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Watchtower (The One Wey We Dey Study)  |  May 2016


“The People Wey Dem Give The Work”

“The People Wey Dem Give The Work”

ON MONDAY September 1, 1919 sun come shine after the heavy breeze and rain wey don fall for some days. For afternoon that day, e no reach 1,000 people wey gather for one hall wey fit contain 2,500 people. Dem gather because of convention wey Jehovah people want do for Cedar Point, Ohio, U.S.A. When evening reach, another 2,000 people come join the first people. Na boat, motor and train dem take come. On Tuesday, people wey come the convention plenty well well sotey the hall no come reach. Dem come need to continue the convention for outside, for under big big tree wey get shade.

Because sun dey shine, the shadow of the leaf dem for the big big tree come be like design for brothers clothe. The feather wey dey the cap wey the sisters wear, come dey ‘dance’ because of the breeze wey dey blow from Lake Erie. One brother talk sey the place be like paradise because e fine and bad people no dey there.

But the place no fine reach the face of the brothers and sisters wey come the convention. One newspaper for that area talk sey, all of dem be like people wey dey really serve God and e dey show for their face sey dem dey happy. The Bible Student really happy to gather with their brothers and sisters. Na so e be because for some years wey don pass, this our brothers and sisters don suffer well well. Some things wey make dem suffer na war wahala, trouble for inside congregation, work for Brooklyn Bethel wey stop, and as dem put many brothers and sisters for prison because dem dey support God Kingdom. Dem even arrest eight brothers wey Jehovah dey use direct the work that time and na 20 years people wey arrest dem sey dem go stay prison. *

That time wey the brothers and sisters suffer well well, some of dem stop to preach because dem no know wetin dem go do and their mind no come dey the preaching work again. But many brothers and sisters do wetin dem fit do to make sure sey dem no stop to preach. E get one time wey somebody ask the Bible Student why dem still dey preach even though sey dem threaten dem well well. The Bible Student come talk sey dem “go continue to preach God word reach the end.”

Even as things no easy, the brothers wey put mind for God work still dey do wetin God talk and dem no stop to pray make Jehovah their Papa show dem way. Now, dem dey happy as dem fit come together for convention for Cedar Point. One sister talk sey e dey think about how dem go start to preach as before. And na wetin dey many brothers and sisters mind be that. Nothing sweet dem reach to start to preach again!


From the day wey people come the convention, dem begin wonder wetin “GA” mean. Why? Because e dey the program, the card wey dem take welcome people and the different different sign wey dey the convention ground. Na on Friday, “Co-Laborers’ Day,” wey the convention start Joseph F. Rutherford show the 6,000 people wey come the convention wetin “GA” mean. “GA” mean The Golden Age—new magazine wey dem go dey use preach. *

When Brother Rutherford dey talk about other people wey be anointed like am, e talk sey: “Their faith dey make dem see the time wey trouble no go dey again, when Jesus Christ go begin rule. . . . Dem take am as their main work to tell people about that time wey everything go better. This work na part of the things wey God want make dem do.”

This new magazine The Golden Age, “a Journal of Fact, Hope, and Conviction” go give the brothers new way to take teach Bible—house to house preaching wey dem go ask people if dem go like get the magazine every month. When the person wey dey give the talk ask the brothers wey come the convention who go like join for the work, na so all of dem stand up. Dem come use all their power sing: “Send out thy light and truth, O Lord.” J. M. Norris talk sey: “I no go ever forget the kind power wey the brothers take sing the song, because e come be like sey all the tree wey dey there dey shake.”

As the convention close that day, na so people stand for line make dem fit dey among the first people wey the magazine go dey reach their hand every month. E do many people the way e do Mabel Philbrick wey talk sey: “E sweet us well well as we come know sey we go start the work again!”


E reach 7,000 Bible Student wey don ready for this work. Small paper wey dem design wey be Organization Method and small book To Whom the Work Is Entrusted talk how dem go take do the work. The book and the paper talk sey one new office wey be Service Department, wey dey headquarter, go dey control the work. Service Committee go dey for congregation and one person wey dem go choose, go dey tell congregation how dem go do the work. Na congregation go arrange different different area where brothers go dey preach. The number of house wey go dey any of the area go be from 150 to 200. On Thursday evening go be Service Meeting; for there brothers fit talk wetin happen when dem go preach and write how many hours dem take preach and how many magazine dem give people.

Herman Philbrick talk sey: “As we reach house, we start to meet people wey want make the magazine dey reach their hand every month.” All the place wey dem go, people gree hear wetin dem dey preach. Beulah Covey talk sey: “E be like sey as dem just fight war finish, people really want make things better.” Arthur Claus write sey: “The way many people take gree sey make the magazine dey reach their hand every month, surprise everybody for congregation.” E no even reach two month, people don collect nearly 500,000 magazine from the first ones wey dem print, and 50,000 people sey dem want dey get am every month.

A. H. Macmillan talk sey the topic “Gospel of the Kingdom” wey dey July 1, 1920 Watch Tower, na the first topic for our book wey talk sey make brothers and sisters for the whole world dey preach about God Kingdom. For the topic, dem still write sey make all anointed brothers “go dey preach, dey tell people sey the kingdom wey dey heaven go soon come.” Today, plenty plenty people don join Jesus brothers “the people wey dem give the work.” All of dem dey use all their power preach, as dem dey wait for God Kingdom.

^ par. 5 Check chapter 6, “A Time of Testing (1914-1918)” for inside Jehovah’s Witnesses—Proclaimers of God’s Kingdom.

^ par. 9 For 1937 dem change this name wey be The Golden Age go Consolation and for 1946 dem come begin call am Awake!.