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Watchtower (The One Wey We Dey Study)  |  May 2017

How ‘Strangers’ Fit Help Their Children

How ‘Strangers’ Fit Help Their Children

‘Wetin dey make me happy pass na, when I hear sey my children dey follow the truth.’​—3 JOHN 4.

SONG: 88, 41

1, 2. (a) Which problem many children dey face when dem pack go new country? (b) Which question we go answer for this topic?

ONE brother wey im name na Joshua talk sey: ‘From when I small, I dey speak my papa and mama language for house and meeting. But when I start school, I come dey like the language wey people dey speak for the new country wey we pack go. E no tey after some years, I come sabi speak the language.’ Joshua still talk sey meeting for im papa and mama language no come dey sweet am again. Because e dey new country, the way people dey do things for im papa and mama country don dey comot for im body. Wetin happen to Joshua no be new thing.

2 Today, e pass 240 million people wey no dey stay for where dem born dem. If you be papa or mama wey pack go another country, wetin you fit do to help your children ‘dey follow the truth’? (3 John 4) And how other people fit help you?


3, 4.(a) How papa and mama fit show their children better example? (b) Wetin papa and mama no suppose get for mind about their children?

3 Papa and mama, e good make una show better example if una want make una children love Jehovah and enter paradise. When your children see sey you dey ‘put God Kingdom first,’ dem go  sabi trust Jehovah to give dem wetin dem need. (Matt. 6:33, 34) So dey live simple life. Make God work be number one thing for your life instead of money or property. Try comot hand from credit. Try gather ‘better things for heaven.’ This one mean sey una go dey do wetin sweet Jehovah, no be to dey gather money and property or ‘make people dey praise’ una.​—Read Mark 10:21, 22; John 12:43.

4 No work sotey you no come get time for your children. Na good thing if your children dey put Jehovah first for their life, instead of dem to dey popular or dey pursue money for you or for theirself. Let dem know sey this one dey make you happy. E no good to believe sey children suppose work to find money for their papa and mama so that dem go live big man life. Remember sey, ‘no be children suppose save for their papa and mama, but na papa and mama suppose save for children.’​—2 Cor. 12:14.


5. Why e good make papa and mama dey tell their children about Jehovah?

5 Bible don talk sey, people go dey enter Jehovah organization. Dem go come from different different place, and dem go dey speak ‘all the language.’ (Zech. 8:23) But if papa and mama no dey speak the language wey their children sabi speak, e fit hard dem to teach their children Bible. Na your children be the number one Bible student wey you go ever get. Dem go get life wey no go end if ‘dem come know’ Jehovah. (John 17:3) So that your children fit learn about the things wey Jehovah dey teach im people, you must ‘talk about dem’ everytime.​—Read Deuteronomy 6:6, 7.

6. Why e good make your children learn your language? (Go check the first picture.)

6 E fit be sey your children go learn the language of the new area for school and from other people. But dem go learn your language when you dey always use your language talk with dem. If your children sabi speak your language well, e no go hard dem to talk to you about how dem feel. Apart from that one, other better things dey. Their brain go sharp and dem go fit dey do things well with people. E go still help dem fit dey preach to people wey dey speak other language. One sister, wey im name na Carolina, wey im papa and mama pack go another country, talk sey: ‘Since I dey congregation wey dey use the language of the new area wey I dey, meeting dey make sense. And e sweet me sey I dey help people for another area wey Jehovah Witness no too dey.’

7. Wetin you fit do if your children start to speak another language?

7 But, as this children dey learn the language of the new place, some of dem fit no like to speak their papa and mama language again. Dem fit even no sabi speak am again. If na so your pikin be, you fit try learn some language wey people dey speak for the new area? If you understand wetin your children dey talk, wetin dem dey watch and listen to, wetin dem dey learn for school, and if you fit dey talk to their teacher face to face, e no go too hard you to train your children well to serve Jehovah. The truth be sey, to learn new language dey take time, you go work put, and you go need to carry body down. For example, person wey im pikin deaf go try learn sign language, no be so? So if your pikin sabi another language pass your own, you no think sey e good to still try learn that language? *

8. How you fit help your children if you no dey speak their language well?

8 True true, e fit no easy for some papa and mama to sabi their children new language well. This problem fit make  am hard for dem to help their children understand ‘the holy things’ wey dey Bible. (2 Tim. 3:15) If na so e be for you, no worry. You fit still help your children come know and love Jehovah. One elder wey im name na Shan, talk wetin e remember when e dey small. E sey: ‘Our mama no too understand the language wey me and my two sister dey speak, and we no dey fit speak my mama language well. But when we see am dey study Bible, dey pray, and dey do everything wey e fit do to make sure sey we do family worship every week, we come know sey to learn about Jehovah na im better pass.’

9. How papa and mama fit help children wey fit speak two language learn Bible?

9 Some children fit learn about Jehovah with the language wey dem dey speak for school and the one wey una dey speak for house. Na im make some papa and mama dey teach dem with book, record, and video for the two language. E clear sey, papa and mama wey dey stay another country suppose spend time and do everything to help their children near Jehovah more more.


10. (a) Who suppose choose congregation wey go favor the family? (b) Wetin e go do before e choose the congregation?

10 When ‘strangers’ dey place wey their language congregation no dey, make dem join the congregation wey dey use the language of the new area wey dem dey. (Ps. 146:9) But if congregation wey dey use their language near the place, this question fit come the papa mind: Which congregation go favor my family pass? Before e choose, make e think am well, pray about am, and talk the matter with im wife and children. (1 Cor. 11:3) Which things papa go put for mind? Wetin Bible talk wey fit help am? Make we talk about some of dem.

11, 12. (a) How language fit help children learn for meeting? (b) Why some children no want learn their papa and mama language?

11 Papa and mama must think about wetin their pikin really need. Na true sey, no be only to go meeting every week fit help pikin understand Bible well, no matter the language wey the congregation dey use. Children need wetin pass that one. But, think am like this: If children go meeting wey dey use language wey dem understand well, dem fit learn plenty things. E fit even pass wetin their papa and mama think sey dem fit learn. But, e fit no be like dat if the children no dey understand the language well. (Read 1 Corinthians 14:9, 11.) And the language wey dem take born pikin fit no really be the language wey e sabi pass or wey dey touch am pass. The truth be sey, some children fit learn how to answer question for meeting, how to handle assignment, and how to give talk for their papa and mama language. But, dem no dey really feel wetin dem dey talk and e no dey come from their mind.

12 Make we still put am for mind sey, no be only language dey make pikin like something. Make we take Joshua, wey we don talk about before, as example. Im senior sister, wey im name na Esther, talk sey: ‘Young children dey like their papa and mama language, culture, and religion together. Dem no dey separate am.’ If papa and mama culture no enter pikin body, e fit no like to learn their language and religion. Wetin papa and mama wey dey stay another place go do about this one?

13, 14. (a) Why Samuel and im wife carry their children go congregation wey dey use the language of their new place? (b) Wetin dem do so that their love for Jehovah go still strong?

13 Before papa and mama think about wetin go favor dem, make dem first think about wetin go favor their children. (1 Cor. 10:24) Samuel, wey be Joshua and Esther papa, talk sey: ‘Me and my wife look our children  to know which language go help dem near Jehovah more more. We pray to Jehovah make e give us sense. The way Jehovah answer our prayer, no be wetin we really dey find. But when we come see sey dem no dey really learn anything for meeting with our language, we come go congregation wey dey use the language of the new place wey we dey. We dey always go meeting and preaching together. We still dey invite some brothers and sisters for the area to come follow us chop and we dey go out together. All this one help our children know brothers and sisters. And, apart from sey dem see Jehovah as their God, e come be their Father and Friend. We don see sey this one better pass to master our language.’

14 Samuel still talk sey: ‘Me and my wife come still dey go meeting for our language so that our love for Jehovah go dey strong more more. We tire because of the many things wey we dey do. But we thank Jehovah sey e bless wetin we fit do. All our three children still dey serve Jehovah and dem dey full time.’


15. Why sister Kristina feel sey e go better if e join congregation wey dey use the language of where e dey stay?

15 When children don big, dem fit talk sey dem go serve Jehovah well for congregation wey dey use language wey dem understand well. If na so, make their papa and mama no feel sey their children no love dem again. Kristina talk sey: ‘I sabi my papa and mama language small. But when dem dey use the language for meeting, I no dey understand am. When I dey 12 years, I go one convention wey dem use the language wey I dey speak for school. Na the first time be that wey I understand wetin dem dey talk from Bible! Another thing wey happen wey make me later change congregation, na when I start to pray with the language wey I dey speak for school. I dey tell Jehovah how I dey feel!’ (Acts 2:11, 41) When Kristina don grow, e talk the matter with im papa and mama. E come join congregation wey dey use the language of their new place. E still talk sey: ‘Because I dey learn about Jehovah for the language wey I dey speak for school, I come dey do wetin I suppose do.’ E no tey, Kristina start regular pioneer, and e belle sweet am.

16. Why sister Nadia happy sey e stay the congregation wey dey use im papa and mama language?

16 Young people, una think sey una go like am if una join congregation wey dey use the language of where una dey stay? If your answer na yes, ask yourself why e be like that. The language go help you near Jehovah more more if you join the congregation? (Jas. 4:8) Or, you want change because you no want make your papa and mama dey put eye for your body? Or you think sey e go be stress for you? One sister wey dey Bethel now, wey im name na Nadia, talk sey: ‘When my two sister, my brother, and me pass twelve years, we want join congregation wey dey use the language of where we dey stay.’ But, their papa and mama know sey if dem change congregation, e no go help dem love Jehovah. Nadia come still sey: ‘We thank our papa and mama sey dem do wetin dem fit do to teach us their language, and make us stay for congregation wey dey use their language. Wetin dem do make life sweet us and we don get chance to help other people learn about Jehovah.’


17. (a) Who Jehovah don give the work to train children? (b) Wetin papa and mama fit do to help their pikin learn Bible?

17 Na papa and mama Jehovah give the work to teach their children Bible. E no give their grandpapa, grandmama or any other person the work. (Read Proverbs 1:8; 31:10, 27, 28.) But, if papa and mama  no dey understand the language of the new place wey dem dey stay, dem fit tell person to help dem teach the children wetin go touch dem. This one no mean sey dem dey leave their work for another person. But, e go help dem fit teach and correct their children to do wetin Jehovah like. (Eph. 6:⁠4) For example, papa and mama fit ask elders for congregation for advice about how to conduct their family worship. Dem fit still ask dem how their children go get better friend for the place.

Papa, mama and their children go gain if dem dey do things with brothers and sisters for congregation (Check paragraph 18, 19)

18, 19. (a) How other servant of Jehovah fit help young people? (b) Wetin papa and mama go continue to do?

18 For example, papa and mama fit tell another family to join dem for their family worship. And many young people dey learn from other servant of Jehovah if dem follow dem go preaching and do other things together. (Prov. 27:17) Shan wey we talk about before, sey: ‘I remember the brothers and sisters wey help me. Anytime dem help me prepare assignment for meeting, I dey learn pass if only me prepare. I dey enjoy the free time wey we take dey do other things together.’

19 Make people wey papa and mama choose to help their children, dey always advise dem to respect their papa and mama. This people fit do this one if dem dey talk better things about the children papa and mama. Make dem no do like sey dem want collect the work from their hand. And make dem no do anything wey fit make some people think sey dem want spoil the pikin. (1 Pet. 2:12) Even if papa and mama tell other people to help dem, e no mean sey dem go leave their work for dem. Make dem make sure sey dem dey put eye for how the people dey help the children. Make dem continue to teach their children by theirself.

20. How papa and mama fit help their pikin serve Jehovah well?

20 Papa and mama, make una tell Jehovah to help una, and make una do everything wey una fit do. (Read 2 Chronicles 15:7.) First do wetin go help your pikin near Jehovah before you think about wetin go favor you. Do wetin you fit do to make sure sey wetin dem dey learn from Bible dey touch dem. No stop to get hope sey your pikin go serve Jehovah well. Make your pikin dey do wetin Bible talk and make dem follow your good example. If dem do like that, you go feel like apostle John wey talk about brothers and sisters for congregation, wey be like im children, sey: ‘Wetin dey make me happy pass na, when I hear sey my children dey follow the truth.’​—3 John 4.

^ par. 7 Check page 10-12 for this topic “You Can Learn Another Language!” wey dey March 2007 Awake!