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Jehovah Witness People

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This magazine carry the topic wey we go study for December 25, 2017 to January 28, 2018.

Use All Your Heart Sing!

If you dey shame to sing for meeting, wetin fit help you make you no dey shame again, and use your voice praise Jehovah?

You Dey Run Go Meet Jehovah to Help You?

The different different city wey dem build for Israel for person wey kill somebody by mistake, teach us about how God take dey forgive person.

Dey Pity People and Judge Well Like Jehovah

How the city wey dem build for who kill person by mistake take show sey Jehovah dey pity person? Wetin dem teach us about how e dey look people life? How dem take show sey e dey judge matter well?

‘God Go Bless Person Wey No Dey Tight Hand’

We fit use our time, our power, and other things wey we get, take support the preaching work.

No Follow Wetin People Dey Talk

Make we no let wetin people dey talk and wetin dem believe spoil our mind. Make we talk about five things wey people for this world dey talk.

No Let Anything Make You Miss Wetin God Promise

After Paul don tell the brothers for Colossae about the better hope wey dem get, e come warn dem because e love dem.

How You Go Take Enjoy Your New Congregation?

If you want change congregation, fear fit dey your body. Wetin fit help you make you start to enjoy the congregation?