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Watchtower (The One Wey We Dey Study)  |  November 2017

How You Go Take Enjoy Your New Congregation?

How You Go Take Enjoy Your New Congregation?

ONE brother wey im name na Allen, * pack go one new area wey far well well from im former place. The place nearly far reach 900 miles (e pass 1,400 km). E dey try make e enjoy im new congregation. The brother talk sey: “I first dey fear to come this place. I no know whether I fit get new friend for here or whether dem go take me as friend.”

You fit get small fear if na you join another congregation. Wetin fit help you start to enjoy the congregation? Wetin you fit do if e no easy for you to like the place as you first think? If you dey the congregation wey new person join, wetin you fit do to make am enjoy am?


Make we use example of tree talk this matter. When dem uproot tree go plant for another place, e no dey easy for am to grow. When dem dey uproot am, no be all the root dey follow am. But once dem plant am for another place, e go start to grow new root. Na so e still be if you join another congregation. E fit no easy for you. Like that tree wey don already grow root for where dem first plant am, you don first get some tight friend for your former congregation. And the way you dey do things for the former congregation don master you. But now, you go need to arrange yourself again and make new friends, like that tree wey go need to grow new root. Wetin go help you? Na when you follow the things wey Bible talk. Make we talk about some of the things.

Person wey dey read Bible everytime ‘be like tree wey dem plant near river, wey dey bear fruit when im time reach, wey the leaf no dey die. And everything e do go get head.’​Ps. 1:1-3.

For tree to grow well, e need water everytime. Na so e still be if person want be God tight friend. E must read Bible everyday. So make you dey read Bible everyday, and continue to go meeting. Dey do family worship and personal study as you dey do before. For your former area, you fit don already dey do this things wey make you and Jehovah be tight friend. So, continue to do this things for your new congregation.

‘Dem go give water to person wey dey give other people water.’​Prov. 11:25.

You go quick start to enjoy the new congregation when you dey follow dem go preaching well. E get one elder wey join new congregation. E name na Kevin. E talk sey: “When me and my wife just join the new congregation, we start to do auxiliary pioneer. Na that one help us pass. E no tey we come sabi the brothers, the pioneers, and the territory.” Another brother wey im name na Roger, join new congregation for far place. The place far pass 1,000 miles (1,600 km) from im former place. The brother sey: “If you want enjoy your new congregation, make you dey go preaching everytime. Na this one go help you pass for the new congregation. Make you still let the elders know sey you ready to help do any work for congregation. E fit be to clean Kingdom Hall, to handle part for meeting if the person wey get the part no dey, or to dey carry person go meeting. When brothers and sisters see sey you get better mind to help people, dem go draw you near body.”

‘Make una open una heart.’​2 Cor. 6:13.

To show sey you dey open your heart, make you love all the brothers and sisters. For example, e get one sister, im name na Melissa. E pack go another place with im husband and im pikin. Dem start to make new friends when dem reach their new congregation. The sister talk sey: “We like to talk with brothers and sisters before meeting start and when meeting  end. No be just to greet dem. This one give us time to know dem.” Wetin this family do still help dem know the brothers name quick quick. To let the brothers know sey dem love dem, dem invite dem come their house. This one make dem be tight friend. The sister still talk sey: “We give dem our phone number and we self collect their own. This one make am easy for dem to call us for congregation matter or for any other thing.

E get small small things wey you fit do if e dey hard you to talk with people wey you no sabi before. For example, you fit smile for dem. E fit no dey your mind to smile, but if you smile, e go make people near you. No wonder Bible talk sey: ‘Smile dey make person heart happy.’ (Prov. 15:30, ftn.) E get one sister wey im name na Rachel. E pack comot from where e for grow. The sister talk sey: “I be person wey dey shame well well. Sometimes, I dey force myself to talk to brothers and sisters for my new congregation. When I reach Kingdom Hall, I dey take eye look for person wey sitdown on im own and no dey talk to anybody. E fit be sey shame dey catch am like me.” What of you? You fit talk to new people for your congregation before meeting start and when e end?

E fit be sey you be person wey dey happy when you just see person wey you no know before. But as time dey go, e fit no dey sweet you again. If this kind thing dey do you, wetin you go do? You need to do wetin you fit do to continue to dey make new friends.

When dem uproot tree go plant for another place, e no dey easy for am to grow. But once dem plant am again, e go start to grow new root


All tree no be the same. No be the same time e dey take dem to grow for new place. Na so e still be when we dey try to sabi people for new congregation. No be the same time e dey take everybody to enjoy new congregation. If you never start to enjoy your new congregation, wetin dey this Bible verse fit help you:

‘So make we no tire to dey do wetin good, because when time reach we go gain am if we no tire.’​Gal. 6:9.

Still give yourself time if you never start to dey enjoy your new congregation, as you first think sey you go enjoy am. For example, dem dey send people wey be missionary go different country wey no be their own. Dem dey stay there for many years before dem go back to their own country for visit. This one dey help dem make new friend with the brothers and sisters for the place wey dem dey. And e still dey help dem sabi how other people dey do things.

E get one brother, im name na Alejandro. E don stay different different place and e know sey e dey take time to enjoy new place. The brother talk sey: ‘When we newly pack come, my wife tell me sey all im friend dey our former congregation!’ The brother come remind im wife sey na so e still talk when dem pack go new area two years ago. When dem dey there, im wife show brothers and sisters love. This one make dem be tight friend even if dem no know each other before.

‘No talk sey, “Why e be sey those days better pass now?” because person wey get sense no dey ask this kind question.’​Eccl. 7:10.

No use the eye wey you take dey look your former congregation take look the new one. For example, e fit be sey people for your new congregation no dey talk too much or dem dey talk well well. You fit no like how people for your new congregation dey do things. But put eye for the better things wey dem dey do. You no dey like am when other people put eye for the better character wey you get? Some brothers and sisters wey join new congregation don see sey dem need to  love ‘brothers and sisters’ for the whole world. No be just some of dem.​—1 Pet. 2:17.

‘Make una continue to dey ask, and una go get’ wetin una want.​Luke 11:9.

Dey pray sey make Jehovah help you. E get one brother wey im name na David. The brother na elder. E talk sey: “No think sey you go fit bear am by yourself. Na Jehovah dey help us do many things wey we no fit do by ourself. Tell Jehovah the matter for prayer!” Rachel wey we don first talk about, talk sey: “When e dey do me and my husband like sey we no dey part of the congregation, we dey tell Jehovah for prayer. We dey tell am sey, ‘Abeg help us know whether we dey do something wey dey make am hard for people to near us.’ We come try to dey spend time with brothers and sisters for congregation pass before.”

If you see sey your children no dey enjoy una new congregation, wetin you fit do? Pray with dem about the matter. Do things wey go help dem get new friend for the congregation. You fit invite brothers and sisters for your congregation come your house.


Wetin you fit do to help brothers and sisters wey newly come your congregation? Try to make friend with dem as dem come. What if na you? You no go like am if other people treat you well? So try to do things for dem as you go like make other people do for you. (Matt. 7:12) Dem fit join you and your family do family worship? Dem fit join una watch JW Broadcasting wey we dey do every month? You fit tell dem to join you go preaching? You fit call dem to come chop small thing for your house. Dem no go quick forget the better things wey you do for dem. Which other thing you fit do for people wey newly come your congregation?

E get one brother wey im name na Carlos. The brother talk sey: “When we newly come our congregation, one sister show us different place where things no too dey cost. This one help us well well.” People wey newly come una congregation fit no know how the weather be for una side. Dem fit like am if you tell dem how una take dey dress for cold weather, hot weather, or for rainy season. To help dem preach well, you fit tell dem wetin people wey dey the area believe.


Allen wey we talk about before, don dey new congregation pass one year. E remember wetin happen, e sey: “E first dey hard me to draw body near the brothers and sisters. But now we be like one family and e dey make me happy.” Even though sey Allen leave im friends for im former congregation, e come see sey e don even get more friends. And this e new friends fit even be im friends forever.

^ par. 2 We change some people name.