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Watchtower (The One Wey We Dey Study)  |  May 2016

Make Una Dey Use Love Settle Quarrel

Make Una Dey Use Love Settle Quarrel

‘Make una be people wey like peace.’MARK 9:50.

SONG: 39, 77

1, 2. Wetin be the quarrel wey some people get wey dey Genesis? And wetin make am dey Bible?

YOU don ever think about the quarrel wey some people get, wey dey Bible? For example, for Genesis we learn sey Cain kill Abel (Gen. 4:3-8); Lamech kill one young man wey hit am (Gen. 4:23); the people wey dey work for Abraham (Abram) quarrel with people wey dey work for Lot (Gen. 13:5-7); because Hagar no respect Sarah (Sarai) again, Sarah vex for Abraham (Gen. 16:3-6); Ishmael hate everybody and everybody hate Ishmael.—Gen. 16:12.

2 Wetin make Bible talk about all this quarrel? One thing wey make am dey Bible be sey, e go help us know why e good make we dey make peace and how we go fit make peace with people. Their story fit help us know wetin we suppose do and wetin we no suppose do if we get the kind problem wey dem get. We fit still learn how things take better for dem because dem make peace. True true, we go gain from their example because we know sey their story really happen.—Rom. 15:4.

3. Wetin we go learn for this topic?

3 For this topic, we go learn why e good make Jehovah people dey settle quarrel with people and how dem go fit do am. We go still learn how the advice for Bible go help us settle quarrel, live well with our neighbor, and make Jehovah our Friend.


4. How fight and quarrel take full everywhere today? And wetin this kind thing don cause?

4 Na wetin Satan do make fight and quarrel full everywhere today. Why we talk like that? For garden of Eden, Satan talk sey we no need God to tell us wetin good and wetin bad. E talk sey e dey our hand to choose wetin we want do. (Gen. 3:1-5) But if we look everywhere today, we go see sey na so so wahala that kind life don cause. People for this world feel sey dem no need anybody to tell dem wetin good and wetin bad. Na only theirself dem dey see, na im make dem dey carry shoulder up, dey do like sey na dem sabi pass, and dem like quarrel. Anybody wey dey do like this, dey support wetin Satan talk, sey anything wey person fit do for imself no bad even if other people suffer. This kind thing dey cause fight. And make we no forget sey ‘person wey dey quick vex dey cause fight, person wey sabi vex dey do many many bad things.’—Prov. 29:22.

5. Which advice Jesus give about how to settle quarrel?

5 But Jesus teach people sey make dem dey make peace, even if e be like sey na dem go lose. The time wey Jesus dey on top mountain dey teach (Sermon on the Mount), e give correct advice wey go help us know wetin we go do for matter wey fit cause quarrel or if quarrel don already dey. For example, e tell im disciple make dem dey gentle, dey make peace, dey settle matter quick quick, dey love their enemy and make dem no do wetin fit cause quarrel.—Matt. 5:5, 9, 22, 25, 44.

6, 7. (a) Why e good make we dey settle quarrel quick quick? (b) Which question dem e good to think about?

6 When we dey pray, dey go our meeting, dey go preaching, and dey do other things for Jehovah, we dey worship am. But if we no want settle quarrel wey we get with people, all the things wey we dey do for Jehovah na zero! (Mark 11:25) We no go ever fit be God friend if we no gree forgive people wey do us bad.—Read Luke 11:4; Ephesians 4:32.

7 Everybody wey dey serve Jehovah suppose think this matter well and tell imself truth. You dey forgive brothers and sisters wey do wetin vex you? How your mind dey do you if you see the person? Jehovah want make im servant dey forgive. If your mind tell you sey you no dey try for this matter, tell Jehovah for prayer make e help you. This one go show sey you no dey carry shoulder up, and our Papa wey dey heaven go answer your prayer.—1 John 5:14, 15.


8, 9. Wetin we go do if person do wetin we no like?

8 Get am for mind sey people go make you vex. This na because e no get who no dey make mistake. (Eccl. 7:20; Matt. 18:7) Wetin you go do if person do or talk wetin you no like? This story fit help you know wetin you go do: Brothers and sisters for congregation go one get together. For there, one sister come greet two brothers, but one of the brother no like the way the sister greet am. When the sister don comot for where dem dey, the brother wey no like the way the sister greet am, come dey talk bad about the sister. But the other brother tell am sey the sister don dey serve Jehovah well for 40 years, even though e don suffer many many things. E tell the brother sey e no sure sey the sister really want make am vex. When the brother wey dey vex think  the matter, e come talk sey: “Na true you talk o.” Wetin e come do? E forget about the matter.

9 Wetin we learn from this story? Na you fit control wetin you go do anytime person talk or do wetin you no like. The love wey you get go make you no carry wetin the person do you for mind. (Read Proverbs 10:12; 1 Peter 4:8.) This one na better thing for Jehovah eye. (Prov. 19:11; Eccl. 7:9) So, if person do wetin you no like, make you first ask yourself: ‘I fit forget am? This matter reach anything, self?’

10. (a) How Lucy first feel when people dey talk bad about am? (b) How Bible take help am so that this thing no go worry am for mind again?

10 But, the truth be sey e no dey easy sometimes to bear bad thing wey person talk about you. Hear the story of one pioneer wey we go call Lucy. Some people dey talk sey dem no like the way e dey preach and the way e dey use time for preaching. This thing wey people talk come make am vex. Na im e go meet some brothers for congregation wey advice am. After, Lucy come talk sey: “The brothers use Bible advice me. Their advice help me learn sey make I no dey too think about wetin people dey talk about me but make I dey think about Jehovah.” Wetin Lucy read for Matthew 6:1-4 (Read am.), help am. E learn from that Bible verse sey make e dey think about wetin e go do wey go make Jehovah happy. Lucy come talk sey: “Even if person talk bad thing about the way I take dey preach, I go still dey happy. This na because I know sey I dey do everything wey I fit do to make Jehovah happy.” Lucy tell imself sey e no go let wetin people talk worry am for mind again.


11, 12. (a) Wetin person wey dey serve Jehovah suppose do if e know sey im brother or sister dey vex for am? (b) Wetin we fit learn from wetin Abraham do when im and Lot get problem? (Go check the first picture.)

11 Bible talk sey: ‘Many times, all of us dey make mistake.’ (Jas. 3:2) But what if you come know sey one brother or sister dey vex for you. Wetin you suppose do? Jesus talk sey: ‘If as you want come give something for altar, and for there you come remember sey your brother dey vex for you, leave wetin you want give for the front of altar, make you first go settle with am, before you go come give God the thing.’ (Matt. 5: 23, 24) So, wetin you go do be sey, make you talk with your brother. Wetin you go carry for mind as you dey go? No be to go talk sey na your brother cause the quarrel. But na to talk your own mistake and to settle the quarrel so that peace go dey. Na to make peace better pass.

12 The story about Abraham and im brother pikin, Lot, wey we don already talk about, na one story for Bible wey tell us how we fit settle quarrel. Two of dem get many animal and people wey dey work for dem. The people wey dey work for dem come dey drag the land wey grass plenty pass. Because Abraham want settle the matter quick quick, e tell Lot make e choose the land wey e want. (Gen. 13:1, 2, 5-9) Na better example be that! Na peace Abraham want, no be about wetin e like or wetin e no like. Abraham gain anything for the good wey e do? Yes! E no tey after Abraham and Lot get this problem, Jehovah come promise Abraham wetin pass the thing wey e lose. (Gen. 13:14-17) God go bless us with wetin pass the things wey we lose because we want  do wetin Bible talk and we dey use love dey settle quarrel. [1]

13. Wetin one overseer do when one brother talk to am anyhow? And wetin we fit learn from that one?

13 Make we see one example of something wey happen for our time. The time wey one convention department get new overseer, the overseer call one brother for phone to ask am whether e go fit join work for convention. The brother pick phone, and e start to talk to the overseer anyhow e come even cut the call before the overseer talk finish. The brother still dey vex for the thing wey the former overseer do am. This new overseer no vex with the brother but e no gree leave the matter like that. After one hour, e come call the brother again tell am sey as dem never see before, e go good if dem fit meet to settle the matter. So after one week dem come meet for one Kingdom Hall. Dem pray before dem start to talk about the matter and dem talk am for one hour. The overseer open ear well hear all the thing wey the brother talk. Na im e come give the brother small advice from Bible. This one make dem fit settle the matter well and the brother come later join do the work for the convention. After, the brother come dey thank the overseer because the overseer no vex for am.


14, 15. (a) Which ‘sin’ Jesus dey talk about for Matthew 18:15-17? (b) Wetin be the three things wey Jesus talk sey make we do? And wetin make Jesus give this advice?

14 Many quarrel wey brothers and sisters dey get na wetin dem fit settle and suppose settle by theirself. But e get some wey be sey, as Jesus talk, na congregation go settle am. (Read Matthew 18:15-17.) Wetin go happen if the person  wey cause the quarrel no gree listen to im brother, other people and elders for congregation, wey want settle the matter? Jesus talk sey make dem treat am like person wey no dey serve Jehovah again and like tax collector. Today, this one mean sey dem go disfellowship the person. Since dem go disfellowship the person, e show sey the ‘sin’ wey Jesus dey talk no be about small quarrel. But na (1) sin wey be sey dem go fit settle by theirself and na still (2) sin wey fit make elders disfellowship person if dem no settle the matter. This ‘sin’ fit be sey person play brother or sister wayo for business matter or sey e talk wetin go spoil person name. But e get some sin wey no be part of wetin Jesus dey talk. Some of dem na: if person sleep with another person wey no be im husband or wife; if man sleep with man or woman sleep with woman; if person start to dey lie about Jehovah organization; and if person dey do juju and other bad things wey elders suppose handle.

E fit be sey no be only one time you go follow your brother talk, so that una go settle una quarrel (Check paragraph 15)

15 Jesus give this advice so that we go fit use love help our brother. (Matt. 18:12-14) Wetin be the three things wey e talk sey make we do? (1) We go try settle with only the person wey we and am get the quarrel and e fit be sey no be only one time we go do am. (2) If that one no work, we fit carry one or two person wey know about the matter or wey fit help settle am, go meet the person. If e work, that one mean sey the matter don end. Na when we don do the two things wey Jesus talk and e no work, na im we go (3) call elders for congregation.

16. Why we no need to rush call elders when we get quarrel with our brothers and sisters for congregation?

16 E hard to see brothers wey go let their quarrel reach where dem go need to follow everything for Matthew 18:15-17. That one na better thing because e mean sey our brothers dey quick settle quarrel; dem no dey let am reach to disfellowship person. Many times, the person wey cause the quarrel go see sey na im fault and e go do wetin e suppose do to settle the matter. E fit still be sey the person wey dem do bad fit see sey e no need to carry the matter for mind and e go come forgive. Anyhow e be, wetin Jesus talk show sey we no need to rush call elders for the matter. The only time wey we go call elders for the matter, na when we don do the first and the second thing wey Jesus talk and when we dey sure sey wetin happen na really bad thing.

17. Wetin people wey like peace go gain?

17 As e be sey this wicked world never end, sin go still dey our body and we go still dey do wetin other people no like. Na wetin make James write sey: ‘If e get anybody wey no dey make mistake for wetin e dey talk, that person no get sin for body, and e fit control all im body.’ (Jas. 3:2) To fit settle quarrel, make we be people wey ‘dey do everything we fit do to make peace.’ (Ps. 34:14) As people wey like peace, we go dey do things well with all our brothers and sisters and congregation go get one mind. (Ps. 133:1-3) The one wey better pass be sey, we and Jehovah, the ‘God wey dey give peace’ go be friend. (Rom. 15:33) Na this kind blessing people wey dey like to use love settle quarrel dey enjoy.

^ [1] (paragraph 12) Other people wey settle quarrel because dem like peace, na: Jacob, with Esau (Gen. 27:41-45; 33:1-11); Joseph, with im brothers (Gen. 45:1-15); and Gideon, with Ephraim people. (Judg. 8:1-3) You fit still think about other example wey dey Bible.