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Help Strangers Serve Jehovah With Sweet Mind

Help Strangers Serve Jehovah With Sweet Mind

‘Jehovah dey protect strangers.’​—PS. 146:9.

SONG: 84, 73

1, 2. (a) Which problem dem our brothers and sisters dey face? (b) Which question dem fit come our mind?

ONE brother wey im name na Lije talk wetin happen to im and im family for Burundi. E sey: ‘We dey assembly when dem start to fight and kill people for Burundi. We see as people dey shoot and the way people dey run. My papa, my mama and 11 of us wey be children come run make dem no kill us. The property wey we carry no reach anything. Some people for my family come run reach one refugee camp wey dey Malawi. The camp far pass 1,000 miles (1,600 km). The rest of us scatter go different different place.’

2 For the whole world, e pass 65 million refugee people wey don run comot from where dem dey stay because of war or because people dey suffer dem. Dem never many like this before. * Jehovah Witness people dey among dem. Many of dem get family people and friend wey die, and dem don lose almost all their property. Which other problem some of dem don face? How we fit help our brothers  and sisters wey dey face this problem to ‘dey happy as dem dey serve Jehovah?’ (Ps. 100:2) And how we fit preach well to refugee wey never know Jehovah?


3. How Jesus and many of im disciple take be refugee?

3 Jehovah angel warn Joseph sey King Herod want kill Jesus. Joseph come carry Jesus and Mary go live refugee life for Egypt. Dem no comot for Egypt until Herod die. (Matt. 2:13, 14, 19-21) After many years, Jesus disciples ‘scatter go everywhere for Judea and for Samaria’ because people dey suffer dem. (Acts 8:1) Jesus first know sey many of im disciple go run comot from where dem dey stay. E sey: ‘When dem suffer una for one town, make una run go another one.’ (Matt. 10:23) E hard for person to run comot from where e dey stay. But if suffer come, dem no dey tell person.

4, 5. Which kind problem refugee dey face when dem (a) dey run from their place? (b) dey camp?

4 People wey be refugee fit enter wahala as dem dey run from their place or when dem dey refugee camp. Gad, wey be Lije junior brother, remember wetin happen. E talk sey: ‘Na trek we trek for some week. We just dey see so so dead body for road. I dey 12 years that time. My two leg swell up sotey I tell my family sey make dem go leave me. My papa come carry me because e no want leave me for there make dem no come kill me. If day break, we dey chop wetin we see. We dey pray to Jehovah and we trust am. Sometimes, na only mango wey grow for road we dey see chop for a whole day.’​—Phil. 4:12, 13.

5 Many of Lije family people come stay United Nations refugee camp. Dem stay there for years, but no be better place to stay. Lije, wey don be circuit overseer now, talk how camp be. E sey: ‘Many people no get work. Dem dey do amebo, dey drink anyhow, dey gamble, dey thief, and dey put hand for sex wey no clean for God eye.’ Jehovah Witness for camp put body for Jehovah work, so that dem no go follow people do this bad things. (Heb. 6:11, 12; 10:24, 25) Dem use their time do better thing and many of dem pioneer. This one help dem continue to serve Jehovah. Anytime wey dem remember Israel people story for wilderness, dem dey get hope sey, dem no go stay camp forever.​—2 Cor. 4:18.


6, 7. (a) If we love God, how we go treat our brothers and sisters? (b) Give one example.

6 If we ‘love God,’ we go show our brothers and sisters love, especially when dem get serious problem. (Read 1 John 3:17, 18.) For example, when hunger dey Judea for Jesus apostle time, other brothers and sisters arrange make dem help dem. (Acts 11:28, 29) Even apostle Paul and Peter advise Christian sey make dem dey do good to each other. (Rom. 12:13; 1 Pet. 4:9) If Christian suppose do good to brothers wey visit from other place, then dem suppose still do good to brothers wey wahala pursue from where dem dey stay, because dem dey serve Jehovah!​—Read Proverbs 3:27. *

7 E never tey wey many Jehovah Witness people run comot from their place because of fight fight for eastern Ukraine. Among the people wey run comot because dem dey suffer dem, na men, women, and children. E pain us sey dem kill some of dem. But many of dem stay with brothers and sisters wey dey other area for Ukraine. Many of dem still stay with brothers and sisters for Russia. Bible sey make we no ‘join this world,’ na im make this brothers and sisters wey go stay Ukraine and Russia, no put hand for war or politics. Instead, dem continue to use all  their mind and power ‘preach the good news’ wey dey Bible.​—John 15:19; Acts 8:4.


8, 9. (a) Which kind things refugee people dey face for their new place? (b) Why e good make we dey patient as we dey help dem?

8 Some people dey run go stay another place for their country when wahala dey. But, other people dey run go another country go stay. Na true sey government fit give some of dem food, cloth, and where to put head. Even with that one, some things fit no easy for dem. For example, the food fit different from wetin dem dey chop for their country. If weather for their country hot, dem fit no know wetin to wear if weather for the new country cold. And if na village dem come from, dem fit no know how to use electric cooker, television or other things wey dey work with electric.

9 Some government dey arrange how to help refugee to fit stay for their new place. But, after some month, na the refugee dem go care for theirself. E no go easy for dem because dem go need to learn many new things at once. For example, dem go learn new language, new law, how people for the area dey do things, how to follow time, how to pay tax and other money matter, which school dem want go and how to train pikin. E good make we take am sofri sofri with dem. Make we respect and help brothers and sisters wey dey this kind condition. Small small, dem go learn this new things.​—Phil. 2:3, 4.

10. How we go take help our refugee brothers get strong faith? (Go check the first picture.)

10 Sometimes, government people dey make am hard for our brothers wey be refugee to fit find other brothers for the area. Some of dem don threaten our brothers sey if dem no do work wey go make dem dey miss meeting, dem no go help dem again. Some brothers collect the work because of fear, and because dem feel sey nobody go help dem. So, e good make we quick go meet our brothers wey be refugee as dem just come. Dem need to know sey we ready to help dem. Their faith go strong more more when we help dem.​—Prov. 12:25; 17:17.


11. (a) Wetin refugee need as dem just come? (b) How refugee go take show sey dem like wetin brothers dey do for dem?

11 Since dem just come, we need to give our refugee brothers food, cloth, and other things wey dem need. * E go really touch this brothers, even if na small thing like tie, we dash dem. When refugee brothers no dey feel sey people must continue to dash dem things, dem dey show sey dem like wetin the brothers dey do for dem. This one go make belle sweet the brothers. As time dey go, make refugee brothers try dey take care of theirself so that dem no go come dey feel sey dem be load to brothers. This one go still help dem use free mind do things with brothers. (2 Thess. 3:7-10) But, we still need to do other things for dem.

Wetin we fit do to help our brothers and sisters wey be refugee? (Check paragraph 11-13)

12, 13. (a) Wetin we fit do to help refugee? (b) Give one example.

12 We no need to give refugee plenty money to show sey we dey help dem. Wetin dem need pass na our time and love. For example, we fit show dem how to enter transport, or how to buy better food wey no cost. We fit still show dem how to get things wey dem go use work, or how to learn work wey fit help dem put food for table. The one wey better pass na when we help dem enjoy their new congregation. If we fit, make we carry  dem go meeting. Still tell dem how una take dey preach for the area. Dem fit still follow us go preach.

13 When four young refugee come one congregation, some elders teach dem things. Things like how to drive, how to use computer type, and how to write letter sey dem dey find work. Dem still teach dem how to arrange their time well so that Jehovah work go be number one thing for their life. (Gal. 6:10) E no tey, the four of dem come be pioneer. Dem come dey do well for Jehovah work and dem no let this wicked world make dem stop to do wetin Jehovah like. Wetin help dem? Na the things wey the elders do for dem, and four of dem try get plan of wetin dem want do for Jehovah work.

14. (a) Wetin refugee go try make sure sey dem do? (b) Give one example.

14 Like all of us, refugee need to make sure sey the number one thing for their life na Jehovah work, no be money and property. * Lije, wey we talk about before, with im brothers and sisters, remember wetin their papa teach dem about faith when dem dey run. Dem talk sey: ‘One by one, e trowey some of our things wey we no need. E carry the empty bag, come smile talk sey: “Una see am? Na wetin una need be this!”’—Read 1 Timothy 6:8.


15, 16. (a) How we fit help refugee continue to learn about Jehovah? (b) How we fit show dem love?

15 People wey be refugee want make we help dem continue to learn about Jehovah and to show dem love. Dem need this one pass food and property. (Matt. 4:4) Elders fit help dem get our book dem for their language and help dem sabi other brothers wey dey speak their language. Many refugee don run leave their family people, their village, and their congregation. So e good make we help dem see sey Jehovah love dem and e dey feel for dem. If we no do like that, dem fit come dey make friend with family people or their country people wey no dey serve Jehovah. (1 Cor. 15:33) When we help dem sabi brothers and sisters well for congregation, we dey follow Jehovah ‘dey protect strangers.’​—Ps. 146:9.

16 Remember sey Joseph carry im family run from im place when Jesus still small. Dem no come fit go back because the people wey dey cause wahala that time still dey rule.  Na so e still be for some refugee today. Lije come still talk sey, ‘many papa and mama wey see as other people dey rape and kill their family people, no fit carry their children go back to where this things happen.’ If we want help this kind people, e good make we ‘dey feel for dem, get love for dem, use love show pity, and carry body down.’ (1 Pet. 3:8) Because of the suffer wey dem suffer for their place, refugee fit stop to do things with people. And because of shame, dem fit no like to talk about wetin dem suffer, especially when their pikin dey there. Ask yourself, ‘How I want make people treat me, if na me dey suffer like dem?’​—Matt. 7:12.


17. Why refugee people mind dey come down when we preach to dem?

17 Many refugee people come from country wey dem no dey let Jehovah Witness people preach. But many refugee don hear the good news about God Kingdom for the first time because we get brothers and sisters wey dey preach well well. We thank this brothers and sisters for wetin dem dey do. (Matt. 13:19, 23) Suffer don press many of this refugee like person wey ‘carry heavy load.’ But, their mind dey come down and their belle dey sweet dem when dem come our meeting. This one go make dem quick talk about us sey: ‘God dey with una true true.’​—Matt. 11:28-30; 1 Cor. 14:25.

18, 19. How we go take use sense preach to people wey be refugee?

18 E good make we dey use ‘sense’ when we dey preach to refugee people. (Matt. 10:16; Prov. 22:3) Sofri listen to dem when dem dey tell you their mind. But, no follow dem talk about politics. Follow the advice wey branch office and the government give so that you no go put yourself and other people for trouble. Know about the refugee people culture and their religion. This one go help you respect dem and you no go do or talk wetin go vex dem. For example, people from other country no want make woman wear some kind cloth. So, when we dey preach to refugee people, make we dress well so that we no go make dem vex.

19 Make we help people wey dey suffer, even if dem no dey serve Jehovah. If we do like that, we dey copy the better example of the Samaritan for one story wey Jesus talk. (Luke 10:33-37) To help dem, make we preach to dem because na im better pass. One elder wey don help many refugee talk sey: ‘E good make we no waste time before we tell dem sey we be Jehovah Witness. Make dem know sey the main thing wey carry us go meet dem na to help dem learn about Jehovah, no be to dash dem things. If we no do like that, some of dem fit dey draw body near us only because of wetin dem dey get from us.’


20, 21. (a) Which better thing dey come out when we show love to refugee people? (b) Wetin we go talk about for the next topic?

20 When we dey show ‘strangers’ sey we love dem, better thing dey come out. For example, e get one sister wey im name na Alganesh. When e husband die, e run comot from Eritrea with im six young children because of the wahala for there. Dem use eight days travel pass desert before dem reach Sudan. The journey no be here! The sister talk sey: ‘The brothers for there treat us like their family person. Dem give us food, clothes, where to stay, and transport money. Which other people fit carry stranger enter their house just because dem dey serve the same God? Na only Jehovah Witness people!’​—Read John 13:35.

21 What about the many children wey dey follow their papa and mama go another country? For the next topic, we go talk about how all of us fit help dem continue to serve Jehovah with sweet mind.

^ par. 2 For this topic, ‘refugee’ na people wey run comot from where dem dey stay because of war, heavy breeze or rain wey scatter their property, or other people wey dey suffer dem. This one fit make dem run go another place for their country or outside their country. Some people wey dey put eye for this matter wey dem dey call UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), talk sey, today for the whole world, ‘1 person among 113 people dey run comot from where dem dey stay.’

^ par. 6 Check the topic ‘Dey Treat Stranger Well’ wey dey October 2016 Watchtower, pp. 8-12.

^ par. 11 As refugee brothers just come new area, e good make elders quick do wetin dey Organized to Do Jehovah’s Will, for chapter 8, paragraph 30. To send message go the congregation wey the refugee brother dey, elders fit use jw.org write letter to their own branch office. Before the congregation write come back, dem fit use sense ask the refugee about im congregation and im preaching work to know whether e dey do well for there.

^ par. 14 Check this two topic “No One Can Serve Two Masters” and “Be of Good Courage​—Jehovah Is Your Helper!” wey dey April 15, 2014 Watchtower, pp. 17-26 (for English).