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Watchtower (The One Wey We Dey Study)  |  March 2017

Be Better Friend Even When Una Friendship Want Scatter

Be Better Friend Even When Una Friendship Want Scatter

E don reach like 50 years now wey Gianni and Maurizio don be friend. But e get one time wey something want separate dem. Maurizio talk sey: ‘One time when things hard for me, I make serious mistake. That one make us no be friend again.’ Gianni come talk im own, e sey: ‘Na Maurizio study Bible with me. I dey go meet am for advice and I dey copy im example. So, I no believe sey e fit do that kind thing. The thing pain me well well because I know sey we fit no be friend again.’

E HARD to see better friend. So, to keep the one wey we get, we self must be better friend. Wetin fit help us if something want spoil our friendship? We go learn from the example of people wey be better friend for Bible but wey something want scatter their friendship.


David for Bible wey be shepherd and king get better friend dem. One of dem wey fit come your mind na Jonathan. (1 Sam. 18:⁠1) But David still get other friend, like prophet Nathan. Bible no tell us when David and Nathan start to be friend. When David be king, e dey im mind to build temple for Jehovah. So, e come tell Nathan wetin dey im mind just like when person go meet im friend to advise am. David like the advice wey Nathan give am because Nathan na better friend and na Jehovah prophet.—2 Sam. 7:2, 3.

But something happen wey for make dem no be friend again. King David sleep with Bath-sheba and after, e kill Uriah wey be Bathsheba husband. (2 Sam. 11:2-21)  For many years, David don show sey im na person wey love Jehovah and wey no dey support bad thing. But now, see the kind bad thing wey e do! Why this good king come do this bad thing? E no know sey wetin e do bad well well? E think sey Jehovah no see am?

Wetin Nathan go do? E go let another person go talk to David about wetin e do? Other people know sey na David arrange make dem kill Uriah. So, why Nathan want go put mouth for this matter wey fit scatter their friendship? David fit even kill Nathan if e talk. After all, e don first kill Uriah wey no do am anything.

But Nathan na God messenger. E know sey if e no talk, dem no go fit be friend like before and im mind go dey judge am. Im friend don do something wey Jehovah no like. David need person wey go help am correct wetin e do. True true, e need better friend. And Nathan na that kind friend. Nathan no talk to am anyhow. Instead, e use one story wey e know sey go touch David mind, take start the matter. Nathan tell David wetin God talk. But the way e do am, make David see sey wetin e do really bad. And that one come make David repent.—2 Sam. 12:1-14.

Wetin you go do if your friend do something wey bad well well? Your mind fit tell you sey if you talk to am about the matter, una no go be friend again. Or you fit dey think sey, if you go tell elders wey fit help am correct wetin e do, you don be bad friend. So, wetin you go do?

Gianni wey we first talk about, talk sey: ‘I come notice am sey my friend don change. Maurizio no come dey tell me wetin dey im mind like before. Even though sey e no easy for me, I talk sey I go ask am. I come dey think: “Wetin I go tell am wey e no know before? E fit come vex well well for me!” But when I remember wetin e teach me for Bible, I come get the mind to ask am. Na so Maurizio take help me when I get problem. I want make we still be friend. But na because I love am na im make I want help am.’

Maurizio come talk sey: ‘Na better mind make Gianni want help me. And everything wey e talk na true. I know sey no be Gianni or Jehovah cause my problem. So, I follow wetin elders tell me and small small, I come be Jehovah friend again.’


David get other friend wey no leave am when things hard for am. One of dem na Hushai. Bible call Hushai ‘David friend.’ (2 Sam. 16:16; 1 Chron. 27:33) Hushai fit be one of the people wey dey work for the king palace. Im na king friend and dem dey waka together. Sometimes, the king dey send am message wey e no want make people know.

Many people for Israel support Absalom wey be David pikin when e pursue im papa comot for throne. But Hushai no follow dem. As David dey run, Hushai go meet am. E really pain David sey im own pikin and other people wey e trust don leave am. But, Hushai no leave David. E ready to die for David and do wetin go scatter Absalom plan. E no just do this one because e dey work for the king. But e do am because na better friend im be.—2 Sam. 15:13-17, 32-37; 16:15–17:16.

Today, we happy sey our brothers and sisters ready to die for each other. Dem no just dey do am because na wetin dem suppose do. From wetin dem dey do, dem dey tell their brothers sey: ‘I no be your friend just because I want be your friend. But I be your friend because I love you.’

 Na wetin happen to brother Federico be that. Im friend wey im name na Antonio, help am when e get problem. Federico talk sey: ‘E no tey after Antonio come our congregation wey we come be friend. Two of us na ministerial servant and we dey like to do things together for congregation. Small time, dem come make am elder. Apart from sey e be my friend, I dey like copy im example.’ But Federico come do wetin bad. E no waste time go tell elders about the matter. And e no come be pioneer or ministerial servant again. Wetin Antonio come do?

When Federico get problem, im friend Antonio listen to am and help am

Federico talk sey: ‘Wetin happen pain Antonio the way e pain me. E tell me things wey go help me. E want make I be Jehovah friend again and e no ever leave me. E sey make I dey do wetin go make my faith strong again and make I no tire.’ Antonio come talk sey: ‘I come dey try to always dey around am. I want make e no fear to tell me wetin dey im mind, even wetin dey worry am.’ We happy sey small small, Federico come stand well for Jehovah side again. After, dem come make am pioneer and ministerial servant. Antonio come talk sey: ‘Even though sey we no dey the same congregation again, our friendship tight now pass before.’


How you go feel if your tight friend leave you when you really need am? The truth be sey that kind thing dey pain. But, you go gree forgive am? You think sey una friendship go strong like the way e first be?

Think about wetin happen to Jesus before e die. E don stay with im disciples well well and e don come like dem sotey e call dem im friend. (John 15:15) But, wetin happen when dem come arrest Jesus? Im apostles run leave am. Peter first talk sey e  no go ever leave Jesus. But that night, e lie sey e no know am.—Matt. 26:31-33, 56, 69-75.

Jesus already know sey im disciples go run leave am and na wetin happen be that. You no think sey wetin dem do suppose pain Jesus? But, e no pain am. How we take know? Wetin e tell dem after God don bring am come life again show sey e no carry wetin dem do am for mind. Jesus no begin count all the bad things wey im disciples do am that night and before that night.

Instead, e tell Peter and other apostles wetin make their mind strong. E make dem know sey e trust dem. Na im make e give dem one big work wey dem go do. Jesus still see dem as im friend. The way e take love dem touch dem well well. Dem do wetin dem fit do to make sure sey dem no leave the work wey Jesus give dem. True true, dem do the work well.—Acts 1:8; Col. 1:23.

One sister wey im name na Elvira remember wetin happen when e get problem with im friend, Giuliana. E talk sey: ‘E pain me when Giuliana tell me sey wetin I do pain am well well. Wetin I do suppose pain am, but no be wetin my friend dey think about be that. Instead e dey think about me and wetin fit happen to me. This one really touch me! I no go ever forget sey e no put mind for wetin I tell am but for the bad thing wey I dey do myself. I thank Jehovah sey e give me friend wey dey think about my matter before im own.’

So, wetin better friend go do if something want scatter their friendship? Make dem ready to talk wetin dey their mind but with respect. If dem do like that, dem go be like Nathan and Hushai wey no leave their friend when e make mistake. And dem go still be like Jesus wey ready to forgive. Na that kind friend you be?