go loud pass or their voice no go sweet for people ear. But make we remember sey many times when we dey talk, ‘we dey make mistake.’ (Jas. 3:2) But that one don make us stop to dey talk? For wetin! We still dey talk. So make we no stop to use song praise Jehovah even if our voice no sweet.

11, 12. Wetin we fit do to get better voice when we dey sing?

11 We fit still dey fear because we no know how to sing. But e get some things wey fit help us sing well. *

12 If you learn how to breath well, you go know how to use power sing and e go make your voice loud. Current dey make bulb light. Na so the air wey you dey breath dey give your voice power when you dey talk or sing. Make the way you dey sing, loud reach how you dey talk. E fit even loud pass am. (Check wetin dey Benefit From Theocratic Ministry School  Education book, page 181 go reach 184, for the small topic wey be “Properly Control Your Air Supply.”) Sometimes, Bible even tell people wey dey serve Jehovah sey make dem ‘shout with happiness,’ when dem dey sing.​—Ps. 33:1-3.

13. Wetin go help us sing well?

13 When una dey do family worship, or when only you dey, try do this things: (1) Choose one of the song wey you like pass for our songbook. Read the whole song with loud voice, and make e clear. (2) Use the same voice read reach where dem for break the song for person to fit breath. Then sing am like that. (Isa. 24:14) This one go make you fit sing come out well. And na better thing to fit sing come out like this. No let fear or shame catch you!

14. (a) If we dey open our mouth well, how e fit help us sing well? (Check the box “ Wetin Go Help You Sing Well.”) (b) Tell us some of the things wey dey help you get better voice?

14 You no go fit sing well if you no open your mouth well. So another thing wey go help you na to open your mouth well when you dey sing. Open am pass when you dey talk. What if you think sey your voice too loud or e too low? You go see things wey go help you for Benefit From Theocratic Ministry School Education book, page 184, for the box wey dem write “Overcoming Specific Problems.”


15. (a) Wetin happen for the special meeting wey we do for October 2016? (b) Wetin make dem do the new songbook?

15 E get one special meeting wey Jehovah Witness dey do every year for October. For the one wey dem do for 2016, Brother Stephen Lett, wey be one of the Governing Body member talk sey, we go soon get new songbook wey we go dey use for meeting. This one make everybody for the meeting happy well well.  The name of the songbook na “Sing Out Joyfully” to Jehovah. Brother Lett talk wetin make dem change am. E sey Governing Body want make the word for our songbook be the same with wetin dey our new Bible. We know sey dem change some things for the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures wey dem do for 2013. Na this one make dem change some things for the old songbook. Dem still add some song join the new songbook. Some of the new song dey talk about our preaching work and how to show sey we value Jesus sacrifice. Governing Body know sey song na part of wetin we dey use serve Jehovah. Na this one make dem give us better songbook wey get the same cover with our new Bible.

16, 17. Wetin be some of the things wey we change for our new songbook?

16 Dem arrange all the song for the new songbook well, to make am easy to use. For example, song number 1 go reach 12 dey talk about Jehovah. Song number 13 go reach 20 dey talk about Jesus and im sacrifice. The different group get their own topic and dem arrange am put for the beginning of the songbook. This one go make am easy for brothers to fit choose the song wey dem want use for their talk.

17 So that we fit dey use all our heart sing, dem change some things for the old songbook. This one come make the song dem easy to understand pass before. Dem still change some word wey dem no dey too use for English again. For example, dem no too dey use the word “shall” today. Dem still change “Long-Suffering” to “Exercise Patience” for the English songbook. “Guard Your Heart” don change to “We Guard Our Hearts.” Why? As some young people, sisters, and other new people dey sing the song, e dey make dem feel sey dem dey tell other people wetin to do. Na this one make dem change the topic and some of the word wey dey the song.

Dey practice our song dem when una dey do family worship (Check paragraph 18)

18. Why e good make we learn the song wey dey for our new songbook? (Check footnote.)

18 Many of the song wey dey our new songbook be like prayer. This one dey make am easy for you to tell Jehovah wetin dey your mind. Other song go still help us know how to ‘show love and do better’ things. (Heb. 10:24) True true, e good make we learn our song so that we go fit master dem. Wetin be some of the things wey go help us quick learn am? Dey listen to how dem take sing dem for jw.org. If you dey practice am for house, e go make you no fear when you dey sing, and you go fit dey sing from your heart. *

19. Wetin all of us for congregation fit do to worship Jehovah?

19 No forget sey when we dey sing, we dey worship Jehovah. Make we no take am play. Na one better way to take show Jehovah sey we love am and we like wetin e dey do for us. (Read Isaiah 12:5.) When you dey sing from your heart, other people go do like you. The truth be sey, whether we dey young, we don old, or we just baptize, all of us fit use song praise Jehovah. So make anything no make you stop to sing from your heart. Instead, follow wetin Bible talk for the book of Psalm. E sey: ‘Sing to Jehovah!’ So, make you dey use all your heart sing!​—Ps. 96:1.

^ par. 11 If you want get better voice when you dey sing, check December 2014 JW Broadcasting for English (check where video dey for FROM OUR STUDIO).

^ par. 18 Before program start for convention and assembly, dem dey use ten minutes play our Kingdom melody. The music dey make am hungry us to sing, and prepare our mind for wetin we want learn. So e good make we dey our seat before the music start. This one go make us fit listen to dem well.