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Make Christian let wetin dem learn from Bible help dem know wetin to do if government worker do something for dem

Question From People Wey Dey Read Our Book

Question From People Wey Dey Read Our Book

Wetin go fit help Christian know whether e good to give government worker money or something for the work wey dem do for am?

E get some things wey person go get for mind. First of all, Christian must be person wey no dey play wayo. Another thing be sey, dem go do wetin government talk sey make dem do, so far no be wetin God hate. (Matt. 22:21; Rom. 13:1, 2; Heb. 13:18) Dem go still dey respect how other people for their area take dey do things and dem go ‘love their neighbor as dem take love theirself.’ (Matt. 22:39; Rom. 12:17, 18; 1 Thess. 4:11, 12) All this things go help Christian for different different area for this world know wetin dem go do for this matter.

For many area, people no need to give government worker anything for the work wey dem suppose do. Na government dey pay their worker money. So the worker no dey collect anything or get am for mind sey person go dash am something join wetin government dey pay am. Today, many government no dey gree make their worker ask or even collect anything from people because of work wey dem suppose do for the people. If e collect anything, the government go take am sey na bribe. And na still bribe even if the government worker no play any wayo wey go favor the person wey give am something. If you be Christian wey dey stay for this kind place, no need to even ask whether make you give government worker money or something for the work wey dem do for you. Na bribe be that.

But e still get other country wey be sey their government no dey too put eye for this matter or get law wey concern this matter. For there, people wey dey work for government dey feel sey no be bad thing to “find dem something.” And this people no go do any work for person unless the person dash dem something. Some government worker dey collect money from people before dem do their work; like the one wey dey register marriage, wey dey collect tax and wey dey give people paper to build house. If dem see sey person no want give dem money, dem go make am hard for the person to get wetin e suppose get or  e fit no get am at all. For one country, the people wey dey quench fire when house dey burn, no dey gree go unless person first give dem big money.

Sometimes, e no bad to give government worker something to show sey you happy for wetin e do for you, even if na work wey e suppose do

For country wey this kind thing dey normal, some people fit talk sey no matter how e be, person go ‘drop something’. For that kind country, person wey be Jehovah Witness fit see the money wey e give government worker as part of money wey dem suppose pay for the work wey e want do for dem. But, for country wey be sey to bribe na normal thing, make Christian think am well before e give money so that e no go do wetin God no like. When person give money to get wetin e suppose get and when person give money to get wetin e no suppose get, na two different thing. For this kind country, some people dey give money make dem fit get wetin no suppose reach their hand. Dem fit still bribe police or government worker so that dem no go pay big money wey dem suppose pay. The truth be sey, na bad thing to give person something to bribe am or to collect something wey be bribe. Anyhow e be, na bribe.—Ex. 23:8; Deut. 16:19; Prov. 17:23.

If government worker want collect bribe from Jehovah Witness people hand, many no dey gree give the worker because of wetin dem don learn for Bible. Dem know sey to do that kind thing mean sey dem dey support bad thing. Na im make dem no dey give bribe at all.

Na true sey people fit see am as bribe if Christian give person money to get wetin e no suppose get. But e get sometimes wey Christian fit give something to person wey help dem do work to take show sey dem like the work wey e do or so that e no go delay the work. E still get other times wey be sey after hospital give some Christian free treatment, dem fit want dash the doctor and nurse something, to show sey dem happy for the treatment. Dem dey like do this one when the hospital don give dem the treatment finish so that e no go be like sey dem dey bribe the hospital people or sey dem want make the hospital people treat dem before other people.

No be wetin dey happen for every country we fit talk about for here. No matter the country wey the Christian dey, when e dey think wetin e suppose do for this matter, make e no come do wetin go make im mind worry am. (Rom. 14:1-6) Make dem do wetin government law talk. (Rom. 13:1-7) Make dem no do wetin go spoil Jehovah name or wetin go make person dey look dem with one kind eye. (Matt. 6:9; 1 Cor. 10:32) Make wetin dem go do show sey dem love their neighbor.—Mark 12:31.

 How congregation fit show sey dem happy if person wey dem disfellowship come back?

Luke chapter 15 tell us story about one man wey get 100 sheep. For there, Jesus talk sey one for inside the 100 sheep lost. The man come leave the remaining 99 for where dem dey, go find the one wey lost until e see am. Jesus continue to talk sey: ‘When e come see am, e carry am put for im shoulder, come dey happy. And when e reach house, e call all im friend and im neighbor, tell dem sey, “Make una follow me happy because I don see my sheep wey lost.”’ For the end of the story, Jesus talk sey: ‘I dey tell una sey, na so e go still be, heaven dey happy for one sinner wey repent pass for 99 good people wey no need to repent.’—Luke 15:4-7.

Other verse for Luke chapter 15 show sey Jesus talk this story so that e go correct wetin the scribe and Pharisee dem get for mind. Dem dey talk bad about Jesus because e dey draw body near tax collector and people wey dey sin. (Luke 15:1-3) Jesus show sey heaven dey happy when one person wey dey sin repent. We go fit come ask sey, ‘Since heaven dey happy, people wey dey earth no go still happy as one sinner don repent, come dey live better life?’—Heb. 12:13.

No be bad thing to happy if person wey dem first disfellowship come be Jehovah Witness again. Na true sey before the person come back, e don show sey e don repent. But e go continue to do the things wey God like. As e don repent so, na better thing and we dey happy for am. Na im make, when elder talk for platform sey person wey dem disfellowship don come back, congregation fit clap if e come from their mind.

Wetin fit dey make the water wey dey Bethzatha for Jerusalem ‘dey shake’?

Some people wey dey stay Jerusalem for Jesus time, think sey the water wey dey Bethzatha wey be like swimming pool, fit cure person when the water ‘dey shake.’ (John 5:1-7) Because of that one, people wey no well dey gather for where the water dey.

For the compound wey the water dey, e still get another water wey be like swimming pool. People talk sey na one wall separate the two water. The wall get one place wey dem fit open. When dem open am, the water go pass under enter the one wey dey Bethzatha. Na that time the top of the water go dey shake.

E good make we know sey, wetin dey John 5:4 wey talk sey na one angel dey shake the water, no dey some old paper wey dem write Bible put for Greek language. For example, e no dey Codex Sinaiticus wey dem write around 400 years after dem born Jesus. For Bethzatha, Jesus cure one man wey don dey sick for 38 years. Jesus cure the man at once, even though sey the man no enter the water.