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Watchtower (The One Wey We Dey Study)  |  March 2017

You Go Learn From Their Example?

You Go Learn From Their Example?

‘Dem write this things to warn us wey dey live for this world wey go soon end.’—1 COR. 10:11.

SONG: 11, 61

1, 2. Why we want talk about the four king wey rule Judah?

IF YOU dey waka for one road and ground come draw person wey dey your front fall, you no go sofri waka pass that place? Na so e still be for Jehovah people wey dey the road to life wey no go end. If we dey learn from people mistake, e go help us make we no do the same mistake. For example, we fit learn from people mistake wey Bible talk about.

2 Na true sey the four king wey we talk about for our last topic use all their mind serve Jehovah, but dem still do some things wey Jehovah no like. Wetin we fit learn from dem, and wetin go help us no make the kind mistake wey dem make? If we dey think about their example, we go learn from the things wey Bible talk about dem.—Read Romans 15:4.


3-5. (a) Even though sey Asa use all im mind serve Jehovah, which mistake e make? (b) Wetin you think sey make Asa trust imself and Ben-hadad?

3 Make we first talk about Asa and wetin we fit learn from im example. Asa trust Jehovah when one million Ethiopia  army come fight am. But, e no remember Jehovah when Baasha wey be king for the northern ten-tribe come fight am. Asa want make Baasha stop to build Ramah, one city wey near the side wey Asa dey rule. (2 Chron. 16:1-3) E trust imself, so e do wetin dey im mind. E go bribe Ben-hadad wey be Syria king make e help am fight Baasha. Im plan work? Bible talk sey: ‘When Baasha hear wetin happen, e no waste time, e stop to build Ramah. E no finish the work wey e start.’ (2 Chron. 16:5) For Asa mind, im plan don work!

4 But, how Jehovah take look wetin Asa do? God send prophet Hanani make e go tell Asa sey wetin e do no good. E no trust Jehovah. (Read 2 Chronicles 16:7-9.) Hanani tell am sey: ‘From now, people go dey fight you.’ Na true sey Baasha no come fight Asa again. But from that time go reach when Asa die, na so so fight people dey come fight Asa and im people.

5 As we learn from the topic before this one, Bible tell us sey Asa use all im mind serve Jehovah. (1 Ki. 15:14) For God eye, Asa na better person wey do wetin E like. But that one no mean sey Jehovah no let am suffer for the bad thing wey e do. When Baasha come fight am, wetin make Asa no trust Jehovah? Why e trust imself and Ben-hadad? E fit be sey im mind tell am sey e go better if e use Ben-hadad army take fight Baasha, instead of am to trust Jehovah. Or e fit still be sey na bad advice make am behave like that.

6. Wetin we fit learn from Asa mistake? Give example.

6 Wetin we fit learn from Asa mistake? E fit no hard us to trust Jehovah when we get problem wey big pass us. But wetin we go do if we feel sey the problem small? We go use our own sense take handle the problem? Or we go follow wetin Bible talk? Whether the problem big or small, we go show sey we dey trust Jehovah if we do wetin dey Bible. For example, what if your family people no want make you dey go meeting or assembly, you go pray make Jehovah help you know wetin to do? Or what if you no get work again and e dey hard you to see another work? If you come see person wey want give you work, you go still tell am sey you no dey like to miss meeting? No matter the problem, make we no forget wetin David talk. E sey: ‘Put everything wey you want do for Jehovah hand, trust am, and e go stand for you.’—Ps. 37:5.


7, 8. Which mistake dem Jehoshaphat make, and wetin happen? (Go check the first picture.)

7 Make we come talk about Jehoshaphat wey be Asa pikin. E get better character well well. Because e trust Jehovah, e do many good things. But e still make mistake. For example, even though sey King Ahab na bad person, Jehoshaphat let im pikin marry Ahab pikin. E still join Ahab go fight Syria people even though sey prophet Micaiah warn am. E remain small make dem kill am for the war. (2 Chron. 18:1-32) When e go back to Jerusalem, prophet Jehu come ask am sey: ‘Na bad people you suppose help, and na people wey hate Jehovah you suppose love?’—Read 2 Chronicles 19:1-3.

 8 Jehoshaphat learn from wetin happen to am and from wetin Jehu tell am? Even though sey e no stop to do wetin God like, e be like sey e no learn. Why we talk so? Jehoshaphat make friend with another person wey no dey serve Jehovah. The person na King Ahaziah wey be Ahab pikin. Ahaziah dey do bad things and na God enemy. Jehoshaphat join Ahaziah build ship. But dem no fit use the ship because e sink for water.—2 Chron. 20:35-37.

9. Wetin fit happen if we make friend with bad people?

9 Wetin we fit learn from wetin happen to Jehoshaphat? Jehoshaphat na better king wey use all im mind do wetin Jehovah want. (2 Chron. 22:9) But e still suffer when e make friend with bad people. Remember this advice for Bible: ‘Person wey dey waka with who get sense, go get sense. But the one wey dey follow stupid person go suffer.’ (Prov. 13:20) We fit get people wey we dey try help to come serve God. But, as Jehoshaphat almost die because e make friend with Ahab, na so we fit still enter trouble if we make friend with people wey no dey serve Jehovah.

10. (a) Wetin people wey want marry fit learn from Jehoshaphat example? (b) Wetin e good to remember about bad friend?

10 Wetin people wey want marry fit learn from Jehoshaphat example? We fit start to friend person wey no dey serve Jehovah because we feel sey we no fit see who we go like marry for Jehovah organization. Or our family people wey no dey serve Jehovah fit dey disturb us to marry ‘before our time pass.’ Some of us fit dey feel like one sister wey talk sey: ‘Love and marriage na something wey dey our blood.’ If we think about wetin happen to Jehoshaphat, e go help us. Jehoshaphat always want know wetin Jehovah want make e do. (2 Chron. 18:​4-6) But wetin happen when Jehoshaphat begin make friend with Ahab wey no like Jehovah? E no put ear for wetin Jehovah talk.  Jehoshaphat for remember sey ‘Jehovah eye dey look everywhere for the earth, so that e fit support the people wey dey use all their mind serve am.’ Jehovah still dey do like that today. (2 Chron. 16:⁠9) E love us and e know how we dey feel. If you get am for mind to marry, you believe sey Jehovah fit help you see who you go marry? Get am for mind sey, one day, e go do am!

You fit enter trouble if you begin friend who no dey serve Jehovah (Check paragraph 10)


11, 12. (a) How Hezekiah take show wetin really dey im mind? (b) Wetin make Jehovah no continue to vex for Hezekiah and im people?

11 Hezekiah example go help us make we no begin raise shoulder. E get one time wey Hezekiah let this kind thing happen to am. (Read 2 Chronicles 32:31.) The time wey Hezekiah sick well well, Jehovah show am one sign wey make am know sey e no go die. For the sign, Jehovah make shadow waka go back. E be like sey Babylon people want know about the sign. So, dem send people go ask Hezekiah about am. (2 Ki. 20:​8-13; 2 Chron. 32:24) When only Hezekiah and this Babylon people dey, e show dem all the gold and silver wey e get for im house. Jehovah no happy with wetin Hezekiah do. Wetin happen show wetin really dey Hezekiah mind.

12 Bible no tell us wetin make Hezekiah begin raise shoulder. E fit be because e win Assyria people, because God do miracle for am or because e get money and people sabi am well well. But wetin we know be sey, because Hezekiah don begin raise shoulder, e no come show sey e like wetin Jehovah do for am. This one really bad! Na true sey Hezekiah use all im mind serve Jehovah, but e still do wetin Jehovah no like. After, e come carry body down. Jehovah no come dey vex for am and im people again.—2 Chron. 32:25-27; Ps. 138:6.

13, 14. (a) Wetin fit happen wey fit show wetin really dey our mind? (b) Wetin we go do if dem praise us for our work?

13 As we dey read and think about Hezekiah example, wetin we fit learn? No forget sey e no tey after Jehovah help Hezekiah win Sennacherib and cure im sickness na im Hezekiah begin dey raise shoulder. So, how we go behave if Jehovah do good thing for us or other people praise us for wetin we do? The way we behave go show wetin really dey our mind. For example, if brother prepare well well for talk wey e want give and after e give am, people come dey praise am for the talk, wetin e go do?

14 When people praise us, make we do wetin Jesus talk. E sey: ‘When una don do everything wey dem sey make una do, make una talk sey: “We no be anything, we just be servant. Wetin we do na wetin we suppose do.” ’ (Luke 17:10) Remember sey because Hezekiah start to raise shoulder, e no come show sey e like wetin Jehovah do for am. So, wetin we go do if we be that brother wey people dey praise for im talk? If we dey think about the many things wey Jehovah don do for us, we no go begin raise shoulder because people dey praise us. Instead, make we dey tell people about the good things wey Jehovah don do for us. This one go help us carry body down. After all, no be Jehovah give us im holy spirit and Bible wey dey help us?


15, 16. Wetin Josiah do wey kill am?

15 The last person wey we go talk about na King Josiah. Wetin we fit learn from am? Make we talk about how e take lose for war and come die. (Read 2 Chronicles 35:20-22.) Josiah go fight war with King Necho wey dey rule Egypt. But the king no gree fight am. Bible even talk sey na Jehovah tell Necho wetin e tell Josiah. Wetin come make am go fight Necho? Bible no talk.

16 But how Josiah for take know sey na Jehovah tell Necho wetin e talk? E for ask Jeremiah wey be Jehovah prophet. (2 Chron. 35:23, 25) But Bible no talk sey e do like that. Another thing be sey, Necho dey go fight people wey dey Carchemish no be people for Jerusalem. And no be sey Necho insult Jehovah or im people. So, e no make sense at all sey Josiah go fight Necho. E get anything wey this one teach us? When we get problem, make we think about wetin Jehovah go like make we do for the matter.

17. When we get problem, wetin fit help us no make the kind mistake wey Josiah make?

17 When we get problem, make we no rush do anything wey come our mind. Instead, make we think about Bible verse wey fit help us and follow wetin e talk. We fit even go meet elders for some kind matter. We fit don think about the matter and do research for our book dem. But elders fit still help us think about other things wey Bible talk about the matter. For example, one sister fit get plan to use one day go preach. But im husband wey no be Witness come tell am sey make e stay house that day. Im husband want make two of dem use that day do something as husband and wife, because e feel sey dem no too dey get time for each other again. The sister fit remember where Bible talk sey make we dey preach. (Acts 4:20) E fit still check the Bible verse wey talk sey make we obey Jehovah and the one wey show sey to preach na command. (Matt. 28:​19, 20; Acts 5:29) But e still need to think about the verse wey talk sey make wife dey respect im husband. Even the one wey talk sey make we get open mind. (Eph. 5:​22-24; Phil. 4:5) E go think, ‘My husband dey talk sey make I no preach again or e just want make I stay house only today?’ Make we no rush but make we take time know wetin Jehovah want make we do so that our mind no go judge us.


18. Wetin we go gain if we dey think about the example of this four king?

18 Because of the sin wey dey our body, we self fit make the kind mistake wey this four king make. We fit (1) dey trust ourself instead of Jehovah, (2) begin follow bad friend, (3) start to raise shoulder, or (4) do wetin dey our mind before we check wetin dey Bible. But make we get am for mind sey, Jehovah dey see us as e take see the four king. Yes, e dey see the good things wey we dey do! E know sey we love am and ready to do wetin go make am happy. Na im make e write this example dem down for us so that we no go make serious mistake. Make we think about dem and dey thank Jehovah sey dem write am for us!