‘Jehovah, abeg, make you no forget how I take serve you. Na all my mind I use and I no ever leave you. I don do wetin good for your eye.’—2 KI. 20:3.

SONG: 52, 65

1-3. How we go take show sey na all our mind we take dey serve Jehovah? Give example.

BECAUSE dem born us with sin, all of us dey make mistake. But, we thank Jehovah sey e no dey ‘punish us as our sin reach.’ If we carry body down, get faith for Jesus sacrifice, pray make e forgive us, and repent, e go forgive us. (Ps. 103:10) Apart from that one, we must do wetin David tell Solomon if we want make Jehovah like how we take dey serve am. E tell am sey make e ‘use all im mind serve Jehovah.’ (1 Chron. 28:9) How we fit do wetin David tell Solomon, even with the sin wey dey our body?

2 The example of King Asa and King Amaziah wey rule for Judah go help us. Two of dem do wetin good for Jehovah eye, but na only Asa use all im mind serve Jehovah. (2 Chron. 15:16, 17; 25:1, 2; Prov. 17:3) Na true sey dem make mistake because of the sin wey dey their body. But Asa try do wetin Jehovah like and e use all im life serve am. (1 Chron. 28:9, ftn.) Amaziah no use all im mind serve Jehovah like  Asa. After Jehovah don help am win im enemy dem, e carry their juju come house, come dey worship am.—2 Chron. 25:11-16.

3 Person wey dey use ‘all im mind serve’ Jehovah, na person wey love Jehovah well well and wey ready to use all im life serve am. For many place, when Bible use the word ‘mind (or heart),’ e dey talk about wetin person really like, wetin e dey think, wetin e fit do, how e dey feel, im character, and wetin e plan to do. So, person wey dey serve Jehovah with all im mind no dey pretend dey serve am. E no dey serve God with the mind sey, ‘make e no be like sey I no want serve God.’ What of us? Na true sey we dey make mistake because of sin wey dey our body. But if we use all our life serve God and we no dey pretend as we dey serve am, we go show sey we dey use all our mind serve am.—2 Chron. 19:9.

4. Wetin we go talk about for this topic?

4 To really understand how person fit use all im mind serve Jehovah, we go talk about Asa, Jehoshaphat, Hezekiah, and Josiah. Four of dem na king wey rule for Judah and na all their mind dem use serve Jehovah. The truth be sey dem make mistake but Jehovah still see dem as better people. Wetin make Jehovah talk sey dem use all their mind serve am, and how we fit copy dem?


5. Wetin Asa do for Judah?

5 Asa na the third king wey rule for Judah after the northern ten-tribe for Israel don separate from the other two tribe. E comot all the juju and people wey dey do prostitute for their juju temple. E even comot im grandmama wey im name na Maacah from the position wey e dey because e make juju. (1 Ki. 15:11-13) E still tell Judah people make dem serve Jehovah and do wetin im Law talk. True true, e help dem to fit serve Jehovah well.—2 Chron. 14:4.

6. Wetin Asa do when Ethiopia people come fight am?

6 For the first ten years wey Asa take rule, Jehovah no let their enemy come fight dem. But after, Zerah wey come from Ethiopia carry 1,000,000 soldier and 300 horse come fight dem. (2 Chron. 14:1, 6, 9, 10) Wetin Asa do? To show sey e really trust Jehovah, e come pray make Jehovah help am. (Read 2 Chronicles 14:11.) Jehovah answer im prayer. E help am win Ethiopia people. (2 Chron. 14:12, 13) Even sometimes when the king dem for Israel no do wetin e like, Jehovah still help dem win their enemy. Why e do am? Because e want make dem know sey na im be the true God. (1 Ki. 20:13, 26-30) But Asa no be like dem. E trust Jehovah and Jehovah answer im prayer. But e get sometimes wey Asa do wetin Jehovah no like. For example, e get one time wey e go beg Syria king to help am fight instead of Jehovah. (1 Ki. 15:16-22) Even with this one, how Jehovah take look Asa? Bible sey ‘na all im mind Asa take worship Jehovah till e die.’ How we fit copy Asa good example?—1 Ki. 15:14.

7, 8. How you fit copy Asa example?

7 How person go take know whether na all im mind e dey use serve Jehovah? Make e ask imself sey, ‘I ready to do wetin go make Jehovah happy, to talk about am and im organization, and to  make congregation clean for God eye?’ You think sey e easy for Asa to comot im grandmama from im position? Asa really get mind! You fit no know anybody wey bad like Asa grandmama. But something fit happen wey fit make you do like Asa. For example, if dem disfellowship your family person or friend because e no gree repent, wetin you go do? You go get mind sey you no go do things with am?

8 When you face problem wey be like sey e big pass you, do like Asa. Trust Jehovah to show sey na all your mind you take dey serve am. People for your school fit dey laugh you because you be Jehovah Witness. People for your work fit dey take you do yeye because you dey use some of your time go meeting or preaching. E fit still be because you no dey follow dem do overtime so that you go get more money. If this kind thing happen, do like Asa. Pray make Jehovah help you. No fear, trust Jehovah, and do wetin good for im eye. No forget sey as Jehovah take help Asa, e fit still help you.

9. How our preaching take dey show sey we dey use all our mind serve Jehovah?

9 Jehovah servant no dey think about only theirself. Like Asa, we dey help people come serve Jehovah. Why we dey do am? Na because we love Jehovah and we want make people get life wey no go end. This one dey make Jehovah happy well well!


10, 11. How we fit do like Jehoshaphat?

10 Jehoshaphat wey be Asa pikin, do like im papa. (2 Chron. 20:31, 32) How? E tell Judah people make dem serve Jehovah. E send people go different different area for Judah so that dem go teach Judah people wetin dey Jehovah Law. (2 Chron. 17:7-10) E even reach the northern ten-tribe for Israel, go meet people wey dey live for the mountain side for Ephraim. E tell dem make dem come serve Jehovah again. (2 Chron. 19:4) Jehoshaphat na king wey use all im mind serve Jehovah.—2 Chron. 22:9.

11 Today, Jehovah dey help people for everywhere learn about am. All of us fit join hand do this work wey dey make people come serve Jehovah. E dey your mind to preach to people every month so that dem go come serve Jehovah? If you try put mind for this work, Jehovah go bless you and you go fit see person wey you go study Bible with. You dey pray about this matter? You ready to do this work even if e mean sey you go use your free time do am? Like Jehoshaphat wey go preach make people for Ephraim come serve Jehovah again, make we try help people wey no dey come meeting or preaching again. And make elders arrange their time so that dem fit help people wey dem disfellowship wey fit don dey comot hand for their bad life.

12, 13. (a) When Jehoshaphat face problem wey make am fear, wetin e do? (b) Like Jehoshaphat, why e good make we no shame to talk about our problem?

12 When plenty soldier want come fight Judah people, Jehoshaphat no leave Jehovah. E do like Asa im papa. (Read 2 Chronicles 20:2-4.) Even though sey Jehoshaphat come dey fear, e still pray to Jehovah make e help am. For the prayer, e talk sey im people ‘no get power reach this plenty people wey  dey come fight dem; and dem no know wetin dem go do.’ Because Jehoshaphat trust Jehovah e come still talk sey: ‘Na you we dey look.’—2 Chron. 20:12.

13 Like Jehoshaphat, sometimes we fit no know wetin to do and we fit dey fear. (2 Cor. 4:8, 9) But remember sey na where people dey, Jehoshaphat talk sey im and im people no get power. E no shame. (2 Chron. 20:5) Papa for family fit do like Jehoshaphat. When problem come, make dem tell Jehovah to help dem and give dem power to take handle the problem. No let shame make you no talk about the problem to Jehovah for where your family dey. The prayer go help dem know sey you trust Jehovah. Na God help Jehoshaphat; e go still help you.


14, 15. How Hezekiah take show sey e trust Jehovah finish?

14 Hezekiah na another king wey ‘hold Jehovah tight.’ Even though im papa no serve Jehovah like Jehoshaphat papa, e no follow am serve juju. Hezekiah remove all the place where the people dey use serve juju, scatter their juju pillar, and destroy their juju pole. E still scatter the snake wey Moses use copper make because Israel people don turn am to juju. Hezekiah use all im mind serve Jehovah. ‘E continue to do wetin dey the commandment wey Jehovah give Moses.’—2 Ki. 18:1-6.

15 When Hezekiah dey rule that time, na Assyria be the country wey strong pass. Even when dem want come destroy Jerusalem, Hezekiah still use all im mind trust Jehovah. King Sennacherib for Assyria come dey laugh Jehovah and e try to make Hezekiah fear. E want make Hezekiah surrender. But, Hezekiah pray to Jehovah make e help am because e trust Jehovah finish. (Read Isaiah 37:15-20.) Jehovah answer im prayer. E send one angel wey kill 185,000 Assyria soldier.—Isa. 37:36, 37.

16, 17. How you fit copy Hezekiah as you dey serve God?

16 E get when Hezekiah come sick sotey e want die. E come pray to Jehovah sey make E no forget how e don use all im mind serve am. (Read 2 Kings 20:1-3.) Jehovah come help am. We know from Bible sey Jehovah no dey do that kind miracle today wey go heal person or add years join person life, as e do for Hezekiah. But, like Hezekiah, we fit still pray to Jehovah sey: ‘Na all my mind I don use serve you and I no ever leave you.’ You no believe sey Jehovah ready to help you and e fit help you when you no well?—Ps. 41:3.

17 When we dey think about how Hezekiah take serve Jehovah, you no think sey we need to remove anything for our life wey fit make us no be Jehovah friend again or wey fit make us dey leave Jehovah small small? For example, many people today dey treat other people like god. Even if dem no really know this people, dem go dey follow dem for internet. Dem go use plenty time dey look this people picture or dey read about dem for internet. Make we no dey do like people wey dey this world. Na true sey e no bad to use internet talk to our family member or our friend. But we fit get wahala if we dey waste our time for all this kind things. We fit come  dey carry body up because many people like our picture or wetin we post. And if dem no follow us or dey check wetin we post, we fit come dey vex. You think sey if na apostle Paul or Aquila and Priscilla, dem go dey post their picture or dey follow person wey no dey serve Jehovah for internet? Bible tell us sey Paul ‘use all im time dey talk to the Jews about Jesus.’ And Priscilla and Aquila use their time talk ‘more things about God and explain am well well’ to people. (Acts 18:4, 5, 26) We fit ask ourself sey, ‘E get any human being wey I take like god? I dey try make I no use plenty time dey do things wey no really mean anything?’—Read Ephesians 5:15, 16.


18, 19. How you fit do like Josiah?

18 King Josiah wey be Hezekiah great grandpikin, still use all im mind do wetin Jehovah talk. (2 Chron. 34:31) Before e reach 20 years, e don start to follow Jehovah. And when e come reach 20 years, e start to remove all the juju wey dey Judah. (Read 2 Chronicles 34:1-3.) Josiah do everything wey e fit do to make Jehovah happy. E do pass many king wey rule for Judah. Even after dem see the Law wey Jehovah use Moses give Israel people, Josiah continue to do wetin God want. When dem read wetin dey the Law give am, e come see sey e need to still do more things to fit serve Jehovah well. E advise other people make dem serve Jehovah. Because of wetin e do, Israel people ‘no stop to follow Jehovah’ till Josiah die.—2 Chron. 34:27, 33.

19 Like Josiah, make young people start to serve Jehovah from small. E fit be sey na im grandpapa wey be King Manasseh teach am sey Jehovah dey pity person. Young people, make una dey draw body near people wey dey serve Jehovah well for your family and for congregation. Dem go tell you how Jehovah don take help dem. And, no forget sey na the Law wey dem read give Josiah na im make am do the good things wey e do. If you dey read Bible, e go make you do things wey go make you happy more more. E go make you and Jehovah be tight friend and e go make you help other people to serve Jehovah. (Read 2 Chronicles 34:18, 19.) If you dey study Bible, you fit still see how to do other things wey go make Jehovah happy. And when you don see this things, like Josiah, make you try do dem.


20, 21. (a) How the four king wey we talk about take serve Jehovah? (b) Wetin we go talk about for the next topic?

20 You learn anything from this topic about the four king wey use all their mind serve Jehovah? Dem use all their mind do wetin Jehovah want and dem use all their life serve am. Dem no stop to do wetin God want. Dem still trust Jehovah even when plenty army come fight dem. The one wey good pass be sey, dem serve Jehovah because dem love am.

21 For the next topic, we go learn sey this four king do mistake. But when Jehovah check their mind, e see sey dem use all their mind serve am. We self dey do mistake. If Jehovah check our mind, e go see sey we dey use all our mind serve am? Na this one we go talk about for the next topic.