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No Let Anything Make You Miss Wetin God Promise

No Let Anything Make You Miss Wetin God Promise

‘No let anybody make una miss wetin God promise.’​—COL. 2:18.

SONG: 122, 139

1, 2. (a) Wetin God promise people wey dey serve am? (b) Wetin go help us put mind for wetin God promise us? (Check the first picture.)

LIKE apostle Paul, some people today go rule with Jesus for heaven. Bible sey na ‘wetin God promise’ dem be that. (Phil. 3:14) Dem dey put their mind for the time when dem go join Jesus rule this earth and comot sin from human being body. (Rev. 20:6) This na better hope! And God want make dem do everything wey dem fit do to make sure sey e reach their hand. But the rest people wey Bible call other sheep go stay this earth forever. Na wetin God promise dem be that, and dem dey put mind for the promise. This one dey make dem happy!​—2 Pet. 3:13.

2 Paul want help other Christian wey dey go heaven to continue to serve Jehovah, so that dem go get wetin God don promise dem. Na this one make am tell dem sey: ‘Make una put una mind for the things wey dey heaven.’ (Col. 3:2) So dem need to put their mind for wetin God promise dem. (Col. 1:4, 5) Whether na heaven we dey go or na this earth we go stay, make all of us dey think about wetin God don promise us. This one go help us put  our mind for the promise, and do everything wey we fit do to make sure sey e reach our hand.​—1 Cor. 9:24.

3. Wetin Paul warn Christian about?

3 Paul still warn those Christian about wetin fit make the promise no reach their hand. For example, e write letter give the congregation for Colossae. For the letter, e tell dem about some brothers wey dey follow Moses Law and no gree get faith for Jesus Christ. For their mind, na that one go make God happy. (Col. 2:16-18) Paul still talk about things wey fit make us no get wetin Jehovah promise. E talk about wetin we go do to run from sex matter wey no clean for God eye. E still talk wetin we go do if we get problem with our brothers and wetin go help us handle family problem. Wetin e talk about this matter fit help us today. So make we see some of the things wey Paul tell the brothers for Colossae because e love dem.


4. Why sex matter wey no clean for God eye fit make us no get wetin Jehovah promise?

4 After Paul don tell the brothers for Colossae about the better hope wey dem get, e come sey: ‘So make una kill the different different part of una body where things like this dey: all sex matter wey no clean for God eye, to dey do wetin no clean, to dey hungry to sleep with person wey no be una husband or wife, to dey hungry to do bad thing, to get long throat.’ (Col. 3:5) E easy to fall for sex matter wey no clean for God eye. This one fit make us no be Jehovah friend again, and we no go get wetin God promise us. E get one brother wey fall for this trap. When e come back to Jehovah, e talk sey the power wey sex matter get, strong well well sotey e don already fall put before im eye clear.

5. Wetin go help us no fall for things wey fit put us for trouble?

5 E good make we know the things wey fit make am hard us to do wetin Jehovah like about sex matter. For example, two people fit dey go out together because dem get am for mind to marry. But as dem start, e make sense for dem to tell each other where dem go do reach for matter like, to touch each other, to kiss, and wetin dem go do make only two of dem no dey for some kind place. (Prov. 22:3) Person fit still fall for sex matter if e travel leave house because of work, or when man and woman dey work together for working place. (Prov. 2:10-12, 16) If your work be like that, make people know you as Jehovah Witness and make you dey behave well. Remember sey if you dey make man or woman think sey you like am, you fit put yourself for serious wahala. We fit still fall for this wahala when we no happy or when only us dey. We fit dey find person wey go show us sey e like us. And we fit no even care about who the person be so far e get our time. If this kind thing ever happen to you, pray to Jehovah and go meet brothers and sisters to help you. If you do this things, sex matter wey no clean for God eye no go make you miss wetin Jehovah promise.​—Read Psalm 34:18; Proverbs 13:20.

6. Wetin we suppose remember when we dey choose wetin we go watch or listen to?

6 If we want kill wetin dey make sex matter hungry us, we need to comot hand from anything wey dey talk about am. E fit be for TV, radio or paper. For example, many of the things wey dem dey show for TV just be like wetin happen for Sodom and Gomorrah that time. (Jude 7) People wey dey do this things for people to read or watch, dey make dem feel sey na normal thing to put hand for sex matter wey God no like. Dem dey make people think sey nothing go happen  if dem do am. Make we shine our eye, no be everything wey dem show for TV we go watch and no be everything wey dem play for radio we go listen to. E good make we dey select wetin we dey watch, listen to, or read, so that dem no go make us miss wetin God promise.​—Prov. 4:23.


7. Wetin dey happen for congregation sometimes?

7 We happy sey we dey among people wey dey serve Jehovah. We dey study Bible together for our meeting, we get love, and we dey use better mind help each other. All this things dey help us put mind for wetin God promise us. But we dey get problem with our brothers and sisters sometimes. If we no quick settle the matter, e fit make us start to carry face for dem, or stop to talk to dem.​—Read 1 Peter 3:8, 9.

8, 9. (a) Which other thing go help us get wetin God promise? (b) If brother or sister do wetin vex us, wetin we fit do make peace dey?

8 If we no want make the problem wey we get with our brothers and sisters make us miss wetin God promise, wetin we go do? Paul tell the brothers for Colossae sey: ‘As una be people wey God don choose, wey holy and wey e love, e good make una get good mind, no dey carry shoulder up, dey do things sofri sofri and make una dey patient with unaself. No dey carry wetin una do unaself for mind and no stop to dey use all una mind forgive unaself, even if na wetin suppose make you vex for the other person. As Jehovah take dey use all im mind forgive una, make una still dey do like that. But apart from all this one, make una wear love like cloth, because na im dey join everything together, to make am complete.’​—Col. 3:12-14.

9 If we get good mind for our brothers and sisters and we love dem, we go dey forgive dem. For example, if wetin dem talk or do make us vex, make we self remember when we talk or do something wey make person vex. You no happy sey dem forgive you? (Read Ecclesiastes 7:21, 22.) We dey happy well well as Jesus dey make all of us get one mind. (Col. 3:15) All of us dey serve the same God, we dey preach the same message, and we fit even dey face the same problem. We dey add join the peace wey all of us get when we dey forgive each other. E still dey help us put mind for the better life wey God promise us.

10, 11. (a) Why jealousy no good? (b) If we no want make jealousy make us miss wetin Jehovah promise, wetin we go do?

10 Jealousy fit make wetin God promise us no reach our hand. Some people example for Bible help us know this one. For example, Cain kill im brother Abel because of jealousy. Korah, Dathan, and Abiram stop to dey support Moses because dem dey jealous am. Even King Saul try to kill David because of jealousy. No wonder Bible talk sey ‘anywhere wey quarrel and jealousy dey, katakata and other bad things go still dey.’​—Jas. 3:16.

11 If we love our brothers and sisters and get good mind for dem, we no go jealous dem. Bible talk sey: ‘Love dey patient and e get good mind. Love no dey jealous.’ (1 Cor. 13:4) If we no want make jealousy grow for our belle, we must try to dey do like Jehovah wey dey see all of us as one. This one go help us dey feel for our brothers. Bible show sey all of us be like different different part wey dey person body. E sey: ‘If dem praise one part, the rest part go happy with am.’ (1 Cor. 12:16-18, 26) So when good thing happen to our brothers, instead of us to dey jealous dem, make we dey happy for dem. For example, when God choose David to be king, Jonathan wey be King Saul pikin no jealous David. But e tell David better word wey go help  am. (1 Sam. 23:16-18) We fit get love and better mind like Jonathan?


12. Wetin Bible talk wey fit help everybody for family get wetin God promise?

12 If everybody for family dey follow wetin God talk, peace go dey the family and dem go happy. This one go still make wetin God promise reach their hand. Paul tell the brothers and sisters for Colossae wetin everybody for family need to dey do. E sey: ‘Make una wey be wife dey carry body down for una husband. This na wetin the Lord want. Una wey be husband, make una continue to dey love una wife and make una no dey over vex for dem. Make una wey be children dey obey una papa and mama for everything. This one dey make the Lord happy. Make una wey be papa, no dey make una children vex anyhow so that life no go tire dem.’ (Col. 3:18-21) You agree sey wetin Paul talk fit help everybody for your family?

13. Wetin wife fit do to help im husband start to serve Jehovah?

13 What if you feel sey your husband wey no be Witness dey treat you anyhow? If you start to dey complain about how e dey do things or dey argue with am, that one go solve the problem? Even if you make am do wetin you want, that one go make am come serve Jehovah? E fit no work. Na your husband be the head of una family. So if you dey respect am, you dey make peace dey  your family. E go make Jehovah happy, and your better character fit make your husband start to serve Jehovah. This one go make wetin God promise reach una hand.​—Read 1 Peter 3:1, 2.

14. Wetin husband suppose do if im wife wey no be Witness, no dey respect am?

14 What if your wife no be Jehovah Witness, and you feel sey e no dey respect you? If you dey shout for am to let am know sey na you be the man of the house, na that one go make am dey respect you? That one no go work! Na true sey na you be the head of the family, but Jehovah want make you dey show love like Jesus Christ. (Eph. 5:23) Jesus wey be the head of the congregation dey treat us well. E love us and e dey patient with us. (Luke 9:46-48) If husband dey copy Jesus example, e fit make im wife start to dey serve Jehovah.

15. How husband go take show sey e love im wife?

15 Bible tell husband sey: ‘Make una continue to dey love una wife and make una no dey over vex for dem.’ (Col. 3:19) Husband wey love im wife dey listen to am and e dey let im wife know sey e value wetin e talk. (1 Pet. 3:7) Na true sey no be everytime husband dey fit do wetin im wife talk. But if husband dey tell im wife something before e do am, e go fit choose well. (Prov. 15:22) Better husband no dey force im wife to respect am, but e dey do wetin go make im wife respect am. If husband love im wife and children, this one fit make im family happy as dem dey serve Jehovah. And e fit make dem get the life wey no go end wey Jehovah promise.

Wetin we go do so that family problem no go make us miss wetin God promise us? (Check paragraph 13-15)


16, 17. Wetin go help you no tire for your papa and mama?

16 You fit dey around 13 to 19 years, and you fit dey feel sey your papa and mama no dey give you chance to do wetin you want. This one fit dey make you vex, and you fit no dey sure if na to serve Jehovah better pass. But no let am make you stop to serve Jehovah. Because if you stop, you go later see sey no other person love you reach your papa and mama wey dey serve Jehovah and people for congregation.

17 If your papa and mama no dey correct you, you no go dey wonder if dem really like you? (Heb. 12:8) Maybe you no like the way your papa and mama take dey correct you. Instead of you to dey vex, try to see why dem dey correct you like that. So cool down if dem dey correct you and no do anything wey you go later regret. Bible talk sey: ‘Person wey get sense no dey talk too much. And person wey know wetin e dey do dey always control im temper.’ (Prov. 17:27) Try to dey behave like mature person wey dey sofri take advice. No worry yourself about how dem take correct you. (Prov. 1:8) Na better thing to get papa and mama wey love Jehovah. Dem want make you get the better life wey God don promise us.

18. Why you ready to do everything wey you fit do to make sure sey you get wetin God promise?

18 Na better thing dey wait for us, whether we dey go heaven or we go stay this earth. E good make we put mind for the promise. Na Jehovah make heaven and earth. So we believe sey wetin e promise must happen. Bible talk sey we go learn more things about Jehovah for paradise, and everybody for ‘the whole earth’ go dey do wetin Jehovah like. (Isa. 11:9) Na Jehovah go teach everybody wey go dey that time. This one no be something wey person suppose miss. So make we do everything wey we fit do to make sure sey we get am. Put your mind for wetin Jehovah promise and no let anything make you miss am!