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Watchtower (The One Wey We Dey Study)  |  November 2017

You Dey Run Go Meet Jehovah to Help You?

You Dey Run Go Meet Jehovah to Help You?

‘Jehovah dey save people wey dey serve am. E go forgive anybody wey run go meet am.’​—PS. 34:22.

SONG: 8, 54

1. How body dey do us because of the sin wey dey our body?

APOSTLE PAUL talk sey: ‘I sorry for myself!’ (Rom. 7:24) Like apostle Paul, many of us no dey happy because dem born us with sin. And we no dey happy when we do wetin Jehovah no like. Some people no even feel sey God go ever forgive dem for the bad thing wey dem do.

2. (a) How Psalm 34:22 take show sey we no need to let wetin we do to dey over worry us? (b) Wetin we go learn for this topic? (Check the box “ Dem Dey Teach Us Something, or Dem Get Meaning?”)

2 Bible tell us sey make we run go meet Jehovah so that e go help us. If we do like that, we no need to let the bad thing wey we do over worry us. (Read Psalm 34:22.) Wetin e mean for person to run go meet Jehovah? Wetin be some things wey we fit do so that Jehovah go pity us and forgive us for the bad thing wey we do? To answer this two question, we go talk about wetin Jehovah tell Israel people. Jehovah tell dem to build some city wey person fit run go if e kill another person by mistake. Na true sey this thing wey Jehovah tell dem dey the Law wey e give dem. And for Pentecost 33 C.E, the Law of agreement come change with another one. But since na Jehovah give dem the Law, we fit  learn things from inside. We go learn how Jehovah dey look sin, the person wey sin, and the person wey repent. Make we first talk about why dem build this city dem and how e take dey help people wey run go there.


3. Wetin go happen if person open eye kill another person for Israel?

3 For Jehovah eye, na serious matter if person kill another person. If somebody open eye kill person wey no do anything, e go use im own life pay. The family member of the person wey im kill, ‘get right to kill am’ back. This family member go be man wey near am pass. (Num. 35:19) If dem no quick kill the person, the land no go clean for Jehovah eye. Jehovah tell dem sey: ‘Make una no spoil the land wey una dey stay, because blood of person wey dem kill dey spoil the land.’​—Num. 35:33, 34.

4. For Israel time, wetin go happen if person kill another person by mistake?

4 Wetin go happen if somebody kill another person by mistake? Even though na mistake, the blood of the person wey e kill go still dey im head. (Gen. 9:5) But dem fit still pity for am. Dem build six city wey person fit run go if e kill somebody by mistake. If e run go any of the city, the person wey get right to kill am no go fit kill am. Nothing go do am if e stay there until the high priest die.​—Num. 35:15, 28.

5. How the city wey Jehovah arrange fit help us know the kind person wey e be?

5 Nobody tell Jehovah to arrange this kind place. Jehovah send Joshua to tell Israel people sey: ‘Make una choose different different city wey person fit run go if e kill person by mistake.’ The city ‘wey dem choose come dey special.’ (Josh. 20:1, 2, 7, 8) Jehovah hand dey all this city wey dem choose. So, we fit ask ourself: How this city wey Jehovah arrange help us know how e dey pity person reach? And how we fit run go meet Jehovah when we sin?


6, 7. (a) Wetin the elders go do if person kill another person by mistake? (Go check the first picture.) (b) For Israel time, why e good to go meet elders if person kill somebody by mistake?

6 Person wey kill another person by mistake, fit run go the city wey Jehovah arrange. But before dem go allow am enter, e go first ‘tell the elders wetin happen.’ (Josh. 20:4) After, dem go tell am make e go meet the elders wey dey the city where e for kill person. Na the elders for there go come judge the matter. (Read Numbers 35:24, 25.) If dem really see sey e kill the person by mistake, dem go allow am go back to the city wey e first run go.

7 Why this matter concern the elders? (1) So that the land go still clean for God eye. (2) If na mistake e take kill person, the elders go help am see sey Jehovah go fit pity for am. One man wey study wetin happen for Bible time talk sey, if the person no go meet the elders, “e go use im head carry wetin e see.” E still sey: “Im blood go dey for im head because e no follow the arrangement wey God put for ground to help am.” But the person no go die if e follow wetin God don put for ground. If e no run go any of the city, the family member of the person wey e kill, fit come kill am.

8, 9. If person do wetin bad well well for Jehovah eye, why e good make e go tell elders?

8 For our time, somebody for congregation fit do wetin bad well well for God eye. If e want be Jehovah friend again, e good make e go tell elders. Why? (1) Na so Jehovah arrange am for Bible. E want make elders handle this kind matter. (Jas.  5:14-16) (2) E go help the person dey serve Jehovah well again, and comot hand from the bad thing wey e do. (Gal. 6:1; Heb. 12:11) (3) Jehovah choose elders and e train dem to fit help person wey repent. Dem dey make this kind person mind dey come down small small, and wetin e do no go too dey worry am again. Jehovah talk sey this elders be like ‘place where person fit hide when heavy rain dey fall.’ (Isa. 32:1, 2, ftn.) If Jehovah no dey pity person, you think sey e go put this kind arrangement for ground?

9 Many people wey dey serve Jehovah don see sey better thing dey come out, when dem tell elders the bad thing wey dem do. This one don give the elders chance to help dem. For example, e get one brother wey im name na Daniel. E do wetin bad well well for Jehovah eye. For many months, the brother no go tell elders wetin e do. The brother talk sey: “Since e don tey, I think sey e no get anything wey the elders go fit do for me again. But I still dey fear sey breeze go blow one day and my secret go leak. And before I tell Jehovah anything when I dey pray, e dey do me like sey make I first tell am sorry for wetin I do.” At last, Daniel come go meet the elders to help am. E later talk sey: “I first dey fear to tell dem. But when I go tell dem, e just be like sey person carry heavy load comot from my head. I don dey fit pray to Jehovah now and I no think sey anything dey block my prayer again.” Today, Daniel dey serve Jehovah with clean mind. E never too tey when dem make am ministerial servant again.


10. Wetin person wey kill somebody by mistake go do if e want make dem pity am?

10 For dem to pity person wey kill somebody by mistake, e need to quick run go any of the city wey dem build for dem. E go run go the one wey near am pass. (Read Joshua 20:4.) We know sey the person go like to run go this city because if e no quick reach there hand fit meet am. But if e quick run go the city and stay there, nothing go happen to am. E no easy for am to comot from where e dey before.  Because e go leave im work, the better house wey e dey stay, and travel go another place. E go stay for the city wey e run go until the high priest die. * (Num. 35:25) But na better thing for am to run comot so that dem no go kill am. And if the person comot from the city, e go show sey e no value the life of the person wey e kill, and dem fit kill am.

11. Wetin person wey do wetin bad well well for Jehovah eye need to do?

11 Today, if we do wetin bad well well for Jehovah eye, we need to quick do something so that e go forgive us. We must comot hand kpatakpata from the bad thing wey we do. We still need to comot hand from anything wey fit make us do bad thing. Apostle Paul talk something about this matter for the letter wey e write give the brothers for Corinth. E sey: ‘Wetin una do pain una the way God want am. E don make una serious well well. Una come want show sey una hand dey clean. See how una dey vex and fear because of wetin happen. E come dey hungry una to see me. Una come ready to work and to correct the bad thing.’ (2 Cor. 7:10, 11) If we do everything to comot hand from the bad thing wey we do, Jehovah go see sey we take the matter serious. And e go still show sey we no dey take Jehovah play because e dey forgive our sin.

12. If person wey do bad want make Jehovah pity for am, wetin e go do?

12 If person wey do bad want make Jehovah pity for am, wetin e go do? E must ready to sey bye bye to things wey fit make am do bad even though sey e like those things. (Matt. 18:8, 9) What if na your friend dem dey make you do wetin Jehovah no like? You ready to stop to dey follow this kind people waka? What if e dey hard you to control yourself make you no drink too much? You dey run from things wey fit make you over drink? What if you dey always think about sex matter wey no clean for God eye? You dey try make you no watch anything wey fit bring this kind bad thing come your mind? Get am for mind sey to stop all this things no be waste of time for Jehovah eye. Nothing dey pain person pass when Jehovah leave am. And nothing better pass the love wey no dey fail wey Jehovah dey show us.​—Isa. 54:7, 8.


13. How the city wey dem build take dey help person wey run go there?

13 If the person run go any of the city, nothing go happen to am for there. Jehovah tell Israel people sey: ‘The place go dey protect una.’ (Josh. 20:2, 3) Once dem judge the matter finish, dem no go judge the person again for the same matter. And the person wey get the right to kill am no go fit enter the city go kill am. So the person wey kill another person by mistake no dey fear sey dem go come kill am for there. Na Jehovah sey make dem build this kind city to help this kind people. The city no be like prison. The person wey dey inside this city fit work, fit help other people, and serve Jehovah with peace of mind. So the people wey dey inside there no dey inside cage. Dem dey fit live better life and dey happy!

You fit dey sure sey Jehovah go forgive you (Check paragraph 14-16)

14. Wetin e good make person wey don repent get for mind?

14 Many people wey dey serve Jehovah today don repent from the bad thing wey dem do. But mind still dey judge some of dem. Dem think sey Jehovah no go fit forget the bad thing wey dem do. If you dey think like that, get am for mind sey Jehovah don forgive you. Make this one help  you get peace of mind! Daniel wey we talk about before, don see sey na true. After the elders handle im matter, e come get peace of mind. E sey: “I dey fit breath reach ground now. As dem handle the matter well, my mind no come dey judge me again. Once the sin don go, e don go. Jehovah dey do wetin e talk, e dey carry the load wey dey heavy us from us. We no go ever see the load again.” E just be like person wey dey inside that city wey we talk about. E no dey fear sey the person wey get the right to kill am go come kill am for there. Na so e still be when Jehovah forgive our sin. We no need to fear sey Jehovah never forgive us or sey e go punish us again for wetin we do.​—Read Psalm 103:8-12.

15, 16. Why you dey sure sey God go forgive you?

15 Israel people get reason to believe sey Jehovah dey forgive dem. But the reason wey we get today pass their own. Paul no happy sey e dey make mistake. Na this one make am talk sey e dey sorry for imself. But e later talk sey: ‘I dey thank God through Jesus Christ wey be our Lord!’ (Rom. 7:25) E no easy for Paul to do wetin good because of sin wey dey im body. E first do bad things but e later repent. And e believe sey Jehovah don forgive am because of Jesus Christ. Jesus come die for our sin. Na im make us dey get peace of mind and our mind no dey worry us. (Heb. 9:13, 14) Because Jesus na our High Priest, e go fit save people wey dey use im name pray to God. ‘E go save dem finish because e go always dey alive to beg for dem.’ (Heb. 7:24, 25) For Bible time, high priest dey make Israel people dey sure sey Jehovah go forgive their sin. Since Jesus na our High Priest today, we even dey sure more more sey ‘e fit pity us and show us favor wey go help us when we need help.’​—Heb. 4:15, 16.

16 So if you want run go meet Jehovah to help you, you need to get faith for Jesus sacrifice. No only think sey Jesus die for everybody. But dey see am sey e die for you. (Gal. 2:20, 21) Get faith sey Jesus sacrifice go make Jehovah forgive your sin. Still get am for mind sey Jesus sacrifice go make you get life wey no go end. True true, Jesus sacrifice na gift wey Jehovah give you!

17. Why e good make you run go meet Jehovah make e help you?

17 The city wey Jehovah arrange for person wey kill somebody by mistake, show sey Jehovah dey pity person and e value life. E still help us see sey the elders fit help us when we sin. And we learn wetin e really mean to repent, and why we fit dey sure sey Jehovah dey forgive person. You dey run go meet Jehovah to help you? E no get any other person wey fit help us reach Jehovah! (Ps. 91:1, 2) For the next topic, we go see how the city wey Jehovah arrange fit help us copy im character: (1) How e take dey judge matter well, and (2) how e take dey pity for person.

^ par. 10 Some Jew people wey sabi this matter well well talk something about am. Dem sey e be like sey the family of the person wey kill person by mistake dey later go meet am for the city wey e run go.